Logan Losurdo

Disappearance: 11/26/2021
Found deceased: 03/10/2022

Location: NSW Central Coast, found near Soldier’s Beach

Disclaimer: Tarot readings should not be taken as absolute claims or facts with regard to any person or situation. I only present the possible meanings associated with the cards, as well as intuitions and impressions that I get during the reading. All readings are suppositional and should be treated as such.


Logan Losurdo was 20 years old when he was last seen on November 26th of 2021. His body was recovered on March 10th of 2022, near Soldier’s Beach, Norah Head. Logan is described as being from Magenta on the New South Wales Central Coast.

Question: What circumstances caused Logan’s death?

Row 1
Queen of Pentacles (r) – King of Swords – King of Pentacles (r)
Card pulled for the Queen of Pentacles (r): Ace of Wands (r)
Card pulled for the King of Swords: Queen of Swords (r)
Card pulled for the Queen of Swords (r): Page of Pentacles (r)
Card pulled for the Page of Pentacles (r): The World (r)
Card pulled for the King of Pentacles (r): 6 of Cups

Row 2
Knight of Pentacles (r) – 3 of Wands – The Emperor
Card pulled for the Knight of Pentacles (r): 5 of Wands (r)

Row 3
Ace of Pentacles – 7 of Wands (r) – 2 of Cups (r)


This initial reading on the circumstances surrounding Logan’s disappearance, and subsequent death, shows a lot of different things going on. I’ve talked before about how the readings will touch on all of these people, events, and influences that were around a person when they disappeared or died. While that can shed a lot of light on the situation, it can also create confusion when some of those are not directly related to it all. So it’s important to keep that in mind when going through everything here. And again, it’s just a tarot reading.

The first card is the Queen of Pentacles reversed. When a person is represented by this card in its reversed position, all of the negative attributes are highlighted. Minimally, people depicted by this card are manipulative and have a mean streak. However, some are actual sociopaths and so there is a spectrum there. Such a person could be a motherly figure in that they may have one or more children. The Ace of Wands reversed is showing that there was some kind of bad news that came up with regard to this person. Maybe Logan had some kind of plans that were delayed or derailed by this person. I don’t know. It’s not the only card that has an underlying meaning that could pertain to travel plans.

The next card is the King of Swords. The cards pulled in connection with it include the Queen of Swords reversed, the Page of Pentacles reversed, and the World reversed. The person depicted by the King card has positive attributed. This would be someone who is articulate, has goals, achieves their goals, and is considered an expert in whatever it is they do for work. The card might represent Logan. The Queen of Swords reversed is someone directly connected to the person in the King position. This is a person who is a poor communicator, and it can sometimes represent an absent or neglectful mother. The Page of Pentacles reversed may represent some bad news that Logan received – probably from or about the person in the Queen position. It could have been related to money or living arrangements or anything else that is material in nature. Finally, the World reversed is showing an incomplete situation in which success was not achieved. So I don’t know if Logan had a plan or desire to do something specific, but the means to accomplish it fell through, or if there is some other explanation to all that.

The King of Pentacles reversed is striking me as a father figure who would be – or have been – distinguishable by specific attributes associated with their personality. This is a card with masculine energy. When it represents a person, it is someone who can be greedy, selfish, corrupt, a failure in terms of business endeavors, etc. The Six of Cups was pulled in reference to this person, and it can represent a person’s childhood, childhood memories, family, issues experienced in childhood, and other similar types of themes.

The Knight of Pentacles reversed, when depicting a person, is someone with male energy who is likely younger than the people in the Queen and King positions – or at least, it is someone who is operating at the emotional level of a young adult. This is a person who is irresponsible, unstable, focused on money, and prone to breaking promises. The Five of Wands reversed is the card pulled with the Knight and it is a solution card or one that represents the end of a struggle. It is possible that Logan was having an issue with someone, and it was resolved by some means – or was thought to be resolved – or what this is pointing to specifically.

The Three of Wands is another card that makes me think that Logan might have had some kind of plan to go somewhere or travel. Sometimes, it is a card that just refers to a person who is planning ahead and seeking to live their life to the fullest in terms of going after their goals or enjoying the results of their hard work. But the first two cards suggest that there was some kind of plan that was either canceled or delayed.

