Elaine Park

Birthday: 09/24/1996
Disappearance: 01/28/2017

Disclaimer: Tarot readings should not be taken as absolute claims that something did or did not happen. I only report the meaning of the cards, their relationships and the meaning in the context of those relationships, as well as intuitions I have based entirely on the cards presented in the reading. When/if I say that something happened, in any part of a reading description, I mean that is what I am interpreting from the cards, their positions, and other related factors.


Elaine Park disappeared in January of 2017 in Calabasas, California. On January 27th, Elaine had spent time with her boyfriend (or then ex-boyfriend, Divine Compere) and the two had gone to see a movie. Elaine returned to Divine’s home and the two reportedly went to sleep. Divine would later tell police that she woke up early in the morning, while experiencing a panic attack, and then left his house – despite him stating that he tried to get her to stay. Surveillance at Divine’s home is consistent with his account of what happened.

By September 30th, Elaine’s mother reported her missing after concerns about not hearing from her daughter for several days. Five days after she was last known to have been seen, on February 2nd, her grey Honda Civic was found on the side of Pacific Coast Highway. The key was still in the ignition, but the battery had gone dead. Elaine’s phone, computer, driver’s license, wallet, and other belongings were found in the car. Though the police employed the use of divers and dogs, no trace of Elaine was found. The police indicated that they cleared Divine as a suspect and described him as being cooperative.

Elaine’s family has stated that they do not believe she would have disappeared willingly and on her own. To date, her case remains unsolved and her whereabouts are unknown.

Question: What or who caused the disappearance of Elaine Park?

Row One
6 of Swords – 9 of Swords – High Priestess

Row Two
Chariot (reversed) – 4 of Wands – 6 of Swords

Row Three
8 of Swords – Temperance (reversed) – Strength

Reading for Elaine Park – Dark Angels tarot

The Reading:

The Six of Swords is the card describing Elaine’s situation and mentality at the time of her disappearance. It indicates she was going through a time of transition. She was going through the mental and emotional process of putting distance between herself and aspects of her life that were causing her distress. The cards suggest she was at a stage where she was beginning to learn from, or accept, lessons from her past. The card depicts a strong sense of loss and so whatever she was going through emotionally was very difficult for her.

The Nine of Swords represents her mindset when she disappeared. The card is associated with feelings of fear, anxiety, and despair. It shows her as reaching a breaking point. The card can be associated with nightmares and heightened levels of despondency and anxiety. Another important aspect of this card is the sense of isolation the person the card refers to was experiencing. These feelings would have made it challenging for her to reach out to someone and talk it all through. Sometimes the Nine of Swords is a card representing trauma – the type that people are not as inclined to talk to other people about because they feel shame. People who get this card in a reading would be advised to seek someone out they trusted and share the burden of their feelings.

The High Priestess is a card that – in a reading where there are a lot of Swords and the sense that a person is going through a lot on an emotional level – warns people to listen to their intuition and go with their gut. The reason this card is important in a reading like this is because it suggests that Elaine encountered a situation or problem and knew intuitively what she should do. However, the mind and our thoughts can overwhelm us at times or cause us to question those instincts we have about people or situations. Either way, in this situation Elaine had a feeling something was going to happen and that something was wrong. This would not have been new for her either. People who knew her would probably describe her as having a strong intuitive side and an uncanny ability to predict situations or sense when something is off.

In these types of readings, the Chariot reversed is not a good sign. I usually pull this card when a person encounters some kind of trouble while using some mode of transportation. Something that is known about Elaine’s case is that her vehicle was found abandoned, with the key in the ignition and her belonging still inside. The Chariot reversed is consistent with that knowledge, but it tells us that the vehicle was a kind of catalyst in whatever happened to her that night – meaning she was probably in it when her situation took a turn for the worst. Also, there is likely evidence associated with it.

The Four of Wands is an interesting card to appear in this specific reading. The card is a positive one in that it usually refers to happy times – celebrations, time spent with loved ones, a party, and other things of that nature. Its appearance may seem random, but I’ve learned that these kinds of cards come up for a reason. My thought on this is that Elaine calmed herself down by focusing on happier times, and good experiences she had gone through in her life. I got this impression during the reading that she was extremely visual, and I could see her thinking about positive memories because it was a coping strategy that helped her to bring down her level of anxiety. She may have had an event to look forward to attending in the future so that is another possibility for the apparent change in her mindset.

