Bryce Laspisa – Part 2

This reading picks up from where the first one left off in Part One.

Question 2: What happened during and after Bryce Laspisa’s vehicle crashed near Castaic Lake to cause his disappearance?

Row One
7 of Swords (reversed) – Judgement – Page of Wands
Card pulled for the Page of Wands: Devil (reversed)

Row Two
2 of Wands – Queen of Cups (reversed) – The World
Card pulled for the Queen of Cups (r): 4 of Cups

Row Three
3 of Swords (reversed) – 3 of Pentacles (r) – Knight of Swords
Card pulled for the Knight of Swords: 5 of Wands

Bryce Laspisa – Tarot of the Haunted House

The Reading:

I have no way to know what happened to Bryce for certain. Please do not take any of the information described in the readings as fact until or unless details are proven. I would love to see a positive outcome here but these are just readings and interpretations – both of which can be incorrect.

The purpose of the second reading was to address what happened around the time that Bryce’s vehicle crashed and afterwards. I expected the cards to continue to read in a concerning way, but after I laid them out, I was really surprised by what I saw.

The first card is the Seven of Swords reversed. This is a card of revelation. It comes up when the things that someone has been hiding come to light – either because the person confesses to them, or they are uncovered in some other way. This could indicate Bryce may have told someone about whatever was going on with him.

The next card is Judgement. The reading shows Bryce as having a moment of reckoning. It is unclear if the accident prompted this to happen, but something prompted him to critically reflect on his choices and actions in a way that was more constructive than it had been previously. The implication is that he experienced an awakening of sorts.

The Page of Wands came up again in this reading, but this time it was in the upright position. This card symbolizes a bad situation transitioning into a better one. Granted, this seems odd considering everything that has happened to him thus far. But that’s what it is showing me. Also, the Page of Wands in this position signifies that new ideas were coming to him, and he felt a sense of excitement as though he had spent time brainstorming and he came up with some options that seemed workable in ways they hadn’t before. Being a court card, there is the distinct possibility this card represents someone Bryce met or turned to that offered him help.

The card I pulled in connection with the Page of Wands was the Devil reversed. In its reversed position, the Devil signifies a situation where someone releases chains that have been binding them. This can come up if someone has finally reached a turning point in recovering from an addition or in a situation where someone becomes free of someone toxic. There are many possibilities with this card. The most important element is that after his accident, for whatever reason, he felt like he was reclaiming his life and his independence from something. Unfortunately, it is difficult to tell how far beyond the crash this card is taking us. The Wands and the Swords are fast-moving types of energy and that suggests these events unfolded relatively quickly. I keep thinking back to those recurring thoughts I had during the first reading about him looking for a sign. I can’t shake the thought that surviving the car accident might have been the sign he felt he needed.

The Two of Wands came up a second time in this reading as well. Like the Page of Wands, the Two of Wands came up in an upright position. It reflects an undoing of the past struggles he was facing. It shows someone who was making solid decisions and taking real steps down a new path. It also depicts someone willing to step into the unknown and take some risks. Previously, Bryce was shown as someone suffering the consequences of failure to plan. Now the cards show him as doing the opposite.

The Queen of Cups then came up in a reversed position. Its position shows an obstacle between Bryce’s new sense of direction and his ability to achieve his goals. It appears to represent a feminine energy or person, but that is not absolutely certain. It depicts someone who is insecure and overly dependent. It also denotes a sense of sacrifice that is presented as something selfless when really there are some ulterior motives – usually relating to emotional dependence.

The card pulled in reference to the Queen of Cups reversed was the Four of Cups. This supports my belief that the Queen of Cups reversed represented a real figure – the mentality of one at least – in Bryce’s life because it explains why that person posed such a significant obstacle. The Four of Cups is a card where someone feels disconnected and unwilling to move beyond the position they are in, despite obviously unhappy. The person isn’t stuck because they don’t have choices; they are essentially choosing to remain where and as they are at the time. Remember, this card is linked to the Queen of Cups reversed so it is whatever or whoever the obstacle was that Bryce perceived as keeping him from moving forward. The court card shows someone who is not sympathetic or empathetic to another person’s needs. Their own emotion is clouding their ability to see the degree of suffering or difficulty a person close to them is experiencing. This can become truly problematic if they are ignoring dire needs that demand immediate attention.

The outcome or goal standing beyond the Queen of Cups reversed is the World card. The reading is suggesting to me that Bryce envisioned a way to become fulfilled, and to feel a sense of harmony and belonging, but for whatever reason there was someone in his life preventing him from achieving that. I don’t even know if the Queen was acting deliberately or if it was more a matter where their needs were forefront in their mind, and this caused them to completely miss all the signs showing what Bryce needed from them. Bryce’s freedom, at that point in time, was only possible by severing that tie.

The World is also a card demonstrating lessons embraced and learned. It is the last of the major arcana cards and it looks back over all a person has been through and shows them coming out the other side. The card is a reminder that everything is always moving and changing, whether we take action in our lives or not. I find it often means that a person has progressed to the point that deep and genuine inner happiness is either happening or is well within their grasp.

The Three of Swords reversed is the first card on the final row. This is a card of healing and recovery. It represents someone who has entered into a phase where they forgive themselves and others for their shortcomings or for pain that has been caused. The card has a downside in this positioning because it still signifies hurt and regret, but it is positive in that it demonstrates a willingness to begin the process of moving beyond what has happened and working toward letting go of suffering.

The Three of Pentacles reversed, positioned on the last row, suggests that whatever Bryce did after the accident was done because he did not feel as though some of the people – or at least one with a particularly strong influence on him, were really working with him to sort out his problems. And he didn’t feel like he could share his truth with them – whatever that happened to be. I really don’t know what this card is referring to specifically. However, it is coming up in a placement that is usually meant to give final insight into why and how events unfolded the way they did.

The Knight of Swords is the third card in the last row. It represents a person or energy that is assertive, focused, and is thinking strategically about what they are doing. The Knight is a younger energy than a card like a Queen or a King. It feels like someone helped Bryce. The Five of Wands was pulled in relation to the Knight card and showing that decisions made were done to address problems Bryce was having – arguments and conflicts with one or more key people in his life. It really does feel as those he either contacted someone he knew or met someone that provides him with help.

Now, I went into this reading thinking Bryce was probably deceased. While I am by no means an expert on the circumstances leading up to his disappearance, the first reading showed a negative progression toward an unfortunate outcome. However, the second reading – which is focused on what was going on with Bryce during and after the crash – showed the exact opposite progression. There could be several possible explanations for this, including a scenario in which he is still alive. I’m not saying he’s alive. I have no way to know that even if the cards read in a way that suggests it. They can be wrong my interpretation can be wrong.

One way or the other, I hope for answers for those who love him. Solid answers backed with proof.


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