Iwona Wieczorek

Birthdate: Not known to me
Disappearance: 07/17/2010
Location: Gdansk, Poland

Question: What happened to Iwona Wieczorek?

Row 1
Knight of Cups (reversed) – 7 of Swords – Page of Cups (reversed)
Card pulled for the Knight of Cups (r): Page of Pentacles (reversed)
Card pulled for the Two of Pentacles
Card pulled for the Page of Cups (r): Wheel of Fortune

Row 2
6 of Swords (reversed) – Justice – The Hanged Man

Row 3
Strength – 3 of Pentacles – Magician (reversed)

Iwona Wieczorek reading – Dark Angels tarot

Disclaimer: Tarot readings should not be taken as absolute claims that something did or did not happen. I only report the meaning of the cards, their relationships and the meaning in the context of those relationships, as well as intuitions I have based entirely on the cards presented in the reading. When/if I say that something happened, in any part of a reading description, I mean that is what I am interpreting from the cards, their positions, and other related factors.


Iwona Wieczorek was 19 years old when she went missing on July 16th or 17th of 2010. She had gone to Sopot to attend a party with a friend. She was last captured on CCTV in Gdansk Jelitkow – a location that is described as being about 20 minutes away from her home.

Iwona enjoyed going out with her friends to party and let off steam. On the evening of July 16th, Iwona and her friend Adria were invited to a party that wasn’t too far from where she lived. Both were seen leaving together. They were planning to go to a club with three men. Iwona is said to have felt somewhat uncomfortable with going because she did not really know the men they were going with. However, she agreed to go to a place called the Dream Club.

After several hours, Iwona had some kind of argument or altercation with the people she had gone to the club with. She was described as no longer being interested in remaining at the club and so she left at about 3:35 am. She was caught on video footage walking barefoot down the nightclub strip. She was by herself and holding her high heels.

She seemed to be heading in the direction to go home. However, her phone was dying. She texted her friend and her mother that she was heading home. Iwona expressed to her friend that she was unhappy with having to leave alone. She felt that Adria should have supported her, as her friend, and left with her. Iwona is said to have worked it out with Adria via phone and the two agreed that Iwona would go to Adria’s house to spend the night. Iwona texted her mom to let her know the plan. This is described as one of the final messages she sent.

CCTV footage captured Iwona walking down Seaside Boulevard at 4:12 am. This is the last known footage to have recorded her.

Adria had returned home and said she left her keys outside, but Iwona never showed up to her house. Iwona’s family found it difficult initially to get assistance with finding her. She remains missing to this day.

The Reading:

The Knight of Cups reversed is showing me that Iwona was in a position where someone took notice of her in an unhealthy way. It represents a masculine energy or person who is dishonest, moody, and causes or brings trouble. This can also represent someone who is a narcissist. Most importantly, this person presents themselves as something they are not.

I pulled the Page of Pentacles reversed in relation to the Knight of Cups reversed, along with the Two of Pentacles. So what I’m seeing here is the offering of a choice or an option. The person in the Knight reversed position was not in a good frame of mind, though that may not have been unusual for them. They were the kind of person who wanted to see results without putting in the work. There is an element to them that reads as they were looking for easy money. I don’t know if this is a general description, or if this pertains to their motive on this night/day. The Two of Pentacles element is like an offer of some type. It could be an exchange – a you give me this and I will give you something in return, type of thing.

The Seven of Swords tells me that Iwona felt defensive in response to this person. I would equate it to a gut feeling that something isn’t right. The card presents someone in a position where they are standing their ground, ready to defend themselves or those around them. She would have been concerned about this person and their intentions – ready for a fight, basically.

The Page of Cups reversed tells me that a factor impacting her decision making was that Iwona was in a fragile and emotionally vulnerable state when she encountered this person. Her guard might have been down more than usual. Also, she was probably feeling uneasy about her prospects of getting home. It was early morning, and it was dark. Iwona was attempting to get home by herself, and it is said she had about 6 kilometers to go. That is almost four miles. The Wheel of Fortune was pulled in relation to this card, and it signifies an impending change that is about to occur in the lives of those directly impacted by this situation. It is showing Iwona as a victim of circumstance. Wrong place, wrong time.

The Six of Swords reversed is not a good indicator for Iwana. This is a card that conveys the message: trouble is coming or trouble is here. It can signify a situation where a person is literally or figuratively trapped. The person has no where to run. It can sometimes indicate drowning.

Justice seems to appear in the middle of readings where the cards want to deliver a message to the person or people responsible for whatever has happened. The card reminds that karma is a real concept that no one escapes. The scales of justice always come into balance – one way or the other. This person (or people) might think they are an exception, but this card says they are not. It also suggests that investigators might have more evidence than they realize that points to this person or it will be forthcoming.

The Hanged Man shows that this case is at a point where it seems as though it is in limbo to some degree. Perhaps investigators are unsure of what way to go with the evidence or where to look for new evidence. Some valuable time was initially lost in this investigation, but that does not mean it can’t be solved. The cards are expressing that this period of waiting is a part of the final resolution process. Sometimes it takes time for everything to fall into its right place. The Justice card is telling me that someday, it will.

The cards are not telling me whether Iwona is deceased. The Justice component of the reading worries me because it feels like someone overcame her will and did something that was against the law. Since Iwona has not been found, it suggests a tragic outcome. Iwona was someone who had inner courage and bravery – perhaps more than a lot of people realized or gave her credit for having. She was a compassionate person, and she would hope that others would treat her similarly. Fairness and balance were important to her. She would not have been someone to give in easily to her fate and the cards are suggesting that her will – in this regard – might be the reason there is more evidence than people realize.

The key to solving her case is teamwork. People need to pool their energy and resources for this one. It is important not to give up. There is evidence out there and it will take them down the right path. It just may take a lot more work to uncover than people hoped. The answers are absolutely there. One thing the cards are telling me is there is a need to collaborate and share information. There are different types of people involved in solving her case. They all have pieces to the puzzle. Come together and share them. It will show you what really happened to her.

Finally, the Magician reversed is someone who lies, manipulates, and deceives. It came at the end of the reading and so it suggests to me that there was or is someone involved in her case who – for whatever reason – is not really committed to solving it. I don’t know what the motive is. I don’t even dare speculate. However, this person is an impediment, and they are probably in a high enough position that they can create obstacles for the people who genuinely want to find Iwona. This person creates illusions that point people in the wrong direction. They use their skills and their talents and their position to accomplish this.

One thing to consider is the possibility that somehow, in some way, the person responsible has inserted themselves into the investigation. Maybe they helped search. Maybe they offered misleading information. Something.

The people who want to solve this disappearance must come together to bring forth the answers. I am speaking entirely on intuition here, but I think this was someone that was either completely unknown to her or someone she had known for an extremely short time (i.e. had met that evening/morning). It does not feel like it was someone well known to her.

Ultimately, I have no way to know for sure what happened and I always hope for a positive resolution.


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