Karlie Gusé

Birthdate: 05/13/2002
Disappearance: 10/13/2018
Location: Bishop (Mono County), California

Question: What happened to Karlie Gusé on October 12th and 13th of 2018?

Row 1
The Star (reversed) – 10 of Swords – The Hanged Man

Row 2
Justice – The Magician (reversed) – The High Priestess

Row 3
3 of Wands (reversed) – The Moon – The Wheel of Fortune (reversed)

Karlie reading 1 – Manga tarot

Disclaimer: Tarot readings should not be taken as absolute claims that something did or did not happen. I only report the meaning of the cards, their relationships and the meaning in the context of those relationships, as well as intuitions I have based entirely on the cards presented in the reading. When/if I say that something happened, in any part of a reading description, I mean that is what I am interpreting from the cards, their positions, and other related factors.


Karlie Gusé is said to have disappeared on October 13th of 2018 in the early morning hours. She was 16 years old. She was reportedly seen walking around her neighborhood on the morning of the 13th but has not been seen since.


The first thing I want to point out about Karlie’s situation is that the abundance of major arcana cards tells me that her disappearance occurred because of forces beyond her direct control. Her disappearance was a culmination of a series of unfortunate events stemming from outside influences (people and circumstances out of Karlie’s control). It is also better understood if one steps back and looks at Karlie’s life in the months and year prior to her disappearance as well because there is definitely a sense of a cause-and-effect chain reaction here.

The Star reversed shows me that at the time of Karlie’s disappearance, she felt that everyone had turned against her and that her situation was hopeless. She felt defeated by whatever was going on. It can also indicate an overall sense of hopelessness in that it does not appear – especially in this particular reading – that Karlie survived her circumstances.

The 10 of Swords is a card that can indicate betrayal and victimization. I had a recent reading where this card appeared shortly before the person was found deceased. It marks the end of a situation or circumstance and typically reflects a traumatic or distressing type of ending. An event that could be classified as a major disaster appears to have occurred here.

The Hanged Man denotes a situation where there is a lack of certainty and guidance concerning where to look for answers. Since it is appearing on the first row, it suggests to me that it is referring to how the person or people involved in the disastrous situation above dealt with it. The events feel generally unexpected because it seems like the person or people left in its wake were caught off guard. I am not getting the impression they had time to really plan.

The correct way to deal with it, as evidenced by the appearance of the Justice card, would have been honestly and fairly. Justice tells me that whatever happened was viewed as problematic in the eyes of the law, and that is a likely reason information is being withheld. However, Justice is a cause-and-effect card that reminds people that the scales always balance. If someone truly did something wrong here or covered up an accident because they were trying to avoid accountability, it will eventually result in a negative outcome for that person (or people). So while this card is not saying Karlie was murdered, it is presenting a matter that could be legally challenging for one or more people involved. If the facts were known, there would probably be consequences for their actions. Perhaps there was negligent or some kind of accident that would look bad for one or more people if reported.

The Magician reversed conveys to me that at least one person knows the above and has been employing methods aimed at manipulating the situation, or deceiving people into thinking events occurred in a different manner than they did in reality.

The High Priestess appearing is an indication that there are forces at work here that are trying to guide the release of the truth. First, there is hidden information and mystery surrounding these circumstances that still needs to see the light of day. Second, there is what I can only describe as a push from the universe – or a higher power – to bring that information to the forefront. Third, there is at least one person – aside from one or more primary players in this – that either knows what really happened or strongly suspects the truth on an intuitive and semi-subconscious level. They are keeping this information hidden, but they shouldn’t. It would be much better for them, on multiple levels, if they revealed what they know or think they know.

The Three of Wands reversed shows there have been a lot of delays in getting to the bottom of this and there are obstacles. The main obstacles have manifested in the form of the person or people presenting a deceptive narrative concerning what happened. However, it might be presenting here as a warning that some of the obstacles are intentional – especially in light of other cards indicating deception in this spread. I have gotten the Three of Wands reversed in some readings where a person has returned home after time has gone by so I want to throw that possible meaning out there.

The Moon is reiterating that the narrative is false. People are keeping secrets. Something important to note here is that this card, combined with ones like the Magician reversed and the High Priestess, is calling into question even basic information that has been provided about the day/evening before Karlie disappeared, as well as the morning after when she was allegedly last seen. People are taking key details as fact, and this is pointing people away from evidence. This is, of course, by design since we have at least one person avoiding accountability for their actions. Just because people are saying certain details are facts, doesn’t make them true. Evaluate this matter from a perspective where you are questioning everything basically.

The Wheel of Fortune reversed is yet another indicator that Karlie’s luck turned. Events beyond her control turned in a manner that worked against her or caused her problems. She did not have direct control over them, and she was essentially at their mercy.

