Paul Sanders

Disappearance: 08/12/2001
Location: Mesa, Arizona

Disclaimer: Tarot readings should not be taken as absolute claims or facts with regard to any person or situation. I only present the possible meanings associated with the cards, as well as intuitions and impressions that I get during the reading. All readings are suppositional and should be treated as such.


Paul Sanders disappeared on August 12th of 2001, at the age of 17, in Mesa, Arizona. He was reportedly living with his father at the time of his disappearance. He is still missing and no one appears to have reported seeing him since the date he vanished.

Question: Who or what caused Paul’s disappearance?

Row 1
2 of Pentacles (r) – 5 of Wands (r) – 3 of Cups

Row 2
King of Cups (r) – 7 of Swords – 7 of Wands
Card pulled for King of Cups (r): 9 of Cups (r)

Row 3
9 of Wands – 8 of Pentacles (r) – 6 of Swords


As always, it is important to consider this reading from two different perspectives. The first is that a person caused their own disappearance. The second is that others were involved. There are strong suggestions in this reading, and the next one (I did the one that follows this reading first), that there were at least two other people. Either they were directly involved, or they have specific knowledge about what happened, if the scenario in which Paul caused his own disappearance is true.

The person or people involved were experiencing financial problems. It is as though they were overextended somehow – probably financially – and couldn’t get a handle on it all. It feels as though this person also felt that they had something to lose – like they may have viewed Paul as a threat to them (if Paul did not cause his own disappearance) or an opportunity.

The Five of Wands reversed shows this person – or these people – as wanting to put an end to the conflict or struggle. I have mentioned in other readings that this card can indicate a peaceful conclusion or a violent one. There can also be a sense of competition associated with this card as well.

The Three of Cups could suggest there was some kind of reunion between Paul and one or more other people. It is a card that depicts a happy type of situation on its face, but I can tell you that there is a lot of dishonesty surrounding all of this. I don’t think anyone can or should take events, situations, or people at face value here. Things are not as they may have seemed at the time.

The King of Cups reversed comes across as a person with energy that is consistent with someone who is older and male. That doesn’t mean the person is male, but they are coming across that way to me. The Nine of Cups reversed is a disturbing card to see paired with the King of Cups in its reversed positioning. The card likely points to someone who caused (and perhaps still causes) a lot of destruction and unhappiness. It could also be someone who has had addiction problems (may still have).

The person involved – or the main one at least – is a really dishonest person. The Seven of Swords shows them as deceitful and cunning. This is a person who does some very bad things and were/are used to getting away with a lot of them. Whatever involvement they have in Paul’s disappearance, this person believes they have been clever and resourceful enough to get away with it. This is also a card that can indicate a theft took place.

The Seven of Wands shows this person as having felt cornered or defensive about something involving Paul. I have to say that none of this feels like a situation where Paul orchestrated his own disappearance, or death if that is the case here, himself. Obviously, I could be wrong about that. However, if even half of the cards are accurate then there is one or more other people involved in this entire situation.

What I don’t know – and can’t see very clearly – is whether other people were aware that this person, or people, had a problem with Paul. I also feel there were aspects of this that were not made obvious. Perhaps the passage of time has changed that, and more is known about this aspect to other people that knew Paul.

The last row, which usually gives me insight into what motivated or motivates a person, shows me someone who had some kind of chip on their shoulder. At the time of Paul’s disappearance, this person would likely have been someone with a bad reputation and someone viewed as a failure in many regards. If Paul was not responsible for his own disappearance, then I would say there are enough cards to conclude that someone had a real issue with him. I’m not convinced that they immediately made that known to Paul though. If this scenario is the case, they were extremely deceptive.

Question: What circumstances caused Paul’s disappearance?

Row 1
2 of Wands (r) – 4 of Swords – 2 of Swords (r)

Row 2
7 of Wands (r) – 10 of Cups (r) – 6 of Cups (r)

Row 3
Justice – 5 of Pentacles – King of Cups (r)
Card pulled for King of Cups (r): King of Pentacles (r)
Card pulled for King of Pentacles (r): The Moon


The Two of Wands reversed suggests that Paul was at some kind of crossroads in his life. He could probably see change coming down the line and he may have had some concerns or fears about it. A lot of this was likely fear of the unknown and worries about impending changes.

