Brandi Wells

Brandi Wells
Disappearance: 08/03/2006

Question 1: What or who caused the disappearance of Brandi Wells?

Row 1
9 of Pentacles (reversed) – Queen of Cups – Ace of Swords
Card pulled for the Queen of Cups: The Empress reversed

Row 2
7 of Wands (reversed) – 10 of Cups – Page of Pentacles
Card pulled for the Page of Pentacles: The Star

Row 3
8 of Wands – Page of Cups (reversed) – The Magician (reversed)
Card pulled for the Page of Cups (r): The Sun (reversed)

Brandi Wells – Traditional Manga tarot

Disclaimer: Tarot readings should not be taken as absolute claims that something did or did not happen. I only report the meaning of the cards, their relationships and the meaning in the context of those relationships, as well as intuitions I have based entirely on the cards presented in the reading. When/if I say that something happened, in any part of a reading description, I mean that is what I am interpreting from the cards, their positions, and other related factors.


On August 2nd of 2006, Brandi Wells went to a nightclub called Graham Central Station that was located in Longview, Texas. She was 26 years old at the time. Brandi drove to the club from her mom’s house in Tyler, Texas. She was visiting her mom that evening, but she lived with a roommate in Brownsboro. The club was about a 30 or 45-minute drive away (I saw a couple of different estimates on this). She had asked her sister if she wanted to go with her, but her sister didn’t feel well and decided to stay home. Brandi’s mom initially thought that Brandi had gone to a club closer to home and only found out after her daughter disappeared that it was one located about a half hour or more away.

Brandi had asked to borrow her mom’s car because her own did not have a lot of gas remaining. Her mom’s car didn’t either and so Brandi took her own vehicle, a 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix. Brandi made a stop on her way to the club at a bowling alley where a friend of the family worked. She spent some time there, talking with the friend about her plans. Brandi experienced some challenges when trying to find the club and had to call the establishment for directions. She arrived around 10:30 pm and stayed until about 12:30 am.

It is not clear whether Brandi drank that night, but no witnesses ever described her as appearing intoxicated. She interacted with several people at the club and apparently hinted to some of them that she was almost out of gas. Club surveillance footage showed her leaving the club – apparently on her own – shortly after midnight. By Thursday evening, Brandi’s roommate became concerned about her whereabouts. On Friday, after receiving no response to her calls and text messages, Brandi’s mom reported her daughter missing.

Initially, her mom thought she had gone to a local club called the Electric Cowboy, but Brandi’s sister realized her mom was mistaken on this point and told her Brandi had gone to Graham Central Station. Brandi’s mom was advised to contact the Longview Police Department due to the location of the club where her daughter was last seen.

One of Brandi’s friends made the trip to Longview to see if she could find her friend or her vehicle. Before Brandi had been reported missing, a trooper had already found the car on the side of Interstate 20, a short distance outside of Longview. The car was pulled off the highway and the driver side door had been left partly open. The trooper ran the plates but nothing came up and so he tagged it as abandoned. The car sat there for five days before it was searched for evidence.

Inside the car, the driver’s seat of the vehicle was pushed back further as though someone much taller than Brandi – who was 4’11” – had driven it. Her wallet and purse were in the car, along with a phone that investigators initially thought was her own. The phone turned out to belong to an ex-boyfriend. A napkin containing the name and number of a man was also in the car. In the trunk of the vehicle, investigators found a gas can. Brandi’s mom did not believe the gas can belonged to her daughter.

Investigators contacted the man whose name was on the napkin. He told them he had talked with Brandi and tried to buy her a drink at the club. She had apparently declined his offer.

When investigators figured out that they did not have Brandi’s phone, they pulled the records for the one she was using (they had assumed the phone in her car was her phone). They tracked the phone to a sketchy neighborhood. A man had used the phone, claiming that it had been given to him by another person that told him they found it on the ground on the 11th of August.

Brandi has never been seen since the night she disappeared after leaving the nightclub. It appears that no further clues have been found concerning her whereabouts it. Her mother has been searching exhaustively for her daughter since she went missing.

The Reading:

The Nine of Pentacles reversed shows me that Brandi was looking for some downtime in her life. She felt that she had been working hard and wanted an opportunity to do something enjoyable where she could socialize and not have to worry about much. She might have felt like she shouldn’t go out because this card suggests some financial insecurity, such as being low on funds and spending money when you might not have much to spend, or spending when you shouldn’t because you have budgeted it for something else.

The Queen of Cups is a person in her life who was compassionate, nurturing, and intuitive. I am seeing this person as representing her mother because she appears to have been the last family member to have an interaction with Brandi and though they probably had their differences, the Queen card suggests that her mom was really tuned into her daughter.

I pulled The Empress reversed in relation to the Queen card. It appears there was a dynamic that might have contributed to Brandi leaving out the fact that she was planning to go to a club that wasn’t local. I am not seeing Brandi as a deceitful person. It was more like a “don’t ask and I won’t have to tell you” kind of situation. The whole of the reading hints that Brandi knew that people would try to dissuade her from going, but she genuinely felt that she could handle it and for some reason she was really intent on going to this specific club. So to avoid conflict, and that back and forth where she knew her mom would try to talk her out of it, she omitted that information.

