Kenneka Jenkins

Reading for Kenneka Jenkins
Birthday: May 27, 1998
Date of death: 09/09/2017
Date found: 09/10/2017

Location: Crowne Plaza Hotel

Question: What or who caused the death of Kenneka Jenkins?

Row One
Judgement (reversed) – Queen of Wands – Three of Stones
Card pulled for Queen: Five of Wands

Row Two
Prince of Cups (reversed) – Eight of Wands (reversed) – Prince of Wands (reversed)
Card pulled for Prince of Cups: King of Wands
Card pulled for King of Wands: The Hanged Man
Card pulled for King of Wands: King of Cups
Card pulled for King of Cups: The Lovers

Row Three
Eight of Stones (reversed) – Ace of Cups (reversed) – Five of Cups (reversed)

Kenneka Jenkins card layout – Haindl Tarot

Disclaimer: Tarot readings should not be taken as absolute claims that something did or did not happen. I only report the meaning of the cards, their relationships and the meaning in the context of those relationships, as well as intuitions I have based entirely on the cards presented in the reading. When/if I say that something happened, in any part of a reading description, I mean that is what I am interpreting from the cards, their positions, and other related factors.


On September 8th of 2017, Kenneka Jenkins attended a party with some friends at the Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare hotel in Rosemont, Illinois. Two days later, on the tenth, she was found deceased inside of a large walk-in freezer that was operational. The freezer was not being used to store food or other items at the time. Later review of security camera footage showed Kenneka stumbling down hallways and bumping repeatedly into walls. The camera footage then showed Kenneka entering a kitchen area on the lower level of the hotel around 3 a.m. on the 9th.

Though Kenneka was eventually found in the freezer located in the lower-level kitchen, none of the footage showed her going into it. I do not know if a camera surveilled that area or not. A toxicology report showed that Kenneka had a blood alcohol concentration of 0.112 – considered above the limit for people operating a motor vehicle in the state – and she had traces of a medication called topiramate (also known as Topamax) in her system. She was not prescribed the drug. No one claimed to have any knowledge of her ingesting it before her death.

The circumstances surrounding Kenneka’s death are suspicious to many. A tragic aspect related to Kenneka’s death was the poor response her mother described getting from the hotel when she was informed by one of her daughter’s friends that Kenneka was missing. She reported that the hotel, and law enforcement, did not treat the situation with a sense of urgency. A question that remains is whether Kenneka’s death could have been prevented had her disappearance been taken more seriously. Another prevailing question is how and why Kenneka ultimately ended up in the freezer.

The Reading:

I always try to point out that these are just tarot readings and my interpretations of cards. I have no way to know what happened for certain. Please do not take any of the information described in the readings as fact until or unless details are proven. I know that for most people this goes without saying, but in matters as serious as the ones I describe in these readings, I feel it is especially important to point out.

There is a lot going on here so let’s get started. The first card, representing Kenneka’s starting point in relation to these events, is Judgement reversed. I used the Haindl tarot deck for this reading and so I will also include some of the meaning associated specifically with these cards as it can vary somewhat from the traditional Rider-Waite decks. I will also apply the more traditional meanings as well. The Haindl tarot is deeply appealing to me because it is provocative symbolically and intellectually. The deck is inspired by a range of influences, including Native American beliefs and culture, Runes, I Ching, and the Kabbalah. I find that the deck takes a somewhat deeper dive into the heavier topics that come up in these types of readings. The symbolism in the deck is expansive and adds many layers of understanding to people and circumstances.

The Haindl tarot describes Judgement reversed as representing rebirth and resistance to change. It also denotes the sense of a new life that has not yet been acknowledged. There are a few ways to interpret the card and its meaning, but to me it refers to Kenneka’s passing and presents it as a transition. Judgement reversed also carries meaning related to feelings of self-doubt, a lack of awareness about one’s self, and can indicate a repeating of past mistakes or a failure to learn from the past.