The Four of Swords usually shows a situation where a person feels overwhelmed emotionally or mentally. If true, Paul may have felt that he needed some time to think and possibly some time away from the challenges in his life so that he could think and regroup.

The Two of Swords reversed continues to suggest that there was a lot going on in Paul’s mind with regard to him having anxiety, fears, and concerns about various aspects of his life. Many of these appear – based on some of the other cards – to pertain to people or family that were known to him. It can also show him as beginning to see some people and/or situations with increased clarity. He may have previously wanted to deny certain truths, or look away from them, but this card suggests he was at a point where he wanted to begin to face them.

The next row of cards is what makes it seem as though the issues weighing heavily on Paul’s mind were relating to family or people close to him in his life. The Seven of Wands reversed shows him feeling as though he lost a sense of power or control over his life. He had a strong sense of responsibility when it came to other people – like he didn’t want to turn to them for help because he was supposed to be the one helping (in his mind). The Ten of Cups reversed suggests disputes or conflict with a person, or people, known to him. It is a card that can point to broken homes or a lack of stability in terms of having a home. The Six of Cups reversed can point to someone who is thinking too much about the past – such as things that may have happened in their childhood or issues that they might have had in the past with people close to them.

The Ten of Cups reversed, combined with the Six of Cups reversed, make me think that there was some kind of abuse situation in his past. The implication is that his circumstances were motivated by these matters. They were on his mind and there may have been a good reason for it. I don’t know if this simply put him in an unusually vulnerable state of mind or if these are directly related to all of this.

The third row consists of Justice and the Five of Pentacles. The first possibility regarding this is that Paul may have had some kind of legal issue hanging over his head. The second is that he was seeking to put something right or get some kind of closure on an issue – in a way that would fall in his favor. In the upright position, it tells me

The Five of Pentacles makes me think he had recently gone through – or was in the midst of experiencing – something significant in his life. To give an example, people that get this card might be impoverished or severely lacking in resources. The unfortunate aspect of this card is that it has much more to do with perspective than reality. It depicts a person who feels as though they have been left out in the cold and have no one to help them; however, this is not always the truth of the situation with this card. Often other people want to help but the person is unable or unwilling to see or accept it. Again, I get this sense that Paul was someone who wanted to take care of other people and not be the person in need of being taken care of. Hard to explain beyond that.

The King of Cups reversed could represent an adult with masculine energy that can react to situations based on emotion. It is someone that may have appeared, or reappeared, in Paul’s life under the guise of offering friendship or help of some kind. There appears to be another person, with similar masculine and adult energy that is linked to this individual. The person connected to them is represented by the King of Pentacles reversed. This usually points to someone who has money issues and is unstable. Sometimes it represents a person that has money but is obsessed with material matters and status. More often than not, it is someone who is very bad with money and material issues though.

The Moon tells me that whatever person, people, or issue that Paul was dealing with was surrounding by lies and deception. A situation and/or person (maybe people) appeared to be something they weren’t. I think that someone may have also been playing on Paul’s vulnerabilities and insecurities too. If the readings are generally accurate, that is.

Question: What do we need to know about Paul’s disappearance?

I pulled the Winter card from the Halloween Oracle deck, as well as the Sea Storm from the Oracle of Shadows and Light. Winter is a card that represents the end of something. It can represent a metaphorical or literal kind of death. The Sea Storm card tells me that whatever drama or problems he faced in his life at the time of his disappearance, he has moved on from them. I’m not saying he’s alive or deceased. I have no way to know that. However, if he is deceased then he is in a better place or situation than he was at the time all this happened.

Question: What do we need to know about the person/people involved in Paul’s disappearance?

