Brittanee Drexel

Brittanee Drexel
Birthdate: 10/07/1991
Disappearance: 04/25/2009

Question 1: What or who caused the disappearance of Brittanee Drexel?

Row 1
The Empress (reversed) – 6 of Pentacles (reversed) – 7 of Cups (reversed)

Row 2
10 of Cups – The Emperor (reversed) – 7 of Wands (reversed)

Row 3
King of Pentacles (reversed) – 8 of Pentacles (reversed) – Knight of Swords
Card pulled for the King of Pentacles (r): The Devil
Card pulled for the Knight of Swords: The Fool (reversed)

Brittanee Drexel – Dark Angels tarot

Disclaimer: Tarot readings should not be taken as absolute claims that something did or did not happen. I only report the meaning of the cards, their relationships and the meaning in the context of those relationships, as well as intuitions I have based entirely on the cards presented in the reading. When/if I say that something happened, in any part of a reading description, I mean that is what I am interpreting from the cards, their positions, and other related factors.


Brittanee was 17 years old when she disappeared after leaving the Bar Harbor Hotel in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. She left New York to go on a trip to Myrtle Beach with some friends for spring break. She did not have permission to go. She told her mom that she was hanging out with people locally.

Brittanee had confided in her boyfriend about her plans to go to Myrtle Beach. Both thought it might be a good idea for her to take the trip and have some fun. However, early into the trip it was apparent she was not really enjoying herself. She didn’t seem to be getting along well with the people she had traveled with. She told her boyfriend that she was looking forward to coming home.

On the evening of April 25th of 2009, Brittanee was returning to the hotel she and her friends were staying at because one of them had asked her to return the shorts she had borrowed (and was wearing at the time). It was around 8 pm and she had about a mile and a half to walk to get from the Blue Water Resort – where she was visiting another person described as a long-time friend – and the Bar Harbor Hotel. She was texting regularly with her boyfriend during her walk back to her hotel.

At some point, Brittanee stopped texting completely. Her boyfriend knew pretty quickly that something was wrong because it wasn’t like her to ignore his texts – not to mention, she had just been conversing back and forth with him. He called her friends to see what he could find out, but no one seemed to know where she was. When her boyfriend was unable to get a response from Brittanee, he contacted her mother to tell her what was going on.

Investigators began to look for Brittanee the next morning. No one found Brittanee, or any of her belongings. Phone pings were tracked and took the police approximately 50-60 miles south of the Myrtle Beach area in a location that was remote and dangerous due to the prevalence of predatorial wildlife. A search of the area did not yield any evidence or clue about Brittanee’s whereabouts.

In June of 2016, the FBI spoke publicly at a news conference where they discussed their belief that Brittanee had been abducted in Myrtle Beach and killed shortly thereafter. An inmate named Taquan Brown claimed that Timothy Da’Shaun Taylor was her abductor and killer. Brown further claimed that he had observed her being sexually assaulted by Taylor after visiting a stash house in McClellanville. He said that Brittanee had tried to escape but was caught and taken back to the stash house and shot.

Taylor has long denied the accusations. He agreed to take a polygraph test around 2017-2018, which he reportedly failed. He has been said to have taken the polygraph while attempting to negotiate a plea on a different charge pertaining to an armed robbery.

To date, no one has been prosecuted in connected with Brittanee’s disappearance. She has not yet been found.

The Reading:

The Empress reversed is the first card representing Brittanee’s situation and mindset. It looks to me like Brittanee was pressured into the situation she was in. The card (when combined with others) that she did want to go to Myrtle Beach, but this card shows Brittanee as having been overly influenced by at least one other person – to the point of neglecting her needs and any underlying reservations she might have had. I don’t know who invited her on the trip, but there is someone in connection with her decision to go, that strongly influenced that decision. When I take in the whole of the reading, I see this dynamic and it implies that person’s knowledge exceeds what they have shared. Nothing in the cards suggests this person was her boyfriend. I want to state that outright. I also do not see anything suggesting her family was involved.

Six of Cups reversed shows me that the above influence was successful because it tapped into Brittanee’s need and desire to demonstrate more independence in her life. It is a card that can refer to travel and so it is already consistent with Brittanee’s situation. Sometimes the card denotes a sense of naivete – where a person overlooks red flags because they have more optimism or trust than they should have in the people around them.

Seven of Cups reversed tells me that it didn’t take long for Brittanee to figure out that the situation was not a good one. She regretted going and she wanted to go home. She felt trapped, however, by what she perceived as a lack of options. Based on what I read, she told her mom she was going somewhere closer to home and that she was doing things that were low key. So she would have been reluctant to call her mom and admit to her that she lied. Brittanee was probably thinking she would just deal with the situation, and it would all be over with once she got home.

The Ten of Cups is a card that usually signifies good times and a happy time with loved ones. However its placement in this reading serves to tell us more about how people in Brittanee’s life may have factored into all of this. The distinct impression I keep getting from this card, and from the ones before it, is that this situation has a link to her regular life somehow. I don’t know if it’s a link to a person or if someone she traveled with knew whoever took Brittanee (and someone did), but there is a link. The oddest thing, and I will get into this more soon, is that there appears to be a financial motive behind all this. I understand that probably sounds strange, but that aspect comes out in a few different ways and so I feel I need to mention it.