The Queen of Wands card is representative of a person or energy that is mature and typically positive. As a person, the Queen of Wands is perceived as charismatic and willful. Someone matching this description might at times be viewed as self-centered and forceful. The element associated with Wands is fire. The astrological signs linked to the Wands are Aries, Sagittarius, and Leo. When the court cards depict people, it is important to note that they will not necessarily fall under one of the three astrological signs. A particular element comes up in a reading to reflect the energy of a situation or person. The attributes associated with the card matter most. When this card comes up in the Haindl deck, it represents a wild female influence, as well as a dark sense of power and sexual energy.

When I pull a court card, I pull an additional card to provide more insight into how the person or energy of the original court card is involved in the culmination of events. In this case, I pulled the Five of Wands which has a description of “conflict” on the card. An important element of this card is that it can show multiple people appearing or attempting to work together, but differing in terms of their approach, focus, or agenda. The Haindl deck described the Five of Wands as a sign of an overwhelming situation in which the primary person experiencing it must cling tightly to their principles until it is time to change. I am interpreting this as a situation in which Kenneka’s values or principles conflicted with the person represented by the Queen of Wands card.

Now here is where the reading gets more specific and interesting. The third cards is the Three of Stones and contains the label “work”. The card traditionally holds meaning related to shared goals, teamwork, and collaboration. It also may represent a solid or firm position from which a person may grow or progress. The Queen of Wands, Five of Wands, and Three of Stones are interconnected. My first question is whether Kenneka had a job when she died. My background knowledge on this situation is limited and I don’t know what her employment status was. If she was employed, that seems to factor into all of this somehow or points to the identity of the person described by the court card. Perhaps the Queen of Wands is someone she worked with or someone who assisted her in getting a job? Or maybe it is someone that was trying to pull her in another direction – probably work related. The latter is more consistent with the appearance of the Five of Wands. That is a card that can show people at cross-purposes.

The alternate possibility for the positioning of the cards on the first row is that Kenneka and the person depicted as the Queen of Wands were at odds about a job or work. The conflict could have pertained to work the person in the Queen position was doing. If this is true, the conflict stemmed from a disagreement concerning the principles or values associated with the work. Basically, if this scenario is the accurate one, it means Kenneka did not approve and did not want to be involved and this caused problems.

The Prince of Cups reversed is the first card in the second row. The second card is the Eight of Wands reversed. The third is the Prince of Wands reversed. The presence of two court cards resulted in the addition of the King of Wands as a card covering the Prince of Cups reversed and the Eight of Wands reversed. The additional card pulled for this one was the King of Cups (see the image to get a clearer understanding of the positioning). The Lovers was the card directly associated with the King of Cups. Finally, The Hanged Man was the card that was pulled in reference to the Prince of Wands reversed.

I want to point out that there is a great deal of masculine energy dominating the second row of cards. I interpret the heavy presence of court cards as an indication that many people played a role in the events that unfolded. I am not saying that these people directly caused her death; I am saying that these court cards came up in this reading for a reason and so it is important to consider their significance and influence. Sometimes, many people can contribute to a sequence of events in such a way that it has a terrible outcome for someone involved – even if that outcome as not planned or even desired.

The Prince of Cups reversed, within the Haindl deck, is a person or energy that is callous and denotes someone who is attempting to avoid responsibility. A person meeting the reversed description of the Prince of Cups (which corresponds to the Knight of Cups in the Rider-Waite decks) is someone that is moody, hot and cold in terms of emotions, makes empty promises, and is prone to tantrums or emotional outbursts. Princes, or Knights, represent youthful energy that is consistent with that of people in their teens or twenties. The actual person might be older, but I would expect them to have the mentality of someone on the younger side.

The second card in the row is the Eight of Wands reversed. Upright, the Eight of Wands is the card of swiftness, and it suggests that forces within the universe are aligned toward a common goal. However, in this reading the card is reversed and the wands in the image are pointing directly at the King of Wands. The King of Wands, when representing a person, is a natural leader who is both charismatic and forceful. Such a person is usually in a respected type of career. These are bold people who take control of a situation when needed. They have the vision and farsightedness needed to execute plans or strategies.

