Heather Elvis

Disappearance: December 18, 2013

Location: Carolina Forest, South Carolina

Disclaimer: Tarot readings should not be taken as absolute claims or facts with regard to any person or situation. I only present the possible meanings associated with the cards, as well as intuitions and impressions that I get during the reading. All readings are suppositional and should be treated as such.


Heather Elvis was 20 years old when she disappeared from Carolina Forest in South Caroline. It appears that two people have been convicted of crimes connected to her disappearance, though it seems they claim they are innocent. Heather is still missing.

Question: What circumstances caused Heather’s disappearance?

Row 1
Queen of Swords (r) – 9 of Pentacles (r) – Judgement
Card pulled for Queen of Swords (r): King of Swords
Card pulled for King of Swords: 3 of Pentacles

Row 2
4 of Pentacles (r) – 3 of Wands (r) – 4 of Wands (r)

Row 3
The World (r) – Page of Pentacles (r) – Ace of Swords

Card pulled for Page of Pentacles (r): The Tower


The Queen of Swords reversed, paired with the King of Swords, is suggesting that Heather was dealing with two people. The person with the adult female energy would have been someone who could be spiteful and mean with their words. This person can behave maliciously and is sometimes overly dependent on others. The King of Swords may represent someone with masculine and adult energy who tends to overthink things. This person may have – or may still – come across as cold and unemotional. The Three of Pentacles indicate these two people were either literally working together or they were working together toward a specific goal.

The Nine of Pentacles reversed shows a situation where one person may have been financially dependent on another. There is a feminine component to this card, and it can sometimes point to fertility or reproductive issues. The Queen of Swords reversed can as well.

Judgement could position Heather as looking at her life and feeling compelled to make changes for the better. There’s a sense of strong self-assessment concerning one’s past and present behavior or choices.

The Four of Pentacles reversed might indicate that Heather was trying to rid herself of people or things in her life that were not really serving her or acting as a positive influence.

The Three of Wands reversed makes it seem like Heather was not finding it as easy to move on with her life, or unburden herself, as she had originally expected or hoped. She was met with unexpected obstacles and delays, which was probably frustrating to her.

The Four of Wands reversed – the card directly blocking her progress – is one that can represent unhappy families or conflict within a home environment. I don’t know if this pertained to her own home environment or if it goes back to the two people the reading opened with. Those two people have a really strong presence and energy over this entire reading – to the extent that it almost overshadows anything I’m getting about Heather individually.

The World reversed shows that Heather was still in the process of trying to rid herself of people or problems when she disappeared. She had not yet been successful at it. I get the sense from this and other cards that she was likely feeling a lot of frustration about her situation (and the lack of progress).

The Page of Pentacles reversed typically represents some kind of bad news or a negative influence. Often it is related to a person’s past and current choices. For example, if Heather felt that she wasn’t making the progress she should in her goals to get a person – or people – out of her life then there’s the possibility she hadn’t completely cut the cord, so to speak.  And the Tower shows that situation as leading her into a disaster that was outside of her control and influence. Something very bad and significant happened at this point.

The Ace of Swords is a card about ideas, clarity, and truth. The details surrounding this situation have already become clearer.

Question: Who or what caused Heather’s disappearance?

Row 1
3 of Pentacles (r) – 2 of Swords (r) – 9 of Wands

Row 2
7 of Swords – Justice – King of Cups
Card pulled for King of Cups: 5 of Cups (r)

Row 3
The World – High Priestess (r) – 3 of Swords


This reading shifts our perspective to the person or people involved. The Three of Pentacles reversed suggests that there was more than one person involved and that there was a lack of alignment in terms of these people’s goals. There was a lot of conflict, and the people involved were not on the same page.

The Two of Swords reversed suggest that either we already know who is responsible for this or we will know. Neither reading gives a sense of a lot being hidden in this regard. I think there are some lesser-known motives and happenings associated with all of this, but the people involved are not a secret. Many of their lies have been exposed already.

The person or people involved are still fighting this situation. I don’t really know what that means, but there is a sense of there being this ongoing battle.

The Seven of Swords shows the person or people as being deceitful and engaging in risky behavior. They believe – or believed – they would get away with what they did.

But Justice is saying they got – or will get – what they have coming to them in a legal and ethical sense.

The King of Cups, paired with the Five of Cups reversed, suggest that the person with the adult masculine energy is doing a better job of moving on from the situation and accepting it – from an emotional standpoint – than the other individual. Their energy comes across very differently here than it did previously, which could indicate the other person’s influence on them (or the combined influence of energies on the relationship/partnership) was negative.

The World shows the situation as having come full circle. High Priestess reversed is another card suggesting possible fertility issues. I don’t know why this theme keeps coming up, but it is prominent when considering both of the readings. It also points to some remaining mysterious elements with regard to agendas, motives, etc.

The Three of Swords shows this situation as ending in heartbreak for one or more people involved. It did not end as hoped and at least one of the people involved feels as though they have been betrayed by the other to some degree.

Oracle Card Readings

Question: What do we need to know about Heather’s disappearance?

The Witch – Sewer Mermaid

The Witch is a card about magic and change – bringing about change through ritual or magic. An interesting thing to note, that could mean nothing at all, is the Page of Pentacles reversed is sometimes a card indicating dark magic as having some involvement. The Sewer Mermaid indicates that there was someone involved with a poor body image – whose deep insecurities were a major contributor to the situation/events.

Question: What do we need to know about the person or people directly involved?

Nightsong – Shallow Grave

The Nightsong either recommends that someone pursue a new path to reach their goals, or it warns of someone continuing on the same path. Shallow Grave indicates that one or more of the people that caused Heather’s disappearance are finding it difficult to move on. They are really stuck in the past and probably talk about it a lot – portraying it in a false and idealized fashion.

Question: Why is Heather missing?

Winter – Violet Dutchess

Winter is a card about moving on from something that isn’t good for you or no longer serves you. She disappeared because she was trying to get away from something or someone. On the flip side, it can also point to someone else making her disappear as a means of releasing what they felt was a burden on them. Violet Dutchess can come up when someone feels that they have been wronged, or that something that has happened is unjust. Sometimes it points to breaking real, or spiritual, law to bring about change. The circumstances of a situation dictate if this is good or bad.

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