I pulled the Skeleton from the Halloween Oracle deck and the Angel of Time from the other one. The person – the primary one at least – comes across in a way that makes them seems stronger than they really are. The person has underlying vulnerabilities, such as their tendency to hold grudges and their refusal to move on from people or matters that make them upset. The Angel of Time is a card that either points to someone who is burned out or overworked, or someone who is experiencing health problems (mental, physical, or a combination).

This person would be known for, and potentially identifiable by, the above qualities and characteristics.

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Khayman Welch

Disappearance: 08/12/2020
Location: Toronto National Forest, Arizona – Superstition Mountains

Disclaimer: Tarot readings should not be taken as absolute claims or facts with regard to any person or situation. I only present the possible meanings associated with the cards, as well as intuitions and impressions that I get during the reading. All readings are suppositional and should be treated as such.


Khayman Welch was last described as saying he was taking a short walk on August 12th of 2020, in the Superstition Mountains. He was 25-years-old at the time of his disappearance.

Question: What circumstances caused Khayman’s disappearance?

Row 1
Page of Swords (r) – 6 of Wands (r) – Emperor
Card pulled for the Page of Swords (r): 3 of Pentacles (r)

Row 2
6 of Cups – Death (r) – Knight of Wands (r)
Card pulled for the Knight of Wands (r): 6 of Pentacles (r)

Row 3
King of Cups – 7 of Wands – Queen of Wands (r)
Card pulled for the King of Cups: 2 of Cups
Card pulled for the Queen of Wands (r): Magician


The Page of Swords reversed can represent bad news that is usually delivered quickly (in person, text, etc.) and/or a situation where someone is not thinking clearly or is having destructive thoughts. There is a sense of paranoia that can be associated with this card, as well as defensiveness. The Three of Pentacles reversed was pulled in relation to the Page card and it’s showing a situation characterized by poor collaboration – typically in a home or work environment, but not always. The card can point to a lack of motivation, someone who isn’t producing quality work, or someone who is making mistakes and not learning from them.

Since the reading is on Khayman, the Six of Wands reversed almost certainly pertains to him and how he was feeling around the time of his disappearance. It shows a person who feels like they are a failure and who is deeply disappointed. There can be a sense of feeling like a person is being set up to fail or is being targeted in some negative way. But given the first couple of cards, these feelings might not represent what was happening in actuality and might truly more reflect how Khayman was feeling (his thought process).

The Emperor is coming up as a kind of father figure or person who felt protective toward Khayman. This would have been someone who had an air of authority, was practical, and someone who can be counted on to do their part. It is in the upright position and so it isn’t reading like a negative influence or person that was seeking to harm Khayman. It’s more like a person who could see that things were not going well for him and was trying to provide support. That’s the appearance of it, at least, and I’m not seeing other cards that call that into question.

The Six of Cups shows me that the past was influencing Khayman and his situation a lot. He might have been thinking a lot about his childhood or things that happened in his life over the years.

Death reversed is a period of stagnation and can also represent depression. It can come up when a person knows that they need to make changes in their life, but for whatever reason are struggling to do that. This is another card pointing to a person not learning the lessons they are supposed to learn, and it can also suggest an impending inevitable end to something.

The Knight of Wands reversed is the energy of a younger adult male who can come across as rebellious, reckless, overly confident, and lacking in self-discipline at times. It’s also someone prone to making hasty decisions – acting before thinking things out. I don’t know if this is meant to represent Khayman or someone else in the picture at the time he disappeared. However, the Six of Pentacles reversed is showing a power dynamic between at least two people that was not balanced. If the Knight represents Khayman, it is like someone was trying to help him or offering him help that either had strings attached or that Khayman perceived as such. Or it could be an abuse of help or charity, on the part of the person receiving it.

The King of Cups represents an older mature male energy. This is a person who comes across as sympathetic, compassionate, and helpful. The Two of Cups is coming up as a partnership or relationship card where there was a sense of mutual respect and harmony. It can refer to any type of relationship – friendship, romantic, etc.

The Seven of Wands is a card that usually depicts defensiveness. It’s like when a person gets accused of something, or thinks they are being accused of something, and they try to stand up for themselves.

