Timmothy Pitzen

Disappearance: May 11, 2011
Location: Aurora, Illinois

Disclaimer: Tarot readings should not be taken as absolute claims or facts with regard to any person or situation. I only present the possible meanings associated with the cards, as well as intuitions and impressions that I get during the reading. All readings are suppositional and should be treated as such.


Timmothy Pitzen was six-years-old when he was last seen on May 11th of 2011. His mother, Amy Fry-Pitzen, is said to have taken him on a trip for three days to various water and amusement parks. She was found deceased in a motel room in Rockford, Illinois, and the cause of death was ruled as a suicide. She did not indicate where Timmothy was or what happened to him, except to say that he was safe and in someone’s care.

Question: What circumstances caused Timmothy’s disappearance?

Row 1
The Fool – 7 of Wands – The Hermit (r)

Row 2
Queen of Pentacles – Strength – Knight of Swords
Card pulled for the Queen of Pentacles: 9 of Swords
Card pulled for the Knight of Swords: 6 of Wands

Row 3
8 of Wands (r) – 2 of Swords (r) – 4 of Swords


The Fool is the first card in the reading and probably represents the trip that Timmothy and his mom took. The card suggests there was spontaneity to those circumstances and that it was not something that was well planned in advance. It could have been planned, just not with a lot of clear or advanced notice.

The Seven of Wands is showing a person who felt under attack and protective (and potentially territorial).

The Hermit reversed shows a person feeling as though they have been cast aside and are not wanted. It’s someone who feels withdrawn and rejected.

The Queen of Pentacles would normally be a positive card in that it usually represents an older feminine type of energy. It is associated with mother or motherly figures who put a lot of time and effort into their home life (and work life if they are career minded). However, the Nine of Swords came up in connection with this person and this shows me someone experiencing a deep depression or a deep sense of unhappiness, anxiety, and overall negativity. It can indicate significant mental health issues.

The Strength card seems to indicate that there was an effort to push through it all and overcome those internal feelings of self-doubt, regret, negativity, etc.

Strength is situated between the Queen and the Knight of Swords, which tells me that whoever falls into the position of the Knight was perceived as the main obstacle preventing the person in the Queen’s position from overcoming what she was going through. The Knight of Swords comes across as a younger adult energy – or younger in terms of their behavior and thought patterns – who was (or still is) good with words and opinionated. This is a person that would tell you how they are feeling about something directly and clearly.

The Six of Wands came up in connection with the Knight of Swords. This card indicates a desire for recognition, attention, praise, and/or support. It’s also a card about winning and that desire that a person might have to achieve victory or gain an advantage.

The Eight of Wands reversed can represent impulsivity and a lack of control. It also indicates bad timing – such as being in the wrong place at the wrong time, or circumstances not going in one’s favor.

The Two of Swords reversed is interesting because it suggests that there was something that came to light that would explain what triggered all of this. It’s a card about lies being exposed and the truth coming out. It’s also representative of emotional turmoil and feelings that have become overwhelming.

The Four of Swords is the card that comes up when someone has experiences complete mental and/or emotional overload and need to find relief or rest from it. In this case, it seems to point to Amy’s suicide and the culmination of emotions that appear to have led up to it.

Question: Who or what caused Timmothy’s disappearance?

Row 1
5 of Cups (r) – Judgement – 2 of Pentacles

Row 2
6 of Cups – 8 of Cups – Strength

Row 3
5 of Swords – Hanged Man – 4 of Cups (r)


This doesn’t come across as a situation where there was an outside person that got involved in the circumstances surrounding Timmothy’s disappearance. What I mean by this is that it’s reading like the mom is the who and the what here.

The Five of Cups reversed is a card about overcoming despair and letting go of sorrow.

Judgement can represent a self-evaluation of sorts and the idea of a rebirth or life changing opportunity. It can also be about transformation and starting again. It makes me wonder what Amy’s religious or spiritual beliefs were because there is this sense that she did what she did with this expectation in mind that it wasn’t the actual end. It’s possible that she believed in life after death and that the only way to get relief from the emotions and problems she was experiencing was through the process of dying. I don’t know how to explain that better, but it’s just a strong feeling I got as I read these cards.

The Two of Pentacles shows someone who experienced ups and downs – likely trying to find balance or a way to deal with the chaos they felt was surrounding them or within them.

The Six of Cups can be a card about reminiscing – for better or worse – about one’s childhood or past experiences. Sometimes it can indicate that a person was abused as a child, but not always.

The Eight of Cups is walking away from a person or situation that one feels is no longer beneficial to them. What’s odd about it is that is often comes with this dynamic of gathering strength and courage to accomplish this. So I don’t know if Amy felt torn about her plans and was trying to gather the courage to execute them, or if there is another component to this card that I’m not seeing.

Strength came up again in this reading and is about overcoming hardships. Often it pertains to feelings of doubt or disbelief in a person’s ability to persevere.

The Five of Swords is a conflict card, but it can also indicate self-sabotage and violence. It usually denotes situations where a person doesn’t feel like they can completely overcome the problem or whoever is associated with it, and so they either admit defeat or they take other action.

The Hanged Man is showing the need for release and a feeling of being confined or trapped. It’s also a card of sacrifice – usually with the belief that it is for a greater good or a higher cause/power.

The Four of Cups reversed is when a person leaves a period of stagnation. They feel they have a viable opportunity to do something, and they take it.

Neither of the readings gave me clear insight into what happened to Timmothy specifically. There are definitely a lot of cards suggesting emotional distress/mental illness on the part of the mom. Like I always say, these are just tarot readings, and I don’t have a way to know what happened for sure or what the facts are surrounding these situations. I didn’t see cards that suggested Timmothy is alive, but there weren’t any that outright showed him as deceased either. The mom might have possibly had some beliefs about the afterlife and/or reincarnation that fueled some of the decisions she made. It would be interesting to know what her religious and spiritual beliefs were regarding all that because I think it would tell people a lot about what really happened here and why.

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