Danica Childs

Birthdate: 05-25-1990
Disappearance: 12/21/2007

Question: What happened to Danica Childs

Row 1
10 of Wands (reversed) – Ace of Wands – 3 of Swords

Row 2
7 of Wands – The Sun (reversed) – Knight of Swords
Card pulled for the Knight of Swords: The Hierophant

Row 3
5 of Cups (reversed) – King of Pentacles (reversed) – Judgement (reversed)
Card pulled for the King of Pentacles reversed: The Tower

Danica Childs – The Archeon tarot

Disclaimer: Tarot readings should not be taken as absolute claims that something did or did not happen. I only report the meaning of the cards, their relationships and the meaning in the context of those relationships, as well as intuitions I have based entirely on the cards presented in the reading. When/if I say that something happened, in any part of a reading description, I mean that is what I am interpreting from the cards, their positions, and other related factors.


Danica Childs was 17 years old when she went missing from Federal Way in Washington. She was supposed to meet up with family and friends to go shopping on December 21st of 2007, but she never showed up. Her mom became concerned over time because she had spoken to her daughter shortly before and everything seemed fine. However, when she tried to reach her daughter later, she was unable to get an answer. She was eventually able to get into her daughter’s voice messages and she learned that her daughter was being exploited. She had no idea it was happening.

At first, authorities seemed to think Danica had run away. Over time, however, it became evident that something else was going on. The evidence that showed she was being exploited sexually changed the dynamic of the situation considerably. Danica’s mom reportedly had to push to get her daughter’s case treated seriously and also had to request that it be classified as a human trafficking case. Danica’s mother is now an advocate against human trafficking, but her daughter has not been found and no one seems to know if she is living or deceased.

The Reading:

The Ten of Wands is the first card in Danica’s reading, and it communicates a situation where she may have felt completely overburdened by circumstances happening in her life. This can be a card of duplicity. Such meaning would make sense given that after Danica’s disappearance, it came to light that she had been involved in what appears to have been a sexually exploitative environment. A lot was expected of Danica at this time – more, perhaps, than she felt equipped to handle on her own.

The Ace of Wands indicates that Danica was considering ways or ideas for addressing her situation. She had a time period where she felt a sense of enthusiasm about whatever it was that she wanted to pursue.

However, the Three of Swords conveys a situation where there was some kind of major argument or incident. Whatever it was, it caused heartbreak and sorrow for Danica. She may have approached someone with her ideas or maybe sought a way out of her situation and got caught.

The Seven of Swords shows that Danica could be what would best be described as a formidable force. Whatever conflict the Three of Swords is conveying, Danica stood up for herself. She defended herself. An important aspect of Danica’s personality, that is communicated in her reading, is that she was extremely intelligent, courageous, and determined. She had a side to her that was intimidating in this respect. What I mean by this is she was not someone who could easily be bullied.

The Sun reversed can have a few meanings. In reference to this reading, the one that fits best is that it marked a period where Danica may have felt a lack of optimism and hope about her situation. Previously, she might have had some unrealistic expectations about what she might be able to do or what options she had. All of this pertains to the timeframe when she disappeared – or her family and friends lost contact with her.

At some point, it looks like she met someone who is significantly involved in what happened to her. The Knight of Swords represents someone that would have been around her age, with a masculine and assertive type of energy. With the associated card turning up as the Hierophant, I see this person as someone who acted as a teacher or mentor to her. Something that may have appealed to her about this person is that they seemed sharp intellectually and they were ambitious. The energy surrounding these cards comes across as someone who offered or provided help to her. But there’s not enough clarity in this reading for me to say that for sure.

The Five of Cups reversed is a card suggests that Danica’s situation was looking up though. It is usually a card about finding a solution, experiencing a sense of peace, and moving on from something that caused hardship. Given the little I know about her case, I wonder if someone helped her break free from whatever it was that seemed to have gotten a tight grip on her life.

I am seeing the King of Pentacles reversed as the person that blocks Danica’s ability to resume a normal life. The Tower was the card I pulled in connection with this person, and it is a card that indicates trauma, destruction, and disaster. The person represented by the King of Pentacles reversed is greedy. This person is motivated by money. They do not make their living in an honest way. For whatever reason, this individual is being shown as Danica’s main obstacle to a fully positive outcome. People are scared of this person. They appear to somehow yield a lot of power – beyond what people might expect.

Judgement reversed is the last card in this part of the reading. It shows a sense of doubt and judgement on Danica’s part. If she is still alive, and in hiding, it is in part to protect herself. However, it is also because with Judgement reversed there is a sense of fear that people will judge a person for their mistakes or for decisions they have made. If Danica is alive, this card may indicate plans that she wants to implement – or people she wants to reach out to – but emotional or mental obstacles that are contributing to delays.

Question: What is happening with Danica Childs now?

10 of Pentacles (reversed) – The Magician (reversed) – The Moon (reversed)


I asked the cards what is happening with Danica now – in the present. I am not completely sure what to make of the results quite honestly. The first card is one that I would associate with someone who has a criminal record typically and/or someone experiencing significant financial trouble. It is a card that indicates fights over money too. In personal readings, I have had this come up for someone filing for bankruptcy – or someone seriously considering it.

The Magician reversed is someone who is using their position, knowledge, or power to manipulate and con people. Often this is someone who claims to be something they aren’t. It could be someone that runs a business that looks legitimate, for instance, but is really a front for something nefarious.

The Moon reversed suggests that secrets will eventually be revealed. It hints at truths that remain hidden from view, but ones that will work their way to the surface one way or another. Even in its reversed position, The Moon is still a card indicating deception.

I could not put all of this together in a way that would provide me with clear insight into whether Danica is alive. The Moon reversed can serve as a message that uncovering the truth is still possible, and it will likely take work to accomplish it. That being said, it is also a card that suggests the truth will eventually be known either way. It even hints at some of the truth being known already to key people close to Danica. Beyond that, I really don’t know on this one but I hope her loved ones get resolution soon. Nothing that I write when interpreting readings should be taken as fact unless there is solid evidence to back it up.


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