Prisma Reyes

Birthdate: 03/20/1993
Disappearance: 04/17/2019

Question: What happened to Prisma Reyes?

Row 1
Temperance (reversed) – 2 of Cups (reversed) – 2 of Swords

Row 2
Queen of Wands (reversed) – Magician (reversed) – The Hermit
Card pulled for the Queen of Wands (r): 10 of Pentacles (reversed)

Row 3
The Chariot (reversed) – 6 of Cups (reversed) – 3 of Pentacles (reversed)

Prisma Reyes reading – Royo tarot

Disclaimer: Tarot readings should not be taken as absolute claims that something did or did not happen. I only report the meaning of the cards, their relationships and the meaning in the context of those relationships, as well as intuitions I have based entirely on the cards presented in the reading. When/if I say that something happened, in any part of a reading description, I mean that is what I am interpreting from the cards, their positions, and other related factors.


Prisma Reyes was 26 years old when she disappeared in Dallas, Texas on April 17th of 2019. Prima was captured on camera footage inside of a restaurant called E Bar hours before she was last seen. Employees at the restaurant stopped serving Prisma after engaging in what was referred to as “a short verbal disturbance”.

CCTV footage showed Prisma’s Jeep Wrangler leaving the parking lot of the restaurant and then making a right turn onto Haskell Avenue. Phone tracking indicated that she continued driving South. At a point near Haskell Avenue and Main Street, Prisma was reportedly in a road rage incident that involved another driver. Witnesses claimed a woman driving a white Jeep pointed a gun at them. Investigators have stated they believe that person was Prisma.

The events surrounding her disappearance have been confounding to her family because they do not reflect the woman that they knew. Prisma is a mother to a young child as well.

Prima was seen pulling up to the Olympus at Ross apartments, where she subsequently ran into the garage area. The last surveillance cameras known to have captured her showed Prisma standing in front of an elevator while using her phone.

The Reading:

Temperance reversed tells me that something was completely out of balance in Prisma’s life at the time of her disappearance. Other cards in the reading suggest this pertains to a relationship – most likely one of a romantic nature. She was experiencing an unusually heightened level of stress. This and other factors contributed to her behaving recklessly and responding too quickly or impulsively to problems or conflicts. Something was definitely going on here that involved at least one other person she knew.

The Two of Cups reversed builds on the above and is pointing to a particular relationship in her life that was in turmoil. Either this was someone she had already parted with, or it was a relationship on the brink of termination. There were several key imbalances in that relationship. The best word I could use to describe it, as a whole, is volatile.

The Two of Swords reversed is really hitting home that the key to her disappearance is this one particular relationship. I cannot tell if it is an ex or if it was a relationship that she needed or wanted to leave. The Two of Swords reversed reflects a mindset that is hesitant to make decisions because the person feels limited in options or does not like the options available. To Prisma, this would have felt like a no-win situation. The card can point to information coming to Prisma’s attention that was troubling to her and that caused her anxiety. This card also reiterates that she was in a state of high anxiety. Her behavior would have definitely been off as a result. Something was going on that she wasn’t openly sharing. It is possible she did share some details with people she knew and that would be something to focus on while searching for her.

The Queen of Wands reversed is a person or energy that was exhibiting negative attributes such as someone who is jealous, angry, spiteful, and manipulative. The Ten of Pentacles reversed is the card that came up in relation to the Queen court card and it is one depicting a bad situation surrounding family and/or money.

The Magician reversed shows me someone who cons and tricks people. This is a person who uses their position in one or more people’s lives to manipulate them. Such a person is highly deceptive. When the truth comes out about them, it tends to lead to volatile and explosive situations or emotions because the extent of the deceit runs deep. This card confirms that something likely came to Prisma’s attention about the relationship/person previously mentioned. She felt deceived and probably communicated as much to the individual or possibly to someone else.

The Hermit is showing me that Prisma felt she needed and wanted some time to herself to think everything through. She probably knew she was in a rough place emotionally and she had enough presence of mind to realize that withdrawing to some degree would protect her from lashing out or responding to her anxiety in ways that could be harmful.

However, the Chariot reversed tells me that some event that was not quite within her control interfered with her hopes or plans of taking some time to herself to think and self-reflect. The Chariot reversed could refer to the road rage incident that occurred; however, I am not certain on this. It was something that escalated her already troubling situation – that much I know. Another possibility is that the Chariot reverse indicates the means by which she was taken or moved from the location she was last known to be at. The card came up because it is closely linked to the circumstances so this is quite likely and it may be suggesting to pay close attention to her vehicle and/or the vehicles of any people or persons of interest.

The Six of Cups reversed is a card that often indicates some kind of movement or travel – whether it occurs willingly or against someone’s wishes. It shows me someone who is stuck in the past, or stuck thinking about the past. Which makes me think the person that came up throughout this reading is someone that she knew from the past. Intuitively, it feels like the cards are trying to drive that point home to me and so I feel compelled to state it outright.

The Three of Pentacles reversed is showing me a situation where a lack of teamwork is impacting progress in locating her and figuring out what happened to her. People involved are undermining the investigation. It’s entirely possible they are not intending to do that. I can’t tell if they are doing it out of ego or because they have a different agenda that is just not aligned with the one that others have. However, it is critical that the people involved in investigating this case some together with a common purpose: finding Prisma.

I want to say that I believe her family when they say that the behavior exhibited by Prisma on the last day she was seen is not consistent with who she is as a person. The cards are telling me she was triggered by an intensely emotionally charged situation. I feel that it is important to say this because the situation was not as it appeared. There was so much going on beneath the surface here that the public simply does not know. There is someone involved in all of this who is not being honest. This person lied and deceived Prisma – something they will do to other people as well. If anyone reading this knows who this person is, be wary of trusting anything they say. This person is a practiced manipulator according to the cards and they seem like they might be the key to solving this.

At this time, the cards will not outright tell me her exact fate. However, the reading was strong and the points were repetitive – meaning some messages were communicated clearly and likely in the hopes that the right person will receive them and understand what they mean. As always, please do not take any of the information described in the readings as fact until or unless details are proven. I am always hopeful for a positive outcome.


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