Haley Thomas

Disappearance: 07/25/2021
Location: Houlka, Mississippi

Disclaimer: Tarot readings should not be taken as absolute claims that something did or did not happen. I only report the meaning of the cards, their relationships and the meaning in the context of those relationships, as well as intuitions I have based entirely on the cards presented in the reading. Tarot reading is an art and not a science.


Haley Thomas disappeared on July 25th of 2021. She was said to have last been seen before dawn. She was 16 years old when she went missing. She has reportedly not been seen since.

Question: Why did Haley Thomas disappear?

Row 1
Death – Page of Pentacles – 5 of Wands (reversed)
Card pulled for the Page of Pentacles: 7 of Wands

Row 2
9 of Wands – King of Cups (reversed) – 8 of Cups (reversed)
Card pulled for the King of Cups (r): 4 of Wands

Row 3
Hierophant (reversed) – Page of Cups – 10 of Swords
Card pulled for the Page of Cups: Hermit (reversed)

Haley Thomas reading 1


In response to my question regarding why Haley disappeared, the first card I pulled was Death. Death shows me there was something major that happened in her life to trigger these events.

The Page of Pentacles shows me that she may have gotten some kind of news that she perceived as positive. She might have been planning to pursue something – something pertaining to a job, school, somewhere else to live, or something else along those lines. I’m not sure what it was. But the Seven of Wands, in connection to the Page, tells me that for some reason she was put on the defensive. It’s almost reading like she wanted to do something but for whatever reason she felt like she would be under attack, or told she couldn’t do it, if other people knew. Maybe she didn’t even bring it up to anyone because she anticipated that they would not agree with it. It really could go either way.

There might have been a fight or argument about whatever all this pertained to because the Five of Wands reversed is showing the timeframe after the dust settled. It’s a card of compromising or agreeing upon some kind of solution. Sometimes it depicts a person who is worn down from trying to fight for something they want or believe in.

But the Nine of Wands reversed feels like its saying that whatever she had in mind that she wanted to do, she really did not want to compromise or give up on it. She might be someone with a bit of a stubborn side because this card is suggesting she really did not want to compromise on something.

The King of Cups reversed is suggesting there’s a man involved. This is someone who comes across as a friend but has ulterior motives. It’s a person who can also seem emotionally immature. The Four of Wands is the card I pulled in connection with him. The Four of Wands is a card that denotes some kind of celebration, party, or home coming. It’s connected to this individual though and I don’t really know what to make of it. Also, if this was someone Haley knew or was involved with, it would have been someone older than her. It’s coming across as an adult.

The Eight of Cups tells me that it was a situation she knew deep down she should leave behind and walk away from, but she chose not to do that. I don’t know if it was because of a fear of being abandoned by someone or if she was just ignoring signs telling her not to do something or what. This is such a strange reading for me because it’s hard to grasp what was going on here.

The Hierophant reversed could point to a few things. First, it could signify someone who is rebellious and unwilling to conform. Second, it can point to a broken marriage. Third, it could suggest there was a person in her life who was coming across as a mentor or adviser of some kind – someone who was presenting themselves as though they wanted to help her, when really they might not have had good intentions.

The Page of Cups is news or a message. It can be a romantic or marriage proposal. It has something to do with emotional matters of some kind. Sometimes it is a pregnancy or an engagement. Sometimes it comes up if a couple takes a next step and moves in together. Things like that It can also be something less significant, such as an admirer or someone who reveals they have a romantic interest.

Now what’s odd is that the Hermit reversed was pulled in connection with this card. Whatever was going on with the Page of Cups situation, it seems to have caused Haley to want to withdraw and become somewhat reclusive. Perhaps she did not feel this way about whoever else was directly involve in this, but there’s this sense of separation that I’m getting. Almost like to move forward with whatever it is she wanted to do she would have to do it on her own – without the support of people in her life. Was the person depicted by the King of Cups (reversed) asking her to run away to be with him? Is the issue that he is an adult, and she wasn’t?

The Ten of Swords concerns me. This is usually a card of backstabbing and betrayal. It depicts a rock bottom situation for Haley. Now, this is just a tarot reading and it does not tell me her ultimate fate. But I would say that, at a minimum, the situation did not unfold the way Haley thought it would. Something might have gone wrong for her, but I can’t tell for sure what it means in this reading.

Question: Who or what caused the disappearance of Haley Thomas?

Row 1
3 of Swords – 2 of Pentacles (reversed) – 7 of Cups (reversed)

Row 2
The Star (reversed) – Queen of Wands – 8 of Swords (reversed)
Card pulled for the Queen of Wands: 3 of Wands

Row 3
Page of Cups – Temperance – Ace of Wands (reversed)
Card pulled for the Page of Cups: Hermit (reversed)

Haley Thomas 2


The first thing that jumps out at me is that I got the Page of Cups a second time, on the third row, and I got the Hermit reversed in connection with it – just as I did in the first reading. So that is a really big piece of this puzzle. Keep in mind that I don’t have background information on this situation and so I have to try to figure out the right meaning without any real context. These readings always make more sense to people close to the person missing, or knowledgeable about the disappearance in general.

The Three of Swords is showing me a heart break situation. I asked who or what was responsible for her disappearance and so it’s telling me that it has something to do with pain related to some of kind of relationship. It often pertains to romantic ones, but not always. It can be related to a falling out with a close family member or a friend.

The Two of Pentacles reversed is showing that the person involved was trying to balance aspects of their life – particularly ones of a financial and/or material nature.

