Patrick Chapman

Disappearance: 05/10/2020
Location: Mill Spring, MO

Disclaimer: Tarot readings should not be taken as absolute claims that something did or did not happen. I only report the meaning of the cards, their relationships and the meaning in the context of those relationships, as well as intuitions I have based entirely on the cards presented in the reading. Tarot reading is an art and not a science.


Patrick Chapman disappeared on Mother’s Day – May 10th – of 2020. He is believed to have last been seen at a family friend’s house, which he reportedly left in his vehicle. Patrick’s car was later found abandoned, on a path for 4-wheelers, in a rural location that was about 2 miles from his last known location.

Question: What circumstances caused the disappearance of Patrick Chapman?

Row 1
Page of Cups – 2 of Wands – Page of Pentacles (reversed)
Card pulled for the Page of Cups: Page of Wands
Card pulled for the Page of Wands: 2 of Cups
Card pulled for the Page of Pentacles (r): The Sun (reversed)

Row 2
The Hermit (reversed) – Justice – King of Cups (reversed)
Card pulled for the King of Cups (r): 4 of Pentacles

Row 3
Queen of Pentacles – 7 of Wands (reversed) – 2 of Pentacles
Card pulled for the Queen of Pentacles: Magician (reversed)

Patrick Chapman reading 1


The Page of Cups, at the beginning of the reading, might indicate that Patrick received some kind of message pertaining to family, love, or things of that nature. The Page of Wands, pulled in connection with the first card, either represents another element of the first message in terms of it representing something to do with a job, a means of making money, or a romantic matter – or it represents a second message of that nature. The Two of Cups, pulled for the Page of Wands, appears to reinforce the notion that there were messages received (and possibly sent) regarding a love or romantic type of situation. The Two of Cups usually represents two people who feel they have a strong connection – whether the relationship is new or old.

The Two of Wands indicates that Patrick was in the beginning stages of planning something. If this aspect of the reading is correct, he might have been feeling restless and a desire to consider or pursue new options. It could also indicate that he was working on something with someone – like a partnership of some kind – or was planning to do that.

The Page of Pentacles reversed is showing he received negative or bad news about a financial, material, or practical matter. There is a sense of Patrick having some opportunities available to him that he was not seizing, for whatever reason. The Sun reversed was the card pulled for the Page of Pentacles reversed. It is a card that can have a lot of different meanings. It’s a card that conveys a sense of oppression or getting involved in something and kind of being naïve or blinded to the truth.

The Hermit reversed is showing a circumstance, surrounding his disappearance, in which he felt lonely and isolated from others. I don’t know if the bad news it appears he received caused these feelings or if something else happened. However, it is reading like he felt compelled to withdraw from others. Maybe that was something he did when he was stressed out. I’m not sure.

Justice is coming up and implying there might have been some kind of situation or conflict – possibly of a legal nature. Justice is also a card that represents the consequences of one’s actions. If Patrick’s situation turned out to be one in which he was wronged – or if he disappeared due to foul play – Justice implies that anyone will responsible will have to answer for it at some point. There will be consequences for their actions. Again, that applies only if this is a foul play situation or one where he was wronged legally, ethically, etc.

The King of Cups reversed likely represents an adult male who is emotional, moody, sometimes overly sensitive, and withdrawn. The worst attributes associated with someone that is represented by this card include someone who is violent, controlling, and unbalanced. The Four of Pentacles is telling me that this person is also a bit stingy with their money or possessions. Whatever they have, they guard it and don’t want to let go. This sometimes applies to someone who is possessive about people as well.

The Queen of Pentacles is usually an adult female who is financially secure or has the ability to make an income. If it is representing someone going through difficult financial times, this is a person who can pull through them because they tend to be resourceful. But I pulled the Magician reversed as the card connected to this one and that’s not an assuring sign. It could convey someone who is using their resourcefulness, skills, etc. to manipulate or con other people. Anyone that presents as the Magician reversed is not usually someone people can trust. However, the unfortunate thing is that they come across as honest or trustworthy. I don’t know for sure if the Magician reversed is meant to represent the Queen of Pentacles directly or if it is a separate person who is associated with her or known to her.

The Seven of Wands reversed often shows a person in a situation where they feel like admitting defeat or they don’t feel they have the ability to stand their ground. It is basically a card where someone feels as though they can’t control their situation and this either compels them to compromise with those around them, or it can have other outcomes where the person gives up and completely accepts whatever is doled upon them.

The Two of Pentacles is reading like Patrick had some kind of situation brewing, or occurring, that was problematic for him financially. I don’t know if he owed someone money or if a partnership or job fell through. But something happened to cause him to feel completely overwhelmed and in danger of some kind of financial problem or crisis.

Question: Who or what caused the Patrick Chapman’s disappearance?