The takeaway from this reading is that a series of events happened. The cards are reading like a possible accident. However, there was not enough information provided to give me any confidence as to what Karlie’s status is or whether whatever happened was intentional. The cards suggest that there is more to emerge on this.

Question: Who or what caused the disappearance of Karlie Gusé?

Row 1
7 of Pentacles – Queen of Wands – The Hanged Man (reversed)
Card pulled for the Queen of Wands: The Chariot (reversed)

Row 2
3 of Wands (reversed) – Page of Pentacles (reversed) – Judgement
Card pulled for the Page of Pentacles (r): 9 of Swords (reversed)

Row 3
5 of Cups – The Star – Knight of Pentacles
Card pulled for the Knight of Pentacles: 2 of Swords

Karlie reading 2 – Таро Лунатиков


The Seven of Pentacles is a card that depicts downtime after a person has been working hard or working toward a goal. It’s a card that comes up when someone is waiting to see the results of their actions. I don’t know if Karlie was trying to make improvements in her life or what, but this card shows that she was making some positive progress.

The Queen of Wands represents a mature female who comes across as a strong personality, energetic, and action oriented. Some downsides to a person demonstrating the attributes associated with this card is that they can come across as self-centered at times, controlling, and may have a short fuse. Regardless of actual gender, the Queen is a card that represents someone with motherly types of qualities.

The Chariot reversed is the card I pulled in connection with the Queen card and so it is communicating this person acted in a way that is forceful and/or aggressive. It can denote a loss of control over one’s temper and an inability to focus properly on what needs to be done. In missing person’s cases, this card sometimes comes up in connection with a motor vehicle accident. It can specifically be linked at times to accidents caused from drunk driving or intentional or unintentional vehicular homicide, but not always. Those are just some meanings I have seen in situations where the outcome is known.

The Hanged Man reversed is an energy that comes across as somewhat apathetic. It reflects someone avoiding accountability. It could indicate someone who is stalling for time. They are delaying what they probably know is inevitable because to them, it feels like whatever action they need to take is a sacrifice on their part – one they do not want to make.

The Three of Wands reversed signifies restrictions and a lack of process. It can also come up when someone regrets choices they made or does not like the outcome. The card shows a situation where there are obstacles preventing a resolution. It came up in the reading before and I do again want to point out that sometimes this card has indicated a return to home. I’ve seen it in cases where someone returned alive and also where they were found deceased.

The Page of Pentacles reversed represents someone younger that is behaving foolishly or in immature or irresponsible ways. Such a person is considered as an underachiever because they are capable of accomplishing more, but they are not taking advantage of opportunities provided to them or committing to putting in the work needed for growth. This could possibly represent Karlie at the time of her disappearance, or another person around her age range.

I pulled the Nine of Swords reversed in connection with the Page card and it shows a person who is likely dealing with extreme regret and feels ashamed about something they have done. It can represent someone who is either experiencing mental health issues or is behaving in a way that implies those issues. I am uncertain as to whether these two cards – the Page reversed, and the Nine of Swords reversed – are depicting Karlie’s state of mind when she disappeared or someone else entirely. It would likely be a person around Karlie’s general age.

Judgement is a card I associated with the concept of karma. I sometimes get these in readings when a moment of reckoning is on the horizon. It can refer to unavoidable judgement on the part of the universe. Even if a person has done something terrible, and gotten away with it, this card is conveying the message that there is no complete escape from facing the consequences of one’s actions.

The Five of Cups shows me a situation where someone involved experienced grief and mourning. A lot of the cards are coming across as depicting a situation that was not planned in advance or intended to end the way it did. So there is a sense of genuine loss, and the impact of Karlie’s disappearance has been a negative one on many people. This card is also suggesting to me that whatever happened probably was not planned.

The Star suggests that a lot more information will eventually come to light about what happened to Karlie. Given the context offered by my original question, this card is a positive one that points to an eventual resolution or understanding of what happened to Karlie. I truly hope this is the case.

The Knight of Pentacles is coming across as representing either an energy or a person who is on the younger side. It shares the same suit as the Page card above which could denote a familial relationship between two people involved. Additionally, the person may be older than Karlie if she is indeed the person depicted as the Page. Another important detail about this person represented by the Knight card is that they probably have information they have not shared. I say this because the Two of Swords shows me someone who feels like they are in a bind – stuck between two difficult choices or options and feeling as though neither is a good one. It is possible the person is in denial about what they know, or the circumstances surrounding it, or they are taking a long time to contemplate the situation to decide what to do about it. The person’s sense of responsibility and duty could ultimately drive them to share what they know.

Whatever the facts are of this situation, I hope there is a resolution and some clear answers soon.


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