The Seven of Cups reversed is showing me someone who either had few options in terms of what they could do in their overall situation, or someone who simply felt that way. It’s also a card depicting poor choices and so the limited options were probably connected to bad decisions this person made. Now keep in mind, I don’t know if this reading is referencing a person besides Haley, or if it is referring to her. If someone else is directly involved, it pertains to them. If she left on her own volition, then it could possibly pertain to her.

The Star reversed indicates a situation for the person responsible felt hopeless. Something happened, or was happening, that made the person feel as though they wouldn’t get what they wanted. This doesn’t always mean the situation was all bad; however, it does mean that the person viewed it as such.

The Queen of Wands is typically an adult female – though there are always exceptions. In its upright position it is showing me someone with positive attributes, though they probably have a bit of a hot temper and might be perceived as aggressive sometimes. The Three of Wands shows this person as possibly traveling or moving forward with plans that were made. The person in the Queen’s position was feeling like things were going well.

The Eight of Swords reversed is depicting a person who felt they achieved a sense of freedom or relief. The card usually suggests that a person has had to overcome something significant – or general hardships – to obtain that sense of freedom.

The Page of Cups, and the Hermit reversed, mean something important here. The problem is that they can be interpreted in different ways. It’s like someone proposed something to Haley, but the caveat was that it would require her to withdraw or isolate herself from other people. A scenario that might line up is if she met an adult and they told her she could do live with them, but it would require her to essentially become a recluse for obvious reasons (she’s a minor). If that’s not the scenario then it’s something like that in terms of there being something offered, but this downside of having to live a certain way if she did.

Temperance is a card depicting harmony. It’s a positive card that can point to someone doing things in moderation, gaining perspective, and potentially finding a strong relationship or what they feel is a soul mate.

The Ace of Wands reversed is a card that conveys the receiving of bad news, or the experiencing of delays, with regard to something a person was embarking on. To give an example, if a person became pregnant and was preparing to plan and move ahead with having a baby, this card might point to a difficult pregnancy or a miscarriage. I’m not saying this is what happened here, but it would be a scenario along those lines in terms of there being a new beginning that is delayed or significantly impeded. It could even be something as simple as she experienced a new beginning, by leaving to live with someone else secretly, but it didn’t turn out as well as she hoped. Or it wasn’t at all what she expected.

Question: What else do I need to know about what happened to Haley Thomas?

6 of Wands (reversed) – 8 of Cups (reversed) – 5 of Cups (reversed)

Haley Thomas reading 3


The Six of Wands reversed depicts a situation that resulted in some kind of failure. It usually depicts a person feeling as though they are a disgrace, or that they will be. It’s a card of disappointment.

The Eight of Cups reversed came up in the first reading. This is a situation where someone probably should have walked away from a situation, but they didn’t. Part of the reason why people don’t do that is because they have a fear of being abandoned or alone. Or they fear change so they stay in a situation they shouldn’t.

The Five of Cups (reversed) shows a person letting go of past pain and sorry. If a person has been isolated or keeping to themselves due to depression, or grief over something, it can depict them returning to the world in terms of beginning to reach out to others.

I want to take the last card as a positive one, although the outcome card for the first reading is not a positive one. However, sometimes the Ten of Swords is more a reference to a person’s state of mind than it is to actual events that occur. It’s a tough card to read here. I would really like to figure out exactly what happened to Haley. My hope is that she is okay somehow, and that she will re-emerge at some point, but I simply can’t tell from these readings alone.

Leah Croucher

Disappearance: 02/15/2019
Location: Milton Keynes, UK

Disclaimer: Tarot readings should not be taken as absolute claims that something did or did not happen. I only report the meaning of the cards, their relationships and the meaning in the context of those relationships, as well as intuitions I have based entirely on the cards presented in the reading. Tarot reading is an art and not a science.


Question: Who or what caused the disappearance of Leah Croucher?

Row 1
Queen of Pentacles (reversed) – Queen of Cups – The World
Card pulled for the Queen of Pentacles (r): King of Cups
Card pulled for the King of Cups (r): 3 of Cups
Card pulled for the Queen of Cups: 7 of Swords (reversed)

Row 2
King of Wands (reversed) – The Empress – 5 of Pentacles (reversed)
Card pulled for the King of Wands (r): Death

Row 3
High Priestess (reversed) – 7 of Pentacles (reversed) – Hanged Man

Leah Croucher reading 1


The reading is beginning with what appears to be an adult female, an adult male, and the Three of Cups. The Queen of Pentacles reversed is the female depicted in the first card. The attributes associated with this card in its reversed position are not generally positive ones. They describe a person who is jealous, controlling, can behave in ways that are dangerous and/or sociopathic, and tends to be manipulative. If such a person is a parent, they are possibly abuse or neglectful.

The King of Cups is a mature male that comes across as caring, sensitive, and kind. This is usually someone who will listen to people and show compassion. A person represented by this card is typically a good parent (when it depicts a father figure, which is not always the case).

The Three of Cups is showing that there was a celebration of sorts between these two – or something planned perhaps. The Three of Cups is often a happy card in terms of representing social gatherings, weddings, parties, etc. So these three cards were shown to me in reference to my question about who or what caused Leah’s disappearance. There is a possibility it is referring to a current or past marriage between them, or an engagement possibly.

The Queen of Cups is the next card within the first row. I don’t know who this represents specifically. It might represent Leah, though the Queen cards often depict someone a bit older (but not always) or someone that has knowledge about what happened – either as a witness to something or they may have been given information. Whatever it is, it is important because they are showing up so early on in the reading.

