Michael Vaughan

Disappearance: 07/27/2021
Location: Fruitland, Idaho

Disclaimer: Tarot readings should not be taken as absolute claims that something did or did not happen. I only report the meaning of the cards, their relationships and the meaning in the context of those relationships, as well as intuitions I have based entirely on the cards presented in the reading. Tarot reading is an art and not a science.


Michael Vaughan, whose nickname was “Monkey”, disappeared from his neighborhood on July 27th of 2021 at the age of five.

Question: Who or what caused Michael Vaughan’s disappearance?

Row 1
The High Priestess – Strength (reversed) – 7 of Wands (reversed)

Row 2
8 of Wands – 2 of Swords (reversed) – 9 of Cups

Row 3
6 of Wands – Queen of Cups – The Chariot
Card pulled for the Queen of Cups: The Fool


The High Priestess is referring to intuition and hidden knowledge – potentially on a subconscious level. It suggests people directly involved in looking for him should listen to their gut feelings because they may be receiving assistance or guidance in terms of where he is or how they may find him.

Strength reversed shows a situation where Michael was overcome physically and emotionally.

The Seven of Wands reversed is related to the above card in that it represents someone who is giving up or admitting defeat.

The Eight of Wands depicts a situation that unfolded very quickly. So the events happened fast.

The Two of Swords reversed is suggesting that the truth about what happened will be exposed – potentially sooner rather than later if one factors in the speed in which things upfold as communicated by the Eight of Wands. This card also warns of lies being exposed so it does appear the truth will come out about this situation, and anyone involved.

The Nine of Cups, and the subsequent Six of Wands, are strange – but interesting – cards to appear in this particular reading. The Nine of Cups refers to emotions and the sense that someone has that they have achieved success and circumstances are going their way. It can also point to someone who seeks fame or attention for their accomplishments.

The Six of Wands is a similar card in some ways, because it refers to someone who gets recognition and praise for things that they do. It depicts a person that others might view as a kind of leader and someone who does positive things. Sometimes – but not always – it can refer to someone who inserts themselves into an investigation by acting as though they are helping, when their motives are really to try to cast suspicion elsewhere or get inside details about what the police are doing. This is a tarot card reading, and not everything in it is going to be accurate or interpreted correctly on my end, but I’m throwing that out as a possibility.

The Queen of Cups is showing a person who is likely an adult and demonstrates feminine types of attributes. Such a person is sensitive emotionally and can be easily wounded by criticism or harsh words. The Fool is the card I pulled in connection with the Queen. This could be conveying one of two things. The first is the possibility that Michael was lured away by this person, or someone connected to them directly, with the promise of an adventure or something along those lines. It could show him as going along and not questioning the situation at the time – blindly trusting, essentially. The second possibility is that the Fool refers to the person in the Queen position and reflects their motives – kidnapping a child because they want to have a family or something more nefarious, depending on other factors.

The last card is the Chariot. This card denotes movement and travel. It can sometimes represent transportation by vehicle and so it could be trying to drive home the point that he was taken quickly, by vehicle. The speed in which everything happened is probably complicating the investigation.

Question: What is happening with Michael Vaughan currently?

Row 1
The World (reversed) – 4 of Cups (reversed) – Knight of Wands (reversed)
Card pulled for the Knight of Wands (r): 5 of Cups (reversed)

Row 2
The Lovers (reversed) – 6 of Cups (reversed) – Ace of Cups

Row 3
2 of Wands – Magician (reversed) – King of Swords (reversed)
Card pulled for the King of Swords (r): 3 of Swords (reversed)


The World reversed suggests partial success and partial failure. Everything didn’t go exactly as planned.

The Four of Cups reversed is one where one or more people involved are trying to take advantage of possible opportunities and move beyond feelings pertaining to regret or not achieving all goals.

The Knight of Wands reversed is depicting a younger male energy (late teens, twenties, or thereabout) who might simply be an older person who acts immature for their age. However, this is someone who makes decisions impulsively and recklessly – something that has created some issues for the person or people involved.

The Five of Cups reversed, pulled in relation to the Knight reversed card, is showing someone who was recently experiencing grief or emotional upset, but has made it a point to begin moving on and letting go of the sadness or sorrow they recently felt.

The Lovers reversed could stand for a poor decision that is impacting all of this, or it can represent a relationship that is going wrong or went wrong recently. It could depict fighting or conflict that is occurring because of this situation.

The Six of Cups reversed shows someone trying to let go of the past. It might also point to childhood issues or abuse in someone’s life that is factoring into all of this somehow – even if only on a limited basis.

The Ace of Cups represents new beginnings and new relationships. I have no way of knowing if this is suggesting that Michael has entered into these because of his situation, or if it pertaining to the person or people involved.

The Two of Wands can show a person who is taking concrete steps toward a goal. The person or people are moving beyond merely planning or talking about possibilities. It can also indicate travel or a feeling of restlessness. People represented by this card might feel the urge to travel or move suddenly. It can also be a card of cooperation and so it does feel like more than one person is involved here. It is coming across like there are at least two people.

The Magician reversed is often a person who manipulates people and lies. Sometimes these people accomplish their goals by tricking people or creating a false sense of reality. It might link back to one or more people appearing to try to help with the case, but it is hard to know for sure.

The King of Swords reversed is coming through as an older and more mature (in terms of age and life experience) male. However, the age could vary widely in reality. This person manipulates situations and facts to get their way.

The Three of Swords reversed was pulled in connection with the King reversed. Either it is showing someone who is moving beyond a period of heartbreak or grief, or it is someone who is using their lies and manipulation to get someone else to overcome their pain or sadness.

I really don’t have a clear indication of Michael’s current status. Mostly, if at all accurate, the cards are giving more of a sense of who did it. They also seem to rule some people out. For example, I didn’t see anything pointing to the parents.


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