The Queen of Wands reversed is a card that depicts a feminine type of adult female energy – or someone that comes across that way. In it’s reversed position, it’s someone acting in a pushy or demanding way. The Magician is linked to this card and is someone who is very intelligent, skilled at whatever it is they do, and is resourceful. Sometimes it indicates a person with psychic powers or abilities that are somewhat scare or outside of the norm.

The Seven of Wands is situated between the King card and the Queen and so there is a possibility that the defensiveness or feelings associated with that card in particular have to do with one or both of these other people.

Question: Who or what caused Khayman’s disappearance?

Row 1
7 of Swords (r) – The World (r) – King of Swords (r)
Card pulled for the King of Swords (r): Justice

Row 2
6 of Swords – Hierophant (r) – 3 of Cups

Row 3
5 of Wands (r) – Hermit (r) – 3 of Pentacles (r)


When reading the cards, it’s important to consider them from two different perspectives in relation to the question of “who or what.” On one hand, they might all represent Khayman – particularly if he is the primary cause of his own disappearance for reasons intended or unintended. On the other hand, if someone else was involved in his disappearance then they are more likely referring to that person (or people).

The Seven of Swords reversed is showing a person who either got caught doing something they shouldn’t have been doing or were about to. It can refer to someone admitting to something they did as well.

The World reversed depicts a lack of success, feeling like a burden or disappointment, and the potential imposition of an unwanted beginning. So it’s like something specific might have happened that was a catalyst for all this.

The King of Swords reversed is someone who tells self-serving stories, manipulates situations and facts, and can come across as overly opinionated or biased. It’s often someone who comes across with an adult masculine type of energy. Now what is interesting here is that the Justice card is directly connected to this person. This card can come up in reference to lawsuits, karmic justice, and other types of cause-and-effect consequences.

The Six of Swords depicts a calmer situation that typically follows a pretty significant time of conflict or problems. It can refer to someone who is running away from their problems because they are seeking relief from them. In some contexts, it indicates travel.

The Hierophant reversed can represent bad advice that was given, someone who is unconventional and rebellious, and a desire for freedom from conventions.

The Three of Cups is usually a card signifying social gatherings, parties, happy times, etc. I don’t know if there was a belief or perception that normal life expectations or conventions were blocking Khayman from achieving a sense of happiness or what. It could be that Khayman had these supports around him, but he was unable or unwilling to acknowledge them. I’m really not sure with this one.

The Five of Wands reversed is someone who feels like they are fatigued from battle, is ready to try to find a solution or compromise and is seeking a resolution to a conflict.

The Hermit reversed depicts someone who is behaving reclusively, withdrawing from others, feeling as though they have been rejected, and someone who sees themselves as an outsider. This is someone who feels really alone and isolated, for whatever reason. It can sometimes show a person who self-isolates and goes off on their own, which is what we are basically told Khayman did when he walked away from the rest stop area where he and his uncle are said to have parked.

And the reading ends with the Three of Pentacles reversed making its second appearance. Again, this depicts a situation where there is poor collaboration, a person not learning from past mistakes, a lack of determination, and the absence of motivation.

These readings come across as a situation where Khayman was experiencing significant emotional and mental conflict/confusion. I don’t see cards indicating he was physically attacked or murdered. It really reads like his mental state contributed to a situation where he put himself in danger by going off on his own. I don’t know if he planned to disappear for good or not, but his lack of motivation and willingness to put in the hard work – for himself – might have contributed to his ultimate fate. When I say he lacked motivation, I’m not saying he didn’t want his life to get better or anything like that. I’m saying that whatever was going on with him was powerful enough to act as an unwavering obstacle to that. It’s a really sad situation. There was such a sense of palpable despair and disappointment that accompanied both readings.

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Alicia Navarro

Disappearance: 09/15/2019
Location: Glendale, Arizona

Disclaimer: Tarot readings should not be taken as absolute claims that something did or did not happen. I only report the meaning of the cards, their relationships and the meaning in the context of those relationships, as well as intuitions I have based entirely on the cards presented in the reading. Tarot reading is an art and not a science.