The Emperor reversed tells me there was a person she either knew, or came in contact with on this trip, that abused their authority or closeness to her. Someone made choices and behaved in a way that directly enabled the situation to progress into something with a very bad outcome for Brittanee. I find that when this card comes up, and is connected with a person, it is usually a male.

Seven of Wands reversed is a card that shows someone as feeling defeated, overwhelmed, and judged harshly by others. Brittanee traveled from one hotel room, where she went to see a male friend of hers, to the one where she was staying because one of her friends wanted her shorts back. Something about that request does not sit right. Why ask for something to be returned that you allowed someone else to borrow earlier on? Especially if you know they are still out and that coming back to the hotel might cause issues for them or interfere with their own plans? Furthermore, why wasn’t her friend in the hotel she visited concerned about her walking back at night? Did he not have a vehicle or means in which he could have saw her to the hotel safely? Why weren’t the “friends” she was staying with concerned about the same thing? It is like the cards are saying to me, “See? None of this makes sense.” I have so many problems with these circumstances and how Brittanee was treated in general.

The King of Pentacles reversed is the card that introduces the direct involvement of at least one other person in the abduction aspect of this situation. People that demonstrate the attributes associated with this card are motivated by money and they make decisions associated with the potential to make money. Such a person will exploit others, if necessary or desired, to make money or acquire material things. The energy matching this person is masculine and it is someone older and more experienced. They are coming across as the coordinator basically. The person pulling the strings. If someone in Brittanee’s life has any involvement in all of this, their connection was likely to the person represented by the King of Pentacles. If true, the motive was financial.

I pulled The Devil card in connection with the King. None of the people depicted in this reading so far are good people, but the person in the King’s position is without question the worst of them. This is a person that is materialistic and has no problem what-so-ever with enslaving or entrapping others to get what they want. They likely are connected to businesses or transactions involving drugs and there is the possibility of human trafficking here as well. Keep in mind, people that are trafficked are not always intended to remain alive for long periods of time. Some trafficking is more short-term in nature or can result in a deadly situation if a person fights back and tries too hard to gain their freedom.

Eight of Pentacles reversed is telling me that the whole situation with Brittanee was a rushed job. There is evidence out there – despite so much time having passed. The people involved in this did not plan this half as well as one might think. The card also suggests that the person pulling the strings is known for these kinds of things. They had or still have a reputation for it. This does not seem like their first rodeo, and I would expect them to have engaged in other types of similar activity. In fact, it might be a completely different case that will ultimately bring them down. I am not referring to the one involving the testimony by Brown either. I am talking about something more in line with what happened to Brittanee specifically. Look for other similar cases that have a resemblance to hers because they are out there, and they could be the key to fully solving this.

The Knight of Swords is another person directly involved. The card has come up near the end of the reading and so this person is connected with her fate. I used the word fate because I believe (and I could absolutely be wrong here) that she is deceased. The Knight of Swords is connected to the King. They were or are either family, close friends, or partners. The Knight represents a younger energy and so it would align best with someone who was either a teenager or in their early twenties at the time. At a minimum, it was someone with the mentality of a teenager or person in their early twenties.

The Fool reversed is the card I pulled in connection with the Knight. The person acting in the Knight’s position took foolish and reckless action. This person did not think the situation through, and they made a lot of mistakes pertaining to attempts to hide or cover up what they did – what they were involved with, might be a better way of stating this.

Question 2: What has prevented this case from being fully resolved?

Cards Pulled:
9 of Swords – Wheel of Fortune – 5 of Pentacles (reversed)

Traditional Manga tarot


The first card represents a situation that is a literal nightmare for many people involved. It is one that keeps people up at night and one that has prompted feelings of regret and remorse on the part of so many different people. There are people with answers to this that live in fear as well. The card is telling me there are many people who have pieces of information that they are scared to share. Anyone that has already shared information lives in a state of fear related to that. The benefit of time is that it can reduce the fear that some people have. It can also enhance that sense of a conscience that some people might find difficult to ignore over time.

The Wheel of Fortune tells me that the lack of resolution is a situation that will someday change in Brittanee’s favor in that events beyond many people’s control will bring truths about this case to the surface. The interesting aspect of cases like these is the concept that the passing of time reduces the likelihood of a resolution. While true in some cases, the passage of time can help other cases, and this is one of them. I would not be remotely surprised if investigators have more of the pieces than people realize.

The Five of Pentacles reversed is another indicator that positive changes are coming. The Wheel is turning in a favorable direction and past obstacles are no longer as big or insurmountable as they once seemed. As with any unresolved disappearance, this one will take more work and effort to fully solve. However, there is a stronger foundation that has already been established than a lot of people may know right now.

Keep fighting for Brittanee and keep her name out there. The more her name and picture is circulated, the more it may play on people’s conscience and the more likely some people will be to finally come forth with what they know. As always, please do not take any of the information described in the readings as fact until or unless details are proven. I am always hopeful for a positive outcome.


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