Row 1
8 of Cups (reversed) – 5 of Wands (reversed) – 9 of Swords (reversed)

Row 2
Hanged Man (reversed) – 2 of Pentacles – King of Swords
Card pulled for the King of Swords: Temperance

Row 3
6 of Wands (reversed) – The Wheel (reversed) – The Empress (reversed)

Patrick Chapman reading 2


The challenge with readings that pertain to the question of “who” or “what” is that it is not always clear if they depict the person who disappeared or someone/something else entirely. If they refer to the person who disappeared then it means they either disappeared on purpose, had an accident of some kind, or committed suicide – some type of explanation that does not involve another person, essentially. On the other hand, if it represents one or more other people than the cards are depicting their situation and their mindset – versus the original person I am reading on (Patrick, in this case). So it can help to review the readings from both perspectives to try to get a feel for which one rings the most true.

The Eight of Cups reversed usually depicts a situation where someone is afraid to move on from something and/or they feel stagnated. It often refers to someone who has a low self-esteem.

The Five of Wands reversed is showing a situation where there was some kind of struggle or conflict, but it came to an end in that maybe there was a compromise or some kind of attempt to keep the peace.

The Nine of Swords reversed can come up when someone feels as though they are emerging from some hard times. It’s usually a card that depicts a sense of hope or knowledge that whatever difficult circumstances a person is facing, they won’t last forever.

The Hanged Man reversed can have a lot of different meanings. Sometimes it shows someone who is in a period of limbo or who is waiting out their circumstances. However, there are times when this card can depict a negative outcome – or an expectation of one.

The Two of Pentacles shows a situation where someone is trying to balance their finances or is transferring money. It is a card that indicates financial or material ups and downs – and someone who is trying to manage them.

The King of Swords depicts a man who uses logical or rational thinking to make decisions. Sometimes such a person can come across as cold due to their intellectual nature or tendency to make decisions based on logic instead of emotions. Temperance, the card pulled with this one, shows a situation where someone is seeking balance and peace. If it represents a relationship, it is one that is harmonious and balanced.

The Six of Wands reversed is a card that I get when there is someone involved that has done something to someone, but they fail at in the long run. An example of this is a reading that I did on Amanda Berry in which I asked about who or what caused her kidnapping (an after-the-fact reading) and so it pertained to Ariel Castro who was ultimately unsuccessful and met a bad end.

The Wheel of Fortune reversed indicates that circumstances had or have turned for whoever or whatever is represented as the “who” or “what”. Forces beyond their control changed in a way that did not favor them. If this has not already happened, it will.

The Empress reversed is a card that may represent a mother-type figure. It doesn’t mean that it’s Patrick’s mom. When it represents a person, it can represent anyone who has been trying for a child or has a child. I say trying for one because sometimes the Empress reversed comes up in reference to someone who has fertility problems or has had complicated pregnancies and/or miscarriages. Oddly enough, I get the Empress upright in many readings that I do where the outcome is a murder – especially when it shows up at the end. I have not yet seen that pattern with the Empress reversed, however, and so I’m not really sure what its implication is here. It could refer to an actual person or a circumstance/status.

Question: What else do we need to know about Patrick Chapman’s disappearance?

10 of Cups – 7 of Swords – 4 of Cups

Patrick Chapman reading 3


As always, this is a reminder that this is just a tarot reading. Details can be wrong. Nothing should be taken as fact. That said, the Ten of Cups is depicting one of two scenarios. Either he disappeared because of something that happened with someone in his family and/or social circle, or someone in his family or close social circle caused his disappearance. Family is a loose term in that it can refer to extended, as well as family by marriage. Social circles can extend to people that a person works with. The range is fairly broad if Patrick knew a lot of people.

The Seven of Swords is showing me a situation that involved deception, lies, and possibly theft. Sometimes it indicates cheating – if pertaining to love situations. An important aspect of this card is that whoever is doing the lying or cheating or what-have-you is cunning and good at manipulating people. If this pertains to someone who caused Patrick’s disappearance then it means that right now, they are getting away with it. For now. I can’t completely rule out that Patrick disappeared on his own, but the readings don’t have that feel to me. Too many court cards came up which makes me think there is at least one man, and potentially a woman who is close to that person, who knows what happened here – whatever the circumstances.

I am not sure what to do with the Four of Cups here. It’s usually a card of regret and a feeling of missing opportunities. It can also be someone stuck in a rut or someone who feels stagnated. It’s possible it merely pertains to the status of this situation as it stands right now, but it probably has a greater meaning than that. If it is meant to help identify someone involved then this person would be kind of on the depressed or cynical side – not really interested in what people are offering them and kind of overly focused on the past and what they haven’t gotten in life that they felt they wanted.


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