The Ace of Swords shows her as reaching a point in her life where she was beginning to focus on some of the things she felt were still missing in her life. She was getting a better idea of what she wanted, and she was coming up with ideas on how she might get it. She may have had a lack of clarity on all of these matters previously, due to stress or other factors, but all of these things were coming into focus for her. That is probably one of the reasons she decided to get out and go to a club that was further away. She wanted to start something new – interact with new people, perhaps find someone she was interested in romantically, etc.

The Seven of Wands shows her in a circumstance where she felt really self-defeated. The visual I am getting is that this related to the reality that came down on her when it was time to leave the club. I am not clear on how much gas she had remaining in her vehicle, but there is a sense that she knew she needed to do something about the situation, or she wouldn’t be able to get home. Again, she doesn’t want to bring her mom into the situation because she already feels frustrated with herself.

However, something happened that change all of this and made her believe that she would get home safely. The Ten of Cups expresses these emotions and a general sense of happiness with the prospect that she is going to be returning home to her loved ones. These emotions may have overridden any worries she had about how and where she would get help.

The Page of Pentacles is the person/messenger who offered her help. This is a person that looked like they could be depended on to get her out of the situation she was in. This is likely someone she talked to at the club, or encountered outside of it, because they used her need for help as an opportunity. The Star was pulled in connection with this card which suggests Brandi thought they were offering a genuine and viable solution. This was an answer to her calls for help, is how she might have been looking at it.

The events progressed quickly as communicated by the Eight of Wands. This is a situation where Brandi probably thought the forces were aligning and that her problems would be solved. This card also suggests that whoever she encountered, she met them either at the club or within a close distance outside of it. There is a fast-moving energy here.

There is a second person involved in this. The Page of Cups reversed is showing me someone who lacked maturity, was highly insecure, and was experiencing some mental health issues – or at least instability as far as their emotions and behavior are concerned. It has a different feel from the person she is described as interacting with above who seems to have offered help. I would go so far as to say one or both of these people have a criminal background and are known – among those familiar with them – as trouble. One or both is known to police for other reasons, and perhaps even with regard to this case (i.e. they might have even interviewed them for some reason).

The Sun reversed tells me that it was upon encountering this second person that Brandi began to realize the situation was not what she thought it was. She may have concluded that her own judgement had been previously clouded by her general sense of optimism. She did not feel that she had much power in the situation and she did not have a clear path from which she could escape her circumstances. She knew she was in trouble.

The final card is the Magician reversed. This card shows me someone who cons and tricks people. She was tricked into her situation – probably with an offer that they would help her get some gas – and she was taken advantage of for a completely different reason. She was manipulated and deceived – behaviors that both these men would continue to exhibit later on as well.

Question 2: Why hasn’t the person or people that did this to Brandi been caught?

I decided to go a step further with this one and ask the cards to shed some light on why the person or people (and I do believe there were two primary people involved with what I could only best describe as her abduction) have not been caught or brought to justice. I reshuffled and pulled three cards, as well as additional cards for any court cards.

Cards Pulled

King of Pentacles (reversed) – 5 of Swords (reversed) – Queen of Wands
Card pulled for the King of Pentacles (r): 5 of Pentacles
Card pulled for the Queen of Wands: 9 of Swords (reversed)


The cards are clear about the reasons why. The King of Pentacles reversed is the person that was in charge of the investigation, or the person most active in it. The cards are saying they did a sloppy job. They missed evidence and they didn’t pursue opportunities and/or leads that could have brought closure. This can be a card indicating some kind of corruption as well, but I don’t have enough background on this case to have a clue if this indicator applies. Brandi’s mom probably knows who this card is referencing and the specifics as to why.

I pulled the Five of Pentacles in relation to the person depicted by the court card. This person had help or resources at their disposal but for whatever reason, they did not fully leverage them. They tried to take on too much of the investigation on their own as well.

The Five of Swords reversed tells me that investigators got to a point where they knew – deep down at least – that the case was completely messed up. This is a card of cutting losses and it also denotes a sense of regret and remorse. So whatever happened with all this, there are people that were involved in the investigation in some capacity that feel genuine regret about the way it was handled. These are probably people separate from the person in the King position. It could have also been people dropped from the investigation who had a handle on it.

So I would say that there are people that have at some point investigated this that know a lot more than has been shared with the public.

The Queen of Wands is a person who is passionate and fiery about this case. This is a person with motherly energy. It’s probably Brandi’s mom, honestly. This person has the power and potential to drive efforts toward a resolution. My best suggestion here is some type of attempt to leverage the media – as well as people using social media platforms – to put as much pressure on the police to either get people reinvolved who were also passionate about it or assign it to someone (or multiple people) to run all of this down again – the right way.

This case can still be solved! It will take a lot of work but all it would take is a successful podcast series on the case, or something of that nature that humanizes Brandi and compels people to feel the sense of injustice that has happened here to the point where they want to get involved.

The Nine of Swords reversed is a card of recovery and can mark a time period when people are still working their way through grief, sadness, shame, and feelings of that nature. When applied to the reading as a whole, this card is saying there is hope and don’t give up. What happened to Brandi matters and justice is still possible – despite the time that has gone by. If anything, from an investigation standpoint, maybe enough time has gone by that the case can receive attention from investigators that meticulously track down leads and examine all of the evidence. Finally, one or both of the people directly involved have likely talked to others about it since enough time has gone by that they may have a false sense of security about it. A renewed investigation could help uncover that kind of information – if past parts haven’t already. I do get the sense that there is much more known to police here than we the public know.


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