Elaine Park (revisited)

Disappearance: January 28, 2017
Location: Calabasas, California

Disclaimer: Tarot readings should not be taken as absolute claims or facts with regard to any person or situation. I only present the possible meanings associated with the cards, as well as intuitions and impressions that I get during the reading. All readings are suppositional and should be treated as such.

Question: Who or what caused Elaine’s disappearance?

Row 1
Queen of Pentacles – Strength (r) – Star (r)
Card for Queen of Pentacles: The Wheel (r)

Row 2
3 of Swords – 9 of Wands – Ace of Pentacles (r)

Row 3
Chariot (r) – 5 of Swords (r) – 2 of Pentacles


I said a while back that I would do more readings about Elaine and so here I am now, fulfilling that promise.

In response to the question concerning who or what caused Elaine’s disappearance, the first card that came up was the Queen of Pentacles. The Wheel reversed was the card pulled in relation to that one. The Queen card could represent an adult female (or someone with that energy) who focuses on material and/or money matters. In the upright position, this card usually has positive attributes. However, paired with the Wheel reversed, it looks like something major happened or changed in this person’s life that contributed to all of the events that unfolded surrounding Elaine’s disappearance. It was probably something out of this person’s control and was likely viewed as something negative – whether it was or wasn’t, in reality.

Strength reversed and the Star reversed can point to a situation where someone feels overcome by their circumstances. Whatever the change in fortune represented, it made this person feel weak and concerned about the security of their future (their goals, hopes, dreams, etc.). There’s another side to the Star reversed that is worth considering. It can represent a significant loss, abandonment, or theft. So this person may have felt like something, or someone, that was rightfully theirs was taken from them.

The Three of Swords, Nine of Wands, and Ace of Pentacles reversed are showing some interesting dynamics at play. The first is that there is this sense of heartbreak and betrayal associated with the Three of Swords. The Nine of Wands can be a last stand type of card, where someone feels exhausted and drained from ongoing conflict. The Ace of Pentacles reversed might show this person as experiencing a financial or material setback. It can also indicate a sense of greed or extreme worry about financial matters.

The Chariot reversed can show a person who feels like circumstances are outside of their control. Sometimes this leads to aggression or forcefulness. The Five of Swords reversed throws in that idea of doing something – or making a decision – that allows a person to move on with their life or overcome whatever conflict they are experiencing. The Two of Cards is a card that comes up when someone is seeking out stability and balance – usually pertaining to financial or material matters.

Question: What circumstances caused Elaine’s disappearance?

Row 1
Wheel (r) – Ace of Wands (r) – Page of Cups
Card pulled for Page of Cups: King of Wands (r)
Card pulled for King of Wands (r): High Priestess

Row 2
Hermit (r) – 8 of Pentacles – The Sun (r)

Row 3
Page of Pentacles – 6 of Cups – 6 of Pentacles (r)
Card pulled for the Page of Pentacles: 10 of Swords (r)


The Wheel reversed came up again – this time in response to the question about the circumstances that led to Elaine’s disappearance. There might have been something that happened – or came up – that changed Elaine’s luck and her fate. She probably wasn’t prepared for it, as indicated by the Ace of Wands reversed. I’m not saying this is the case but sometimes it indicates a pregnancy. In the reversed position, it could be an unplanned pregnancy, issues with a pregnancy, etc.

And the Page of Cups, King of Wands reversed, and the High Priestess are really interesting to me. First, the Page of Cups indicates there might have been some news about something, or a proposal of some kind (likely a romantic one). It’s another card that could point to the possibility of a pregnancy. The King of Wands reversed, pulled in connection with the Page, is someone with adult male energy. In the reversed position, this could have been someone who was behaving in a way that was abusive or forceful. Not necessarily physically, but those are the kinds of attributes you might see with a person represented by that particular card at a given point in time. It’s also someone action-oriented and quick to lose their temper.

The High Priestess is a card I have seen come up sometimes in relation to pregnancy. It’s also a card that is suggestive of mystery and information pertaining to this situation that is unknown. I don’t know if it is referring to information that is still unknown, about these circumstances, or information that was unknown in relation to the person represented by the King card. That part is not clear to me. My feeling is that this person withholds information and that they have a piece of this puzzle that would bring together a much clearer picture about what happened.

I don’t know if the above news or situation triggered this, but the Hermit reversed usually represents someone who feels like an outsider or who has chosen to withdraw from other people for some reason. The Eight of Pentacles can be a person who is focusing or refocusing their attention to money matters or to those related to a career. It can represent someone that is trying to learn a particular trade or set of skills and has chosen to follow a path that allows them to do that. But the Sun reversed implies that they weren’t yet able or ready to really put in the work. Maybe they had unrealistic expectations or felt they should have achieved more than they already had.