The Four of Swords is the last card on the second row and is one that represents a time of peace, recuperation, and rest. Typically, this is a card that comes up when someone has been through a major struggle and the fight is over or nearing a point of ceasing. In this case, I think this signifies the emotional difficulty she was experiencing. I’m seeing this as a situation where she was feeling extremely distressed, and she took time for herself – perhaps driving around or going somewhere to park her car and think for a while – and she reached a turning point. While I have limited knowledge about this case, I recall reading that her boyfriend at the time indicated she had a panic attack prior to leaving his house. This is consistent with what the cards are showing. The Nine of Swords is a card where people feel isolated so Elaine might have been someone who tried to work out any anxiety on her own when possible.

Then something bad happened. The Eight of Swords shows a person in a scenario where they feel helpless, trapped, and powerless. Sometimes this card refers to the power of the mind to create a sense of imprisonment, but it can also come up in situations where a person is actually or literally trapped or imprisoned. The turn of events, in terms of the chronology of these cards, was swift. The swords suit is one that denotes fast moving energy and events. The reading is dominated by swords cards, amidst several major arcana. Only one other suit is represented – the wands – which is also associated with fast moving energy.

So the story that has been told about her having a panic attack and leaving her boyfriend’s (or ex boyfriend’s) house is consistent with what the cards are showing me right now. It looks as though something happened after she left his house. Something to consider is that, according to the cards, it does not appear she was in the best mindset. She was trying to cope with the intense stress she was experiencing, but she was trying to tackle it alone. Often, the first thing some people assume is that this is evidence of a possible suicide. However, the cards do not point in this direction. They show a progression of emotions and suggest that it was her emotional state that made her particularly vulnerable at the time this all happened.

The second card, in the third row, is Temperance Reversed. This is a major arcana card that primarily communicates a sense of imbalance, recklessness, and excess. And conflict. Sometimes Temperance reversed comes up as a warning card in that it communicates the need to find balance and to slow down. It can also indicate that someone should choose their next steps – or path – carefully as one path will lead to something negative and/or destructive.

The last card pulled was the Strength card. The way I structure my readings, the last card is usually linked to the first card. In this reading, I take that to mean that Elaine was a resilient person. She experienced emotional difficulties at times, and was suffering from strong bouts of anxiety when this happened, but the cards are telling me that she did not cause her own disappearance. Some people believe she may have committed suicide, but the cards are not showing me that. The cards are showing me someone who was in a frame of mind that could have placed her in the path of danger. Often when people are stressed or anxious, they become unusually vulnerable to predators or situations that end badly because there are people who pick up on these things and seize them as opportunities.

I can see that I will need to do another reading on this because while it answers some of the questions I had about this situation (i.e. did Elaine take her own life? Did her boyfriend know more about her disappearance than he claimed?), it left me with new ones. I want to point out that nothing in the cards suggest her family was involved in her disappearance. It doesn’t indicate specifically in this reading either way. She did appear to have people in her life that knew she was struggling and would have wanted to help her had she asked for support. However, the cards show Elaine as a person with a strong streak of intellectual and emotional independence. She wanted to be strong and overcome her difficulties on her own. The Strength card shows that she had a strong sense of inner power and an underlying belief that she would get through whatever it was she was going through.

Finally, I got the impression from what I did read about her disappearance that there is a lot of suspicion concerning her boyfriend (some reports stated it was her then ex-boyfriend and so I’m not sure which relationship status was truly accurate here). While I cannot say for certain he was not involved, this reading does not point to him. If anything, if confirms the small pieces of information he has reportedly given, such as her waking up from what appeared to be a panic attack and leaving his home despite him trying to convince her to stay. I feel compelled to point this out because I do think, based on the cards and my own intuition while reading them, that she did meet with foul play. Sometimes people become so focused on the people that were in a missing person’s life, that it causes them to spend less time looking at other possibilities. There is something truly dark associated with this situation, but this reading did not delve deeply into that element. My hope is a future one will.

I will do another reading on this one in the future because I want to try to uncover more information about what the reading alludes to after she left her boyfriend’s house. As I always point out, I have no way to know what happened for certain. Please do not take any of the information described in the readings as fact until or unless details are proven. I would love to see a positive outcome for Elaine and her loved ones.


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