What’s weird is that the card associated with the Queen of Cups is one that typically depicts someone who has done one or more bad things that are bothering their conscience. Often, people in this position will confess what is on their mind to someone or else they will live with a strong compulsion to tell what they know. However, this is also a card that represents dishonesty and behaving in a manner that is two-faced. I’m not sure what that’s all about here but it all reads like this person has critical knowledge. I don’t know if the cards are implying that they are directly involved in any way or not.

The World, in these readings, is a card of cycles. In its upright position it usually depicts a situation or circumstance that has come full circle. However, what that means specifically is not known to me at this time.

The King of Wands reversed either represents a new person in this entire equation or depicts someone who has already been introduced in this reading acting in a manner consistent with the description of this card. In its reversed position, such a person is usually forceful, aggressive, vicious, manipulative, and capable of violence. Again, I don’t know if this is a new person or if this is someone depicted on the first row. This person is someone who probably exhibits violent tendencies and has a volatile temper. People who know this person would recognize these qualities about them.

The card pulled in relation to the King of Wands reversed was Death. The Death card in its upright position can represent major changes or upheavals. A lot of times these changes or disruptions ultimately lead to something better – or at least that appears to have been the perspective of the person in the King of Wands reversed position. So I can’t tell if whatever happened in regard to this card was positive or negative – since it is directly associated with that individual, versus the reading as a whole.

The Empress could have different meaning here, but I want to put it out on the table that it is possible Leah was pregnant. The Empress is a card of pregnancy and fertility, though it has other meanings as well.

The Five of Pentacles reversed is indicated a situation where someone feels as though they are reaching the end of a hardship – particularly a financial one or something that involved material matters. It can represent a means of employment or paying off debts.

The last row begins with the High Priestess reversed. This is a card of secrets, lies, betrayal, and sometimes hidden enemies or agendas. It can also represent someone with fertility issues, and this is the second card to address fertility in this reading.

The Seven of Pentacles reversed is a card that shows someone who doesn’t, or hasn’t, finished what they started. It is someone that didn’t properly follow through with something – either out of laziness or for other types of reasons.

The Hanged Man depicts a situation where someone feels trapped, restricted, and limited in their options. Sometimes it represents the process of letting go of something or making a sacrifice for a higher good or cause.

Question: What circumstances caused the disappearance of Leah Croucher?

Row 1
Fool (reversed) – 3 of Pentacles (reversed) – 4 of Pentacles (reversed)

Row 2
9 of Wands (reversed) – The Emperor – 8 of Swords

Row 3
5 of Swords – The Hermit – High Priestess (reversed)

Leah Croucher reading 2


After asking the cards to provide information about the circumstances that caused Leah’s disappearance, the first card to appear was the Fool reversed. This card describes a situation where someone like Leah might have taken a risk or acted without fully thinking about possible consequences – or the potential bad intentions of someone else.

The Three of Pentacles reversed comes up when there is a problem with cooperation or some kind of effort involving two or more people – often three, but not always. It also represents a person who hasn’t learned from their past mistakes and may not have any clear goals, or they may lack motivation in general.

The Four of Pentacles reversed is a card showing someone that sheds elements of their old life or experiences financial loss or instability. Sometimes the loss occurs because the person gives too much to other people or gives away things of value when they are not really getting anything in return.

In the second row, we have the Nine of Wands reversed, the Emperor, and the Eight of Swords. So the cards are pointing to there being an older male figure involved in all of this. The nine of Wands is showing someone refusing to compromise or refusing to let go of something. It is also another card indicating a lack of learning from past mistakes. It’s also a card indicating that a person does not feel they have a lot of fight left in them.

The Emperor, between these two cards appears to be the direct cause of someone going from feeling like they don’t have the energy to continue to fight, and feeling trapped or helpless in a situation as evidenced by the Eight of Swords. The Eight of Swords can sometimes even refer to actual imprisonment, as well as feeling silenced or paralyzed by fear.

The Emperor is a person who has some degree of authority or power – for whatever reason. This might help to shield them from scrutiny or suspicion so that is something to consider when trying to identify the man involved in this. It is an older male and typically someone established in terms of their life and/or career.

The Five of Swords indicates that a significant conflict occurred. At a minimum, it represents a volatile type of argument or altercation. However, at its worse it can represent criminal acts such as murder or rape.

The Hermit suggests that someone wanted to walk away from the conflict – or get away from it. It is a card of self-reflection and introspection so it can show someone thinking hard about a situation and pondering what it all means. Because the question was about Leah, cards such as this one likely represents how she was feeling and reacting to the circumstances surrounding her.

The High Priestess reversed came up in Leah’s first reading and it is back again for the second. It’s a card that can point to a few different types of situations. First, it can represent secrets, betrayal, and agendas that are not known to everyone involved. In some cases it can refer to fertility issues. In others it can represent a person experiencing a blocked sense of intuition. It comes up a lot of times in a situation where someone has a gut feeling that they should or should not do something, but for whatever reason they doubt it and do not heed the call.

Jennifer Caridad

Disappearance: 08/08/2021
Location: Yakima, Washington

Disclaimer: Tarot readings should not be taken as absolute claims that something did or did not happen. I only report the meaning of the cards, their relationships and the meaning in the context of those relationships, as well as intuitions I have based entirely on the cards presented in the reading. Tarot reading is an art and not a science.

Question: What circumstances caused the disappearance of Jennifer Caridad?

Row 1
Queen of Wands – 5 of Wands – 8 of Wands (reversed)
Card pulled for the Queen of Wands: 2 of Pentacles (reversed)

Row 2
The Lovers (reversed) – 9 of Cups – Queen of Pentacles (reversed)
Card pulled for the Queen of Pentacles (r): Ace of Wands (reversed)

Row 3
Ace of Swords – 4 of Swords (reversed) – The Empress
Card pulled for the Empress: The Fool (reversed)

Jennifer Caridad reading 1


Jennifer Caridad reportedly disappeared on August 8th. Her car was found in a lake on the following day, but there has been no sign of Jennifer and no clear answers about what happened to her.