But the King of Wands is situated between the Prince of Cups reversed and the Eight of Wands reversed which means they were brought into a situation complicated by delays and a general sense of disorganization. The matter is further complicated by the King of Cups card that was pulled in connection with the King of Wands, and then the Lovers card whose influence covers the King of Cups. The Haindl deck attributes feelings of shyness and jealousy to the Eight of Wands reversed. This description suggests that the target of these feelings is the King of Cups influence. The Haindl deck descriptions give deeper meaning to the court cards and depict the person or energy as one that is domineering, loving, powerful, and creative.

The Lovers card refers to the state of a particular relationship. The Rider-Waite meaning is less prominent here, but when incorporated into the reading could point to a situation where someone needed to make a choice. Intuitively, I am getting the impression that there was possibly a love triangle (love rectangle?) situation involving multiple people. Since they all came up in response to my question about her death, it is likely that most – if not all – were present at the hotel. I am not sure how much awareness Kenneka had about all of this, from a relationship or romantic perspective, but there was something going on between the males (and perhaps other females beside Kenneka as well) present when these events occurred. The implication is that she was admired by more than one person and that this was causing conflict or strife.

The Prince of Wands reversed comes up is yet another masculine type of energy. The Haindl meaning depicts conflict and problems that have emerged that bring out another side to the person or influence in question. The card I pulled in relation to it was the Hanged Man – a major arcana card that can point to a sacrifice that is made, a sense of uncertainty, and a time of waiting. An interesting element of this card, when pulled from the Haindl deck, is that the Ravens shown in the image are meant to signify death and the presentation of information from the “other world”.

The third and final row consists of the Eight of Stones reversed, the Ace of Cups reversed, and the Five of Cups reversed. The Eight of Stones is a card represents a lack of moderation and quality. It is also a card that comes up when a person is unmotivated or is behaving in a way that is lazy or careless. The Ace of Cups reversed, when pulled from the Haindl deck, represents the notion of questioning the value of life and experiencing blockages that stem largely from difficulties with communicating. In Rider-Waite decks, the meaning is representative of emotional loss and a sense of gloominess or emptiness. Kenneka may have gone to the party feeling upbeat and happy, but those feelings changed at some point. Something happened to change her mood and it was significant enough that other people would have noticed the shift.

The reading ends with the Five of Cups reversed. This card communicates the need to look back at the past in a realistic manner. It can signify emerging from a time of disappointment and difficulty. It feels like a message directed at Kenneka’s loved ones and it circles back to the initial Judgement reversed card that represented “a new life”. My interpretation of the message is that despite the lack of clarity surrounding these events, there is a need to accept what has happened from the perspective of knowing it cannot be changed. The connection Kenneka’s loved ones had to her in this life extends well beyond that. It was not severed through her death. It persists and remains strong – even when answers about all that happened remain elusive and seemingly out of reach.

So what does the reading tell us about the nature of Kenneka’s death? It shows that there were many influencing factors and multiple people that played a role. The cards are not outright depicting a malicious circumstance, nor are they disputing one. Mainly, they appear to emphasize the influence of specific people and suggest that closer attention is paid to them – and their relationship with, or connection to, Kenneka. These people have pieces to this puzzle that would change the way a lot of people perceive what happened to Kenneka. These people collectively understand what happened here and the lack of sharing that information is linked to feelings of responsibility and accountability.

As I said before, sometimes seemingly small actions, on the part of many people, can have dramatic and negative consequences. The most definitive piece of information communicated in this reading is that many people influenced the direction Kenneka’s life took between the 8th and 9th of September. They are aware of their influence, and they have answers that many others don’t. Aspects of this reading are likely to resonate with people who knew Kenneka well because they will probably be able to identify who some of the court cards represent. Another obstacle that prevents true understanding of what happened is that many people have their own “truths” or beliefs – sometimes based on fact and other times based on denial or an unwillingness to fully acknowledge the part they played.

As a concluding reminder, nothing I write are intended to be taken as facts. I encourage people to draw conclusions based on evidence over these types of readings.


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