Lainee Klear

Birthdate: Unknown
Disappearance: 06/12/2021
Location: Longmont, Colorado

Question: What happened to Lainee Klear to cause her disappearance in 2021?

Row 1
5 of Swords – Fool (reversed) – King of Cups
Card pulled for the King of Cups: The World (reversed)

Row 2
The Moon – 8 of Cups (reversed) – 4 of Cups (reversed)

Row 3
Hierophant (reversed) – 7 of Swords – 6 of Wands (reversed)

Lainee Klear reading 1

Disclaimer: Tarot readings should not be taken as absolute claims that something did or did not happen. I only report the meaning of the cards, their relationships and the meaning in the context of those relationships, as well as intuitions I have based entirely on the cards presented in the reading. When/if I say that something happened, in any part of a reading description, I mean that is what I am interpreting from the cards, their positions, and other related factors.


Lainee Klear was 15 years old when she disappeared after leaving her home between the evening hours of June 12th, and the early morning hours of June 13th, in 2021. She is believed to be with a person described as her boyfriend; however, it is unclear if that information has been fully verified. She has not been seen since.


The Five of Swords is depicting an argument or conflict that caused hostility at the time of her disappearance. It is unclear if the argument that this is alluding to is what caused Lainee to leave her home on the evening of the 12th of June, or if it was something that happened immediately after.

The Fool reversed suggests the argument occurred before and is what spurred her to make what the cards are depicting as a naïve or foolish decision.

The King of Cups shows me the person that she likely sought out for help or assistance, following the conflict mentioned previously. The King card is suggesting to me that the person is a male and older than Lainee. The World reversed is the card I pulled in reference to the person the King of Cups represents. It’s telling me that the situation with this person was not everything Lainee hoped it would be and left her feeling empty and incomplete. It’s also the first card hinting at some underlying self-esteem and confidence issues that show Lainee as feeling like she isn’t or wasn’t measuring up in life – or that she wasn’t getting credit for the things that she may have done right.

The Moon is conveying a more complex picture than the cards initially let on. It’s implying that the situation is more complicated and that there are secrets or truths Lainee has hidden that might be contributing to confusion or uncertainty about her situation.

The Eight of Cups reversed is another card that tells me Lainee has a low self-esteem. These traits have contributed to the decisions that she has made. She has remained in a bad situation – one that she likely knows she should leave or should have left prior to all this – because she was fearful about the implications of change.

The Four of Cups reversed indicates a desire to move forward and to let go of negative feelings or experiences that have been holding Lainee back. She might have felt like leaving her living situation on the 12/13th was a step in the right direction – that it was a way for her to take advantage of or seize an opportunity.

The Hierophant reversed tells me that Lainee – and probably whoever she requested or received help from – are non-conformists. This card communicates the sense that Lainee has struggled with rules and structure in her life. Following the path that others may have recommended to her, or asked her to follow, is not something that was or is appealing to her. This is likely a source of conflict since it would put her at odds with people who are more inclined to follow the rules and do what others think they should.

The Seven of Swords tells me there’s some sneakiness and dishonesty associated with all of this. And I don’t know who the card is specifically pointing to here – whether it is Lainee, someone in her life, or multiple people. I think that the application of this card’s meaning depends on what has happened to Lainee specifically since she left her home. For example, if she left home and is hiding from her family or loved ones then it means she is the one likely doing the deceiving.

However, if her situation is more dire than the cards have thus far shown then it means someone else is being deceitful and using trickery to make the situation look like something different than it is or was in reality. The other option is that Lainee could have been tricked or manipulated into a situation that was not previously made evident to her. There are just a lot of hidden aspects of this situation that the cards are suggesting to me – more than meets the eye. I have at times seen the Seven of Swords come up when someone was abducted and later returned so I want to put that out there too.

The Six of Wands reversed is another card pointing to Lainee’s self-esteem and the impact it has on her decision-making. She has been driven by a desire to feel loved and appreciated. Her choices are emotional in nature, and she acts on impulse based on emotion.

Question: What is going on with Lainee Klear now?

2 of Air (reversed) – 6 of Earth – The Universe

Lainee Klear reading 2


The Two of Air reversed, in this deck, refers to someone who isn’t quite in touch with how they feel or are basically in denial about a situation or problem. They are still trying to make sense of their emotions and the world around them. Lainee comes across as emotion-driven in reference to how she experiences life and responds to situations.

The Six of Earth is a positive card that denotes someone as feeling like they are making progress toward their goals. The person feels they have achieved more in recent times than in the past.

The Universe is also positive in that it shows someone feeling as though they belong and are doing what they feel they should. It’s a card of coming full circle in a cycle though so it’s important to keep in mind that its interpretation can depend a lot on the circumstances surrounding it.

In summary, I think this situation is more complicated than it appears. The reading is not giving me an indication that she is deceased, though can’t say she is or isn’t definitively. I can only really say which way the cards are leaning – based on my interpretation. I am getting that she left her home of her own volition and that she believed (and seems to still believe) it was for the best at the time. I haven’t done a reading on her home life or anything of that nature and so I can only speak to what the cards are showing in response to the two questions I asked.

I have no way to know what happened for certain. I ask that readers never take any of the information described in the readings as fact until or unless details are proven. I would love to see a positive outcome here.


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