The Queen of Wands is showing up as the first card and depicts Jennifer as a mature for her age, outgoing, and charismatic person. The Two of Pentacles reversed shows her as having been in a situation where she felt overwhelmed. There were potentially some financial issues or problems relating to a material matter.

The Five of Wands conveys that she was in a situation where there were disagreements and arguments – at least one of which was significant to the question asking what happened to Jennifer. The Eight of Wands reversed shows that the situation, for Jennifer, came to a halt or slowed down significantly due to a problem or a delay. This card can come up in situations where a person feels a sense of panic. The people involved in this situation are more likely to make impulsive decisions that may help or hinder them.

The Lovers reversed is the cards relaying to me that her disappearance is associated with someone she knows, or knew, and it is suggesting the relationship was romantic in nature. The card in its reversed position depicts a situation where two people are at odds. It’s suggesting that poor decision-making occurred in relation to these conflicts as well.

The Nine of Cups is a positive card that might show what Jennifer had been hoping to get out of the relationship. Initially, the whole situation may have felt like it could lead to positive things in her life.

The Queen of Pentacles reversed could represent a third party involved in all of this somehow. The Ace of Wands reversed is coming up in connection with the Queen reversed card and may point to someone receiving bad or unwanted news that would have impacted someone negatively. I don’t know if this news pertained to the person depicted as the Queen reversed or if it was related to Jennifer specifically. The Five of Wands, that appeared earlier in the reading, is also a card that can represent situations where there is competition and so it makes me wonder if there was another woman involved – such as an ex-girlfriend, a present girlfriend, a wife, or someone interested in having a relationship with the person Jennifer was involved with.

The Ace of Swords is a card that comes up for people who are realizing a truth or are asserting their own. It’s a card that can provoke decision-making since it points to a person achieving some degree of clarity about a person or problem.

The Four of Swords reversed almost makes me think that Jennifer might have tried to break it off with the other person associated with the Lovers reversed card. It is a card of awakening and moving toward healing from something. I don’t know what the situation was here but there were definitely factors complicating the relationship that Jennifer would have been wary about around the time of her disappearance.

The Empress is a card that I have seen come up at the end of various readings like this one. I have started to pull a second card in relation to this one since I cannot always make sense of what it means in this particular part of the reading. The Empress could point to a pregnancy, but I’m hesitant to assign a meaning like that without more knowledge about Jennifer’s situation. I pulled the Fool reversed as a card linked to the Empress and this is one that shows a person making poor judgement or acting recklessly. Sometimes it merely depicts a person who is naïve and cannot see the danger or trouble inherent in a situation.

I cannot rule out the possibility that a woman was not somehow involved in all this because the conflict does appear to be related to these factors, though there is no way for me to know for sure as I am unfamiliar with the situation and do not know details at this time.

Question: Who or what caused Jennifer Caridad’s disappearance?

Row 1
Knight of Wands (reversed) – Two of Swords – 5 of Wands (reversed)
Card pulled for the Knight of Wands (r): Two of Cups (reversed)

Row 2
10 of Cups – 9 of Swords (reversed) – Hierophant

Row 3
5 of Pentacles (reversed) – The Star – 5 of Swords (reversed)

Jennifer Caridad reading 2


As I always say, this is just a tarot reading and it should never be taken in place of facts. I do want to point out that this second reading, asking who was involved in Jennifer’s disappearance, has definitely clarified for me that this was related to a romantic relationship she was either in, or one that she had gotten out of recently.

The Knight of Wands reversed can represent a sketchy type of person who has a volatile temper, gets jealous easily, and in some cases can be violent or abusive. At a minimum, a relationship with someone who generally demonstrates these attributes would be considered toxic. I pulled the Two of Cups reversed which shows a romantic partnership that either ended recently or was in the process of ending when Jennifer disappeared. This could be a case where this person lashed out because she made a move to extricate herself from the situation. It is hard to know for sure. However, the cards are definitely pointing solidly in the direction of this other person who was – at one time at least – romantically involved or interested in Jennifer.

The Two of Swords shows Jennifer as having been in a situation where she did not feel she had any good choices. I think she knew that the person was bad for her, but she also didn’t want to fully acknowledge or deal with the challenges that would come from completely writing them off. I have this sense that she felt kind of trapped and unsure about what to do.

The Five of Wands reversed usually depicts a situation in which a conflict ends. Under normal circumstances, it usually means the people worked it all out or called a truce. However, it can also convey a conflict that ended forcefully.

The Ten of Cups is another card that is saying to me that her disappearance was caused by someone she knew well. It was a close to home situation. I don’t know if she lived with this man or what the situation was there, but none of this is reading like a stranger was the primary perpetrator. I say perpetrator because it feels like something bad happened, but in truth there is always the possibility that Jennifer fled to get away from someone. I don’t see cards that are compelling me to lean toward that possibility, but I don’t want to dismiss it entirely.

Another element of the Ten of Cups that I want to point out is that it shows Jennifer as having close family connections. It is hard to see her just walking away from her family and not telling them why she was doing it. The bonds feel tight with regard to her actual family, is what I’m trying to explain here. Every family has its issues, but I’m not seeing anything negative here that would have contributed in any way to what may have happened to Jennifer. It’s “close to home” so to speak, but more in a non-familial relationship way.

The Nine of Swords reversed is reiterating that in Jennifer’s mind, she was trying to make plans to improve the entire situation. I don’t think this was something she could easily walk away from, and it feels like she recognized this fact. She was probably experiencing a lot of stress and anxiety.