Alicia Navarro was 14-years-old when she disappeared on September 15th, 2019. She reportedly left a handwritten note that read “I ran away. I will be back, I swear. I’m sorry.”

Question: Who or what caused Alicia Navarro’s disappearance?

Row 1
The World – Ace of Cups – 10 of Wands

Row 2
King of Wands (reversed) – Strength (reversed) – 5 of Wands
Card pulled for the King of Wands (r): The Emperor

Row 3
10 of Cups (reversed) – 6 of Cups (reversed) – High Priestess (reversed)


The first reading begins with The World which shows a situation that has come full circle. Sometimes – though this is not always the case – I have had this card appear in readings where a person was murdered. It is a card showing something that has come full circle, or the completion of a cycle, so it can have different meanings that depend on the situation.

The person involved in Alicia’s disappearance – and though there may be more than one, this reading is only focusing on one in particular – presented a type of new beginning or situation to Alicia. It is a card that can be associated with the beginnings of a romance or can represent socializing with one or more new people in general. At times it represents pregnancy, but not always.

The Ten of Wands is showing that the person involved felt overloaded with stress and felt they were being taken for granted. I don’t mean that they felt this way in relation to Alicia; I am saying that they were not in a good mindset at the time of her disappearance. They might have been under more pressure than usual.

The King of Wands reversed usually represents an adult male. In its upright position, the King of Wands has many positive qualities. However, the reversed position emphasizes many negative characteristics. Such a person is likely to have a volatile temper, make promises they have no intention of keeping, and behave forcefully or aggressively. The Emperor reversed shows that this person abused – and perhaps still abuses – their authority. The Emperor can represent a father-type figure. I’m not saying the person is Alicia’s dad. I’m saying that this person could be a father to one or more children. If so, this is a person who is neglectful or lacking in parenting skills. From a personality standpoint, this is a person with a rigid and controlling demeanor. A control freak who likes to dominate people and situations, basically.

Strength reversed is suggesting to me that this person takes advantage of people he sees as vulnerable or weak. I am definitely getting a predatory vibe in that it seems like this person identifies individuals who might be lacking in confidence, or who might have a lot of inner self-doubt, and plays upon those insecurities.

The Five of Wands may refer to things that were happening in this person’s life at the time. They might have felt pulled in myriad directions. If it relates to Alicia in any way, it points to this person having a different agenda than the one they present publicly or to the people they interact with, like Alicia.

The Ten of Cups reversed is suggesting that the person involved had, and might still have, a bad home life. They may have experienced a dysfunctional or broken home while growing up, or they might have been connected to one at the time Alicia disappeared.

The Six of Cups reversed can point to abuse or issues in a person’s childhood. In some cases, it points to people working toward resolving these issues. In others, it can suggest a person behaves the way they do as an adult because of them.

The High Priestess reversed is telling me that this person was a hidden danger or enemy. Alicia would not have initially known – or even suspected – what this individual was really doing. It’s also a card that can point to a betrayal and so I could see a scenario where Alicia met this person (in the real world or online) and took them at face value, but were being deceived. If Alicia had any intuitions or feelings about this person, she ignored or dismissed them – perhaps because she didn’t have experience with predatory types of people or because she simply accepted people as they presented themselves.

Question: What circumstances caused Alicia Navarro’s disappearance?

Row 1
Strength (reversed) – The Devil – 2 of Cups

Row 2
9 of Swords (reversed) – Knight of Cups (reversed) – The Fool (reversed)
Card pulled for the Knight of Cups (r): 2 of Swords (reversed)

Row 3
The World – The Magician (reversed) – 4 of Swords (reversed)


This reading is giving me a better idea of how some of this all played out. Strength reversed is showing Alicia as being in a mindset where she was experiencing self-doubt and a lack of certainty about her ability to handle various responsibilities or expectations. I want to point out that she was only 14 when she disappeared and so these feelings are completely normal for teens of that age – especially females.

