Lindsey Baum

Disappearance: June 26, 2009
Location: McCleary, Washington

Disclaimer: Tarot readings should not be taken as absolute claims that something did or did not happen. I only report the meaning of the cards, their relationships and the meaning in the context of those relationships, as well as intuitions I have based entirely on the cards presented in the reading. Tarot reading is an art and not a science.


Lindsey Baum disappeared on July 26th of 2009. She was only a couple of blocks away from her home when it happened. Her remains were later found in 2018 in a wooded area far from her home. She was only ten years old at the time of her disappearance.

Question: Who caused the disappearance and death of Lindsey Baum?

Row 1
9 of Cups – Death – The Moon (reversed)

Row 2
Knight of Pentacles (reversed) – 3 of Swords – Ace of Cups
Card pulled for the Knight of Pentacles (r): 7 of Swords

Row 3
Page of Swords – 9 of Pentacles – 2 of Pentacles (reversed)
Card pulled for the Page of Swords: The Devil (reversed)

Lindsey Baum reading 1


The reading is about the person, or people, responsible for Lindsey’s disappearance and death. Prior to Lindsey’s disappearance, this person – or a primary person involved – is coming across as someone who had experienced some success in their life and had a sense of confidence. They may have been recognized for, or celebrating, achievements or accomplishments.

Death is a card that indicates significant changes. In many cases, the changes are for the better in the long run. However, sometimes they cause disruptions or upheavals that change a person in negative ways. Whatever happened, the person transitioned from one way of life into another.

The Moon reversed suggests that there are truths that will come to light about this person. Their identity, and their deeds, will not remain unknown indefinitely.

The Knight of Pentacles reversed is suggesting this is either a younger male (likely an adult) or someone who acts as though they are in their late teens or twenties – even if they are older than that. While I find that the court cards tend to stick to the gender they represent for the Queen and King cards the most, they can and do sometimes represent the opposite gender. I say this because I cannot completely rule out female involvement here. This would be a person who was, at the time, focused on a lot on material possessions and/or money. They may not have changed much since either. People depicted by this card behave irresponsibly and tend to make promises that they don’t deliver on. They may have gambling or other kinds of vices that impact their financial situation negatively in the long-run.

The Seven of Swords, pulled in connection with the Knight of Pentacles reversed, is a card that shows this person behaving in deceitful and underhanded ways. The card may point to a theft, or series of thefts. In this case, it could be depicting the kidnapping of Lindsey. An important aspect of this card is that it represents someone who is getting away with their behavior because they are good at lying and adept at manipulating those around them.

The Three of Swords is showing someone who went through heartbreak or some kind of grief. So I’m wondering if the death of someone close to this person, or the loss of a relationship they deemed important, was the catalyst for the changes that were conveyed through the Death card. This person experienced notable emotional distress pertaining to a relationship (romantic of familial) relationship.

The Ace of Cups reversed then shows me that this person did not move on from their pain and were not able to get a handle on the issues they were having. This card typically pertains to matters relating to feelings, relationships, or love. It can also sometimes indicate that someone has experienced a miscarriage or pregnancy issues – though that is not always the case when it appears. Those are just some different meanings it can have in this kind of context.

The Page of Swords either represented a person or a message. If it represented a person, it was a child who was intelligent, logical, and inquisitive. If it pertained to a message then it was one that occurred via speaking to someone in person, phone call, text message, internet chat, or some other similar method. If this represents Lindsey, then it is showing she questioned this person and spoke out about him. I don’t know if this is implying that she called him out directly or if it is trying to suggest she knew them ahead of time and had misgivings about the person. People represented by the Page of Swords are intelligent and they typically love to talk and so this would be someone chatty and good with words.

I pulled the Devil reversed as the card connected to the Page of Swords. This is a card that usually shows someone as trying to regain control or freedom over their life. If the Page of Swords represents Lindsey, the implication is that she tried to get away from this person. She tried to get out from under their control.

The Nine of Pentacles usually has positive implications in terms of one’s financial situation. It would have represented someone who had some degree of financial freedom of independence. In readings on past cases, this card has come up in situations where the perpetrator either had their own residence or had access to one where they could have privacy.

The Two of Pentacles reversed is showing me someone who made bad financial decisions and probably became overextended financially. Part of this might tie back to the card that talked about someone who gambles or has some kind of vice that causes them to lose a lot of money. So in the present, I would not expect this person to present as someone who is doing well financially – though in the past it seems that they had a better financial situation. This is also someone who will probably come across as disorganized in general.

Question: What do we need to know about the murder of Lindsey Baum?

Row 1
2 of Pentacles (reversed) – 4 of Swords (reversed) – Ace of Cups (reversed)

Row 2
Knight of Cups – 2 of Cups (reversed) – 4 of Cups (reversed)
Card pulled for the Knight of Cups: The Sun (reversed)

Lindsey Baum reading 2


Two cards that appeared in both readings include the Two of Pentacles reversed and the Ace of Cups reversed. Those cards, and their meaning, is significant. The Two of Pentacles reversed is a person who is either on the verge of a financial crisis or they are experiencing one presently.

The Four of Swords reversed shows a person who might have been quite isolated in the recent and/or distant past but has been coming out of that. However, it also a card that sometimes comes up in this position when it is describing someone who is having a mental health breakdown, or who is feeling extremely burnt out.

The Ace of Cups reversed is a card of pain and sadness. There is a theme to this card that I see sometimes in readings, and I feel more inclined to apply it in this one due to the presence of the Two of Cups reversed. At times, this card refers to unrequited love or relationships that have ended in a way that leaves one person feeling as though they cannot move on. When it pertains to females, it can point to pregnancy issues or infertility.

The Knight of Cups is a person who is younger in age – or behaves similarly to someone who is a young adult – and is a sensitive or emotional type of person. The Sun reversed, pulled in connection with this card, could be pointing to someone who is depressed and pessimistic. However, I have to bring up the topic of pregnancy issues once again since I have seen these arise with the Sun reversed. Sometimes it also refers to adoption or problems adopting. I can’t quite figure out if this situation potentially involves or involved a couple because these themes are so prominent that they are hard to ignore at this point.

The Two of Cups reversed points to a romantic relationship or a connection between two people that went terribly wrong. Maybe if there was a couple involved, they are no longer together for whatever reason because this is a card that comes up when relationships are either in the process of ending or have already concluded. There is often a lot of disruption that comes with this card as well, such as conflict and arguments between the people involved. If that’s true, there is a possibility one might turn on the other. But if there are two people involved, they might not want to talk because of their own culpability.

There’s another possibility that has come to my mind a few times during the readings. This could have been someone known to Lindsey and/or her family because there are so many cards pointing toward heartbreak and pain that pertains to a loss. It feels like the crime was motivated by that loss – as though there could be a retaliation dynamic or something of that nature. I don’t know. That’s just a weird feeling I keep getting here.

The Four of Cups reversed is a card people get when they are reawakening and getting back into the swing of their life again. It usually follows a time period of difficulty or one where a person lacks direction. So if this person hasn’t been particularly social or active in the recent past, that seems to be changing for them – though it’s hard to say what is motivating it.

I want to point something out and it might not be important. In the article that provided me with the date of her disappearance, and the date she was found, it said she was found in a wooded area in Kittitas County. That appears to be several hours away from where Lindsey lived but I don’t know the area so I’m not sure. If it is a distance away, it implies that the person that took her may have known her in some way and might have put her body that far away in the hopes that it would not be found, and/or that if it was found that they would not be an immediate or obvious suspect due to its location. That just stood out to me.


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