The Emperor would be a father figure type of person that was either in Logan’s life at the time, or who he came in contact with around the time that he disappeared (and was later found deceased). Typically, this is a male person who is protective, authoritative, and dependable. Minimally, they come across that way at least, and they are viewed as having some kind of influence or power.

The Ace of Pentacles is suggesting that there might have been some kind of new job opportunity, or a goal or finding a new job, at the time that this all happened. I don’t know what Logan did for work, but perhaps he was thinking of starting his own business? I’m not sure. Maybe that is tied in with whatever other plans he seemed to have, or maybe he just came across a potential job opportunity or chance to make money.

The Seven of Wands reversed is a card of defeat. It can come up when someone gets completely burned out, gives in to the wishes of others – even if it is to their own detriment, or just surrenders to their circumstances. So I would say that regardless of what actually happened to Logan, and caused his death, he had a lot on his mind at the time and there were a lot of human influences.

The final card is the Two of Cups reversed. This is usually a breakup card or one that can signify a divorce. It is basically a relationship that has gone wrong that a person was emotionally invested in. If the relationship is still going when this card appears, then it points to arguments, conflict, and disharmony within it.

Question: Who or what caused Logan’s death?

Row 1
8 of Cups – Page of Wands – Emperor
Card pulled for the Page of Wands: Hierophant (r)

Row 2
3 of Swords – 9 of Cups – 6 of Cups

Row 3
Temperance – 3 of Cups (r) – 2 of Pentacles


The Eight of Cups signifies a person who reaches their limit with something or someone and realizes that they should walk away. That doesn’t mean they actually do it, but it’s a card showing that a person has come to the point where they know something, or someone, is no longer serving them in a positive way (if they ever were in the first place).

The Page of Wands may indicate a young person – such as a child – or a message. It is typically a positive card. But what is odd is that the card pulled in connection with it is the Hierophant reversed. Was there a breakup of a relationship, or a divorce, which involved a child? I can’t really make sense of this combination, but it feels like there is possibly a child connected to a bad relationship or a relationship that didn’t work out. However, Logan was only 20 years old so I’m not sure what to do with those cards because I have no background information on him.

The Emperor appeared in this reading again. It has the same meaning as before. There was some kind of older, probably male, influence that was in Logan’s life – or came into it right around the time of his disappearance and death – that plays a role in all this. Not in that they did anything wrong; just that they have come up twice and so their existence or actions are important somehow to this whole story.

The Three of Swords is a heartbreak card. There are so many cards in this reading that are pointing to emotional distress over relationships. I do think that there is or was a romantic type of relationship influence in all of this because of the last card in the first reading, and this card that goes a step further and almost suggests a kind of betrayal or deception. Now this could simply be something that was on his mind and contributed to his emotional state when all this happened. It doesn’t mean that a partner, or a former partner, was responsible for his death. For instance, in a suicide (I am just using this as an example; I don’t know what the cause of death was for Logan), there are factors that impact how a person is feeling at a given time and they can either help or hinder a person’s mental state.

Nine of Cups is a card of achievement and prosperity. But it’s placement between the Three of Swords and the Six of Cups (that card is back again) suggests to me that those outer cards were blocking what the Nine of Cups had to offer in Logan’s life – or acting as obstacles to it, for lack of a better way of describing it. The Six of Cups makes me think there were unresolved childhood memories or issues that were coloring a lot of Logan’s life and possibly holding him back in some ways.

Temperance is a card of wanting to find peace and balance. It can also apply to relationships – including romantic ones – where a person wants to find solutions or reach a point of calm.

The Three of Cups reversed…Did he have something planned like a wedding or some kind of event that was canceled or broken off? Maybe a celebration of some kind? It can point to issues such as cheating and miscarriages too.

The Two of Pentacles is about trying to find balance and trying to juggle a lot of different matters in one’s life – typically financial or material in nature.

So this reading does not present a specific person in terms of pointing to them as a singular and direct influence. It also ends with an air of uncertainty – as though there were these efforts and actions to find balance and fix problems in Logan’s life, but then he was found deceased. I don’t have enough information to decipher if his death was intentional on anyone’s part – including his own. I simply can’t tell. I can only say he had a lot more going on than people on the outside, who didn’t really know him well, would have imagined. I don’t think he had the easiest life.

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