The Hierophant is a card that can be taken a few ways. On one hand, it’s a card pointing to institutions and/or spirituality. It can pertain to ethical and moral matters too. In some situations, it is also a card conveying forgiveness for one’s past transgressions. I’m not sure what to do with this card here but I think it’s spiritual in nature due to the Five of Pentacles reversed. While the upright position of the Five of Pentacles can show someone who is disconnected from their spirituality or spiritual beliefs, the reversed position can convey the opposite. It’s also a card associated with someone who is taking steps to overcome difficult situations. I think there were money factors involved in all of this, but I can’t make sense of how or why. Someone close to Jennifer might have those answers and this might resonate with them.

The Star suggests hope in terms of identifying who is responsible for her disappearance and bringing them to justice. Again, there is always the possibility that Jennifer fled and is hiding out somewhere. I’m just not seeing any cards that are pointing me solidly in that kind of direction. Jennifer is coming through as a warm and caring person. If she fled, she would have told people she cared about, and they would have probably assisted her once they understood her situation. But like I said before, I’m not ready to totally rule it out.

The Five of Swords reversed is showing me a conclusion to all this so the person will be caught, and I do think prosecution will be successful. Or at least, that is how this reading is coming across to me. I think a lot more information will come out and it will help people make more sense out of what has happened.

John Dubose Jr.

Disappearance: 11/04/2021
Location: Sacramental, California region

Disclaimer: Tarot readings should not be taken as absolute claims that something did or did not happen. I only report the meaning of the cards, their relationships and the meaning in the context of those relationships, as well as intuitions I have based entirely on the cards presented in the reading. When/if I say that something happened, in any part of a reading description, I mean that is what I am interpreting from the cards, their positions, and other related factors. Tarot reading is an art and not a science.

Question: What circumstances caused John Dubose Jr. disappearance?

Row 1
3 of Pentacles (reversed) – 7 of Cups – Devil (reversed)

Row 2
Strength – Queen of Wands (reversed) – Justice
Card pulled for the Queen of Wands (r): King of Cups (reversed)
Card pulled for the Kings of Cups (r): 5 of Swords (reversed)

Row 3
8 of Wands (reversed) – 5 of Wands (reversed) – 2 of Pentacles

John Dubose Jr. reading 1


John Dubose Jr. was traveling LaDexter Pelt, from Alabama to California. They were believed to have been in the general Sacramento area when they ceased responding to attempts to contact them.


The first card is the Three of Pentacles reversed is suggesting the possibility of a collaboration gone wrong. I get this card in its reversed position if people are supposed to work together on a project, raising a child, or other endeavors that are not going smoothly. The card also conveys a situation where someone hasn’t learned from some past mistakes.

The Seven of Cups is implying that John thought he had several opportunities or options to choose from. He may have also been engaging in wishful types of thinking.

The Devil can represent a range of situations, including addictions, obsessions, mental health issues, violence, and others. It is unclear how this is related to all of this but some factor pertaining to this card brought the two men to a certain point in which it appears that there was a conflict. 

Strength is suggesting that he felt he had the strength and fortitude to overcome whatever challenges he was experiencing at the time. A downside to this card – even in its upright position – is that it can represent someone who is overly confident and underestimates the danger of a situation they are in or a person they are dealing with.

Okay, so there’s a situation where there was or is a conflict between a man (King of Cups reversed) and a woman (Queen of Wands reversed). The woman could be involved in a more abstract sense in terms of there being arguing over her, versus her being present when the arguing took place. It could go either way.

The Five of Swords reversed can depict the ending of a conflict. However, it doesn’t always show a situation where the conflict ended amicably. The Queen of Wands reversed is a person demonstrating some of the less appealing elements of their character, such as their hot temper, possible tendency to be disloyal, and deceitfulness. The King of Cups reversed can represent someone who is emotionally immature and might be controlling. In its worst state, the King of Cups reversed has come up in readings where a person committed an act of violence – but that’s not always the case.

Justice is a somewhat tricky card to read here. It is a card that is rooted in the concept of cause-and-effect, as well as karma on both legal and universal levels. Sometimes it merely represents the consequences of one’s actions.

Like LaDexter, John got the Eight of Wands reversed which can show some kind of delay or significant slowing of progress. I don’t know what the men were doing, but something happened where everything appears to have been halted.

John then got the Five of Wands reversed – another card that LaDexter got as well. For better or worse, the card usually marks the end of a struggle. It can have a positive or negative meaning, depending on the situation. Maybe the struggle ends because the people involved call a truce. Or perhaps the struggle ends due to an extreme act of violence.

While LaDexter’s first reading ended with the Five of Wands reversed, John’s last card is the Two of Pentacles. This is a person who is trying to focus and make decisions despite distractions and/or problems. It can represent someone trying to balance out a situation or at times it pertains to handling fluctuations in financial or material matters.

Question: Who or what caused the disappearance of John Dubose Jr.?

Row 1
4 of Pentacles (reversed) – 10 of Wands – 8 of Swords (reversed)

Row 2
King of Cups (reversed) – The Emperor (reversed) – The Star
Card pulled for the King of Cups (r): 5 of Swords (reversed)

Row 3
6 of Pentacles (reversed) – The Hierophant – Death (reversed)

John Dubose Jr. reading 2


The Four of Pentacles reversed comes up in relation to someone who is or has shed aspects of existence of life. So it is saying that the person or people with answers – who know what happened – have possibly cut ties they may have had with people, moved, or taken action to give away or get rid of various things.