The Page of Pentacles might represent good news regarding something material or financial in nature, or it can show a person who is trying to lay a foundation to become successful in the future. If it refers to Elaine, it is showing her as someone who had the ability to work slowly and steadfastly toward achieving her goals. She wouldn’t have been the kind of person to give up on a pursuit very easily. The Ten of Swords reversed is showing that she was probably trying to rise about issues or problems she was experiencing. It’s often a card about survival and an unwillingness to just lay down and die, so to speak.

The Six of Cups might mean that Elaine was trying to get back to better times in her life or get to a point where she felt happier. There’s a sense of nostalgia with this card – especially in the upright position, but the downside is that it can also be indicative of someone who is stuck in the past or overly focused on something that happened in the past.

Finally, the Six of Pentacles reversed shows a dynamic between Elaine and someone else that was not equal. It looks like she was giving a person – or people – more than they were returning. Elaine might not have been focusing on herself and her own needs as much as she needed. Someone might have been taking advantage of this too. There are situations where this card indicates gifts, money, or attention received – but with strings attached. There is no sense of equality inherent in this card.

The appearance of cups shows me that there was an emotional component to these circumstances that make me think that what happened to her wasn’t random. That said, sometimes the readings bring attention to matters that were happening at the time that may influence people to put too much emphasis on certain details. The abundance of pentacles could hint toward financial or material motives that drove these circumstances, or at least set in motion the events that caused it all.

Question: What do we need to know about Elaine’s disappearance?

Halloween Oracle: The Witch, Ancestors, Nightsong

Question: What do we need to know about the person/people involved in Elaine’s disappearance?

Oracle of Shadows and Light: Eclipse Mermaid, Sea Storm, Storm Angel


The Witch is a card that marks a catalyst for change. It can also represent a situation where a person is experiencing or seeking changes in their life that might not be looked upon, by every person in their life, as positive. That doesn’t mean the changes aren’t positive; it just means that there is a suggestion here that it is possible someone did not like them. So in this case, it is important to consider what kinds of changes were happening in Elaine’s life at the time of her disappearance and how they impacted those around her – specifically. The devil does truly seem to lie in the details with Elaine’s entire situation. And I really think there are some important details that most people don’t know yet.

The Ancestors card, appearing in this reading, points to past and present familial ties. It also points to how our ancestors have shaped us and how, despite what we see as imperfections, we are the way we are for a reason: the achieve a particular purpose.

The Nightsong can be a warning card in that it suggests not to continue on a current path unless it is directed at unearthing skills, talents, or abilities that a person possesses.

The three cards are showing that there was a lot of change happening in Elaine’s life. Not everyone seemed happy about it.

We don’t know for certain whether Elaine disappeared on her own accord or if one or more other people caused her disappearance. For this reason, the next three cards can be read a couple of different ways.

The Eclipse Mermaid points to a major shift in a person’s life. It also suggests the changes that occurred in the person’s life (the question is directed at whoever was responsible for Elaine’s disappearance) were not invited, nor were they necessarily even wanted. All of the readings really seem to want to stress this shift of circumstances in her life.

The Sea Storm card has a lot of similarities with the Tower in that it marks major, and sometimes quite destructive, change. Whoever was involved was experiencing a lot of emotional drama in their life/lives.

The Storm Angel can represent conflict that occurs because of different views, perceptions, or goals. The person (or people) felt they were going up against something or someone that was completely different from who they were as a person, or who they wanted to be. Or two people wanted completely different things and that was causing conflict.

The cards, as a whole (when considering all of the card pulls done today), do seem to lean more in favor of Elaine having difficulties with a person – or people – that she knew. Those difficulties appear to have acted as the catalyst for her disappearance, regardless of whether met with foul play or something else happened.

I pulled two more oracle cards from the oracle decks, to try to clarify the issue of whether Elaine disappeared on her own or someone else caused it. I asked: Did Elaine intentionally cause herself to disappear?

I pulled Apple from the Halloween deck and Autumn is My Last Chance from Shadows and Light. The first thing I noticed is that there is an apple in both of the images. I am getting the strongest impression that this pertains to an iPhone or some Apple technology. That isn’t the meaning that the cards are officially assigned, but it is just a strong impression that came into my mind when I saw these cards.

The symbolism for an apple in general seems varied. I did find some references to it referencing fertility, but there appear to be a lot of meanings. I just think it’s interesting that it showed up in two cards from two completely different decks. Perhaps it means something specific to someone who knows Elaine well. Hard to say for sure.

Apple is a card with meaning that can point to someone who has taken too many risks or took a risk that did not serve them well. Autumn is My Last Chance is a card that warns against relying too much on other people for comfort, help, or support. It can show a person who is going through a hard time, but still has hope that things will get better. The apple is meant to represent that hope as the image shows someone who is sad, and perhaps somewhat lost, but knows they still have this one thing that can nourish and help them when they need it. Another aspect of this card is that it can show a person who is in the process of turning to their own resources to take control of their life.

I’m leaving these open to interpretation as to what they say about who caused Elaine’s disappearance. I asked the Halloween oracle what Elaine’s current status was and I got Zombie.

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