But these vulnerabilities are important to note because they are what some people seek out and prey upon. The next card in the reading, the Devil, is confirming that there is some real darkness surrounding this situation. The person involved in this has more than their fair share of inner demons that compel them to behave in a particular manner. This reading is absolutely reinforcing the feeling I got from the first one, which was that there is a predatory component to this situation.

The Two of Cups makes me wonder if this person presented themselves as someone else and initiated a kind of romantic interest type of situation. I keep thinking of the word “catfished”. I could be wrong, but I think this is an older person that presented themselves as younger. The reading eventually introduces the Magician reversed and that tells me that this person conned or tricked Alicia. They were not the person they said they were.

The Nine of Swords reversed signifies a feeling that things are going to get better and that there is help available. Maybe this individual posed as a friend, or romantic interest, that gave Alicia support and guidance. The problem with the Swords is that they can sometimes signify what goes on in people’s mind more than what happens in reality. So she might have felt like this person wanted to genuinely help her in positive ways, even though the reality is that they would do the opposite.

The Knight of Cups reversed, in connection with the Two of Swords reversed, is essentially saying to me that the mask this person wore (so to speak) was removed. Their truth and their lies were exposed – either because they showed Alicia who they really were, or she found out another way. So the person probably tried to come across as having the characteristics associated with the Knight of Cups in its upright position – romantic, helpful, sensitive, kind, etc. However, the Two of Swords reversed is saying they were revealed as having characteristics more aligned with this card in the reversed position: obsessive, moody, and prone to lying.

The Fool reversed shows that Alicia took this person literally and at their word. She might have known deep down that something was amiss with the situation, but she took a leap of faith and trusted them. She took risks that she probably wouldn’t ordinarily have taken. She acted in a way that is generally uncharacteristic for her.

The World shows a situation coming full circle. I got this card in both readings. I hope it does not mean she was murdered. I would really like for this situation to have a happy ending somehow. It depicts something that has come full circle or reached a stage of completion, but it is not always clear in terms of whether it is showing a person or a situation as coming to an end.

The Magician reversed is someone who uses their knowledge, skills, resources, and abilities to deceive and trick people. It can represent a con artist. It can depict someone with narcissistic tendencies. Whoever is involved in all this is not a stupid person. They are cunning and effective at manipulating situations or people. But they are also prone to being overly confident and this could result in them being found out.

The Four of Swords reversed denotes a period of calm and recovery. There is a possibility that the person involved isolated themselves somewhat after Alicia disappeared. However, this card suggests they may have re-emerged in a public sense and that they might feel as though they are safe because no one has caught them yet. Sometimes this card can point to a breakdown in mental health also, but an unwillingness to accept help or treatment for it.

Two cards that make me think this person will be identified include the World and the Two of Swords reversed. The World shows something coming full circle and so it suggests that the answers about what happened will come if people diligently seek them out. The Two of Swords reversed is a card where a person is exposed for who they really are, and this could speak to this whole situation generally in that this person could very well get caught.

So there are two scenarios that might describe how Alicia came in contact with this person. The first is in the real world. This person would have come across as someone who wanted to guide or help her, most likely. I do not see any of this as a complete stranger abduction type of situation. I think she was manipulated in such a way that she felt she was acting of her own free will – until it became apparent to her that everything was not as it seemed.

The second scenario is that she met this person in the online environment. The latter seems the most likely because the reading conveys a strong amount of deception and trickery – things that are easier to pull off online. However, I can’t rule out the possibility that she knew or met this person in some aspect of her day-to-day life. All of that said, there could be an electronic trail leading back to this person. I’m sure there’s already been an effort to find that. Keep in mind, this is not someone who fails to plan. He might be someone who encourages/encouraged people to use apps that do not provide a record of conversations the way traditional text or instant messaging ones do.

Could she be alive? It’s possible. I really don’t know. But I’m worried that the person involved is not a one and done type. This person might have already done this before, may have done it again since, or may do it again in the future.


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