The person likely feels burned out and overburdened in terms of stress. They are trying to keep going, despite everything feeling like it is a struggle.

The Eight of Swords reversed depicts them as escaping the situation and feeling as though they have found freedom or relief from it.

The King of Cups reversed, and the Five of Swords reversed, came up again in this second reading. Granted, this is just a tarot reading and nothing in it should be taken as fact without evidence supporting it, but if there is a man fitting the description associated with this card then they would be worth seeking out and speaking with. As I explained before, the Five of Swords reversed indicates that a fight or struggle has ended. However, it does not tell us if it ended peacefully or violently. When I look at all of the readings, including the ones for LaDexter, there are a lot of conflict cards.

The Emperor reversed shows me someone who either had authority and lost it, or someone who abused their power and authority in some way that impacts this situation. Such a person is controlling, rigid, and can be domineering and/or manipulative.

The Star is a card that generally points to something positive, though I don’t know if it’s suggesting that information will come to light so that people may get to the bottom of what happened or if it is suggesting that John is okay.

The Six of Pentacles reversed usually shows a situation where someone is giving money, help or charity; however, in the reversed position those gifts or assistance might come with strings attached. There is a sense of inequity here – where one person has more than another and potentially uses these resources as a means of control. It depends.

The Hierophant points to a few different possibilities. One, someone involved might have been acting as a teacher or mentor. It can denote traditions and a sense of established rules or institutions. But another important feature of this card is its emphasis on concepts such as morality, fairness, and ethics.

Death reversed is a card that can relay that there is a delay in getting to the end of conclusion of something. It can point to a resistance on the part of someone to change.

I can’t quite make sense of what happened to these men. It’s evident they experienced a conflict – a man versus man type of issue. It would help to know who they were visiting and what brought both of them out to California. That’s a long way to travel. Was that something both of them were inclined to do or was there a specific purpose behind it? I know it has been said they were visiting friends, but I feel like that is a generalization of the real reason. Understanding the precise nature of their visit would help to illuminate this situation more. It is interesting how the men got some of the same cards – some being in the same position in terms of being upright or reversed, while others were in the opposite position. It suggests the two might have been together when all of this happened.

The King of Cups reversed individual is someone I would focus on finding. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say this person might have a criminal record. Certainly, someone coming up with these attributes has at a minimum been in trouble before in general. Another concerning aspect of this card is that sometimes it comes up in betrayal type situations where someone pretends to be a friend when they really plan to cause another person harm or pain.

LaDexter Pelt

Disappearance: 11/04/2021
Location: Sacramento, California region

Disclaimer: Tarot readings should not be taken as absolute claims that something did or did not happen. I only report the meaning of the cards, their relationships and the meaning in the context of those relationships, as well as intuitions I have based entirely on the cards presented in the reading. When/if I say that something happened, in any part of a reading description, I mean that is what I am interpreting from the cards, their positions, and other related factors. Tarot reading is an art and not a science.

Question: What happened to LaDexter Pelt?

Row 1
Judgement (reversed) – The Hermit – Knight of Swords
Card pulled for the Knight of Swords: High Priestess

Row 2
Justice (reversed) – 2 of Wands – 8 of Wands (reversed)

Row 3
Knight of Pentacles – Ace of Swords (reversed) – 5 of Wands (reversed)
Card pulled for the Knight of Pentacles: 7 of Cups (reversed)

LaDexter Pelt reading 1


LaDexter Pelt was apparently traveling with a younger man named John Dubose. They traveled from Alabama to California. They were believed to be in the general Sacramento area when both men ceased to answer their phone or respond to messages.


It appears there was a conflict. I don’t know if it was between LaDexter and the person he traveled with, John Dubose. It has a feel that is more sudden and reads more like an encounter that one or both had with someone.

Judgement reversed is a card that suggests that a hasty decision might have been made. There is also an element of self-doubt and a potential lack of situational awareness. It is like LaDexter walked into a situation without a full understanding of what he might be getting into. Another thing to consider with Judgement reversed is the concept of repeating patterns of behavior. It comes up a lot when people keep making some of the same mistakes over and over again, despite knowing there are consequences and that it could end badly for them.

The Hermit can point to someone withdrawing temporarily and/or taking a moment to reflect on themselves or their situation. It could also depict the two men parting ways – willingly or unwillingly.

The Knight of Swords reflects a fast-moving person or situation. The card is equated with impulsiveness and an unwillingness to bend on one’s position in an argument or fight. I pulled the High Priestess in relation to the Knight card, and it is suggesting that there is more to the situation or circumstances that has yet to be revealed. People close to the situation should tune into their gut feelings because this card may also point to hidden or subconscious knowledge that a person has that may answer important questions. There’s a lot more to this than I think may appear on the surface. It runs deeper than it might initially seem.

Justice reversed often comes up in circumstances that are fundamentally unfair or unjust. It comes up when there is at least one person involved who does not want to take responsibility for their actions. Such a person might be inclined to blame others.

The Two of Wands can show a situation where there is more than one path they can take. It could pair with the Hermit in that it can sometimes depict a person who has withdrawn from others to take time to think about things or to decide about something. It’s a card where someone is determining their longer-term goals to figure out what steps are needed to accomplish them.

The Eight of Wands reversed indicates a situation that may have come to a stop. For example, it can come up if a person has planned to take a trip and then needed to cancel or had circumstances that occurred to delay or prevent it from happening. So it is reading as though LaDexter had continued plans, but they were halted – even if only temporarily. If it pertains to a confrontation, it is showing a situation where something happened to put it to an end.

