I am a professional tarot card reader who uses some of my spare time to do readings for missing persons and unsolved cases.

My name is Lis and I am a professional tarot card reader. I decided to use some of my spare time to provide assistance with missing persons and unsolved cases. My main goal is to help generate much needed awareness about people who are missing or in need of justice. At a minimum, my hope is that these readings keep the names of the missing in the hearts and minds of the public.

Nothing in a tarot reading should ever be taken as fact unless there is evidence to back the details up. I view the practice of reading tarot for these purposes as a means of shedding light on people, situations, and circumstances that have otherwise proven elusive. Tarot readings may not solve mysteries, missing persons cases, or crimes on their own; however, these readings have the capacity to spark awareness and knowledge about various facets surrounding these situations that could help to lead to a resolution.

Please know that I don’t make solid claims about what happened, who was involved, or all of the circumstances surrounding a situation. Instead, I hope that my readings inspire people to consider possibilities, narrow their focus, or consider scenarios they might not have thought of before. I never use to tarot to explicitly identify a person – or people – by name that may have committed any type of crime. I simply conduct the readings, share them, and let anyone who happens upon them make decisions for themselves about the information provided based on available facts and evidence. Unfortunately, I have no way to know for sure what happened, nor can I say with certainty whether a person is alive or deceased. Another limitation associated with my tarot readings is that I cannot pinpoint a missing person’s location.

Contact me if you would to see a reading on a particular person or case. You may also contact me if you would like to book a professional reading with me. I will always try to accommodate as my schedule allows. Please inquire through email – at tarotofthemissing@gmail.com – if you are interested in learning more.