The Knight of Pentacles depicts a person who was or is working toward making steady progress toward a goal. However, the Seven of Cups reversed can indicate a person who makes poor choices or someone who gets in a situation where they now feel trapped. It can represent a reality check. Everything seemed to be moving along fine and then it wasn’t. Something happened.

The Ace of Swords reversed is another card that points to a wrong decision. It can indicate missed opportunities to do something and bad news in the form of delays. Often, the person doesn’t realize they have missed chances to get out of a situation or that they have made a choice that will cause them more harm than good.

The Five of Wands reversed is meant to show the end of a struggle. The problem with this card is that while it can point to favorable solutions, there are some other cards in this reading that make it difficult to determine if it is a positive or negative depiction of events. It’s positioning at the end presents a lot more questions than any of this reading even came close to answering.

Question: Who or what caused the disappearance of LaDexter Pelt?

Row 1
Knight of Cups (reversed) – 6 of Wands (reversed) – 9 of Wands
Card pulled for the Knight of Cups (r): 3 of Swords

Row 2
The Tower – Strength (reversed) – 2 of Swords

Row 3
Knight of Wands (reversed) – Temperance (reversed) – The Empress
Card pulled for the Knight of Wands (r): Justice (reversed)

LaDexter Pelt reading 2


Who did LaDexter and his friend travel to meet? Why were they in that particular area? You’ll see why I’m asking pretty soon. Again, this is merely a tarot reading and so nothing in it should be taken as fact.

The Knight of Cups reversed, combined with the Three of Swords, is depicting a situation where someone got their heart broken. While it does often pertain to romantic love, neither card is limited to that context. The Knight reversed appears to show a person who is dishonest, potentially obsessive, and moody. A concerning aspect of the Three of Swords here is that it can also be a card of disillusionment – when someone sees a truth about another and it’s ugly. So what were the circumstances of this trip and who exactly were they intended to meet?

The Six of Wands reversed shows someone who feels they are not receiving positive attention or recognition. It’s meaning could vary somewhat – depending on how LaDexter knew or knows the person in the Knight reversed position. I have had it come up in readings where an attempt to achieve an objective ultimately failed, and the person who experienced that failure experienced a fall from grace.

The Nine of Wands is conveying that even though a problem or situation was taking a turn for the worse, LaDexter might have sought to persevere anyway. It’s a card of last stands.

The Tower is typically associated with unexpected and drastic change. It can represent a crisis or a complete upheaval in a person’s life. I really cannot underestimate the power of this card because it does not represent a minor change or event.

Strength reversed is showing that the reaction to it was reflective of one rooted in self-doubt and a lack of personal conviction. The card could suggest that LaDexter lost control of a situation, or of what was happening to himself, and did not feel he could overcome it.

The Two of Swords is another card where a person is unwilling or unable to see the truth about something. This could go back to the Three of Swords where someone got their heartbroken and might have been in denial about something they suspected was happening. It can show a person who is having a difficult time making a choice as well – often because there does not seem to be any good options.

It is difficult to say if the Knight of Wands reversed represents a situation or person. If a person, this is someone who may tend to get violent, probably has jealousy issues in general, and tends to behave recklessly. Justice reversed is telling me that the situation – or event – was unfair. Someone was wronged.

Temperance reversed enhances that meaning and also depicts circumstances that lack balance. There are many cards that are showing a hastiness to everything that is happening and point to poor or impulsive decision-making. Someone may have taken something to extremes – alcohol, drugs, violence, etc. It can depict a person losing control either mentally or physically. It can depict situations of inequity, as well as confrontations or outbursts.

The Empress is a card that confounds me when it appears in these specific types of readings because I have no background knowledge or context for it. This could represent a mother-type figure that is either pregnant or has a child. This person is coming up in connection with all of this, but I don’t know how or why. It could also be connected to the situation depicted by the Three of Swords in which there was a sense of someone feeling heartbroken.

Getting to the bottom of who these men were meeting and why might shed more light on their situation – not because I’m suggesting those people are in any way involved, but because if they are not involved it means they might have more information than they realize.

Ryan Shtuka

Birthdate: 03/17/1997
Date of disappearance: 02/17/2018

Question: What happened to Ryan Shtuka?

Row 1
7 of Wands (reversed) – 6 of Wands (reversed) – Justice (reversed)

Row 2
9 of Wands (reversed) – 8 of Cups – Strength (reversed)

Row 3
3 of Wands – 10 of Swords (reversed) – The Lovers (reversed)

Ryan Shtuka – Traditional Manga tarot

Disclaimer: Tarot readings should not be taken as absolute claims that something did or did not happen. I only report the meaning of the cards, their relationships and the meaning in the context of those relationships, as well as intuitions I have based entirely on the cards presented in the reading. When/if I say that something happened, in any part of a reading description, I mean that is what I am interpreting from the cards, their positions, and other related factors.


Ryan disappeared from Sun Peaks resort in B.C., Canada, sometime between about 1:30am and 2:10am on February 17th of 2018. People initially thought he went missing closer to 2:10am; however, a text message either sent or received by Ryan showed that he likely left a party he was attending closer to 1:30am. He had attended the party and is assumed to have left it to go home. It doesn’t seem as though anyone remembers him leaving though. Ryan’s residence was located close to where he spent time with friends.

He was officially reported missing when he didn’t show up to his work later on the 17th. At least one sighting placed Ryan near the town’s village area at about 1:55am, but it isn’t clear if this – or any other similar sightings – have ever been confirmed. A factor that further complicated the situation was that it was extremely cold on the evening he disappeared. A large amount of snow fell by the following day as well.

An extensive search commenced for Ryan, but no trace of Ryan has been found since he went missing in 2018. His family has continued to actively search for Ryan.

The Reading:

Ryan’s reading begins with the Seven of Wands reversed. This card communicates feelings of being overwhelmed, defensiveness, or concerns that others might be criticizing or judging the person the reading is about.

The Six of Wands reversed is showing me a situation where a person feels they are not getting proper recognition or are concerned they are either not achieving what they should. Sometimes with this card there is the sense that no one is properly recognizing their achievements. It can cause someone to doubt their own abilities or talents.

Justice reversed is a card that appears in the context of these kinds of situations when something unlawful or unjust has occurred. It is a card denoting a lack of proper accountability and can sometimes come up when there is a retribution aspect to a problem or situation.

The Nine of Wands reversed is a card that shows a situation where there is a refusal to compromise or a lack of persistence.

The Eight of Cups is a card that shows the person in question as needing to walk away from a situation or person because it is no longer a beneficial aspect of their life. The cards are reading as thought Ryan had some kind of conflict or issue with someone that he encountered but did not have the desire or energy to actively fight or argue and so he tried to walk away from it. The card might represent literally walking away from a person or problem, or it can depict someone who has made the intellectual and emotional decision to do it.

Strength reversed indicates a situation where a person feels intensely afraid or worried about what it happening to or around them. In a normal reading – that does not involve someone who is missing – it’s a concerning card because it indicates a strong sense of anger, depression, or fear. However, the cause is usually something that is happening in the person’s life – something that is draining the happiness from their existence. In this kind of reading, where someone has disappeared, it can pertain to an immediate situation that feels life threatening.

A card in this reading that is really throwing me for a loop is the Three of Wands. The card is much more positive than the earlier ones. I often see this card come up with regard to travel. It doesn’t necessarily mean travel to far away places. It also may show someone engaging in planning as well. If he went into the village area, could he have gotten into someone’s vehicle because the weather was so cold that he worried he wouldn’t make it back on his own?

The Ten of Swords reversed is a tricky card. In its upright position, in relation to these types of cases, it can prove disturbing. In its reversed position, however, it represents surviving hardship and learning lessons from those experiences. However, swords are a suit of intellect and thought patterns so it can also refer to a person’s mental state at a particular time. Let’s say, for instance, that it turned out Ryan decided to take a ride from someone. At first, he might have thought that the decision saved him from a potentially fatal situation.

The final card is the Lovers reversed. Since nothing in this reading seems to suggest there was a romantic situation or problem at the heart of his disappearance, then its meaning is likely associated with the decision-making facet of the card. The Lovers, upright and reversed, can also signify an important decision that a person has made or needs to make. In this context, the Lovers reversed is telling me that Ryan made a bad decision. It isn’t saying he made a stupid one or did something he shouldn’t have done; it is just telling me that whatever he decided to do did not produce a desired or good outcome for him.

Question: How can we find Ryan?

The tarot is great for telling or showing a story surrounding something that has happened in the past. However, it does not provide clear insight into the practical aspects of finding missing people. I decided to try adding an additional layer to this reading by doing a three-card Lenormand spread.


The Letter – The Cross – The Journal

Tarot and Lenormand readings about what happened to Ryan Shtuka.

Reading and Information:

The Letter + The Cross = News will come about Ryan’s fate/situation

The Cross + The Journal = Guilt and sadness will reveal hidden information

The Letter + The Journal = Written messages, or the analysis of written information, will help to uncover important information/discoveries

In conclusion, I hope for a positive resolution here. Nothing I write about these readings should be taken as fact without evidence or proof to back it up.

Elaine Parks

Birthday: 09/24/1996
Disappearance: 01/28/2017

Question: What or who caused the disappearance of Elaine Parks?

Row One
6 of Swords – 9 of Swords – High Priestess

Row Two
Chariot (reversed) – 4 of Wands – 6 of Swords

Row Three
8 of Swords – Temperance (reversed) – Strength

Reading for Elaine Parks – Dark Angels tarot

Disclaimer: Tarot readings should not be taken as absolute claims that something did or did not happen. I only report the meaning of the cards, their relationships and the meaning in the context of those relationships, as well as intuitions I have based entirely on the cards presented in the reading. When/if I say that something happened, in any part of a reading description, I mean that is what I am interpreting from the cards, their positions, and other related factors.


Elaine Parks disappeared in January of 2017 in Calabasas, California. On January 27th, Elaine had spent time with her boyfriend (or then ex-boyfriend, Divine Compere) and the two had gone to see a movie. Elaine returned to Divine’s home and the two reportedly went to sleep. Divine would later tell police that she woke up early in the morning, while experiencing a panic attack, and then left his house – despite him stating that he tried to get her to stay. Surveillance at Divine’s home is consistent with his account of what happened.

By September 30th, Elaine’s mother reported her missing after concerns about not hearing from her daughter for several days. Five days after she was last known to have been seen, on February 2nd, her grey Honda Civic was found on the side of Pacific Coast Highway. The key was still in the ignition, but the battery had gone dead. Elaine’s phone, computer, driver’s license, wallet, and other belongings were found in the car. Though the police employed the use of divers and dogs, no trace of Elaine was found. The police indicated that they cleared Divine as a suspect and described him as being cooperative.

Elaine’s family has stated that they do not believe she would have disappeared willingly and on her own. To date, her case remains unsolved and her whereabouts are unknown.

The Reading:

The Six of Swords is the card describing Elaine’s situation and mentality at the time of her disappearance. It indicates she was going through a time of transition. She was going through the mental and emotional process of putting distance between herself and aspects of her life that were causing her distress. The cards suggest she was at a stage where she was beginning to learn from, or accept, lessons from her past. The card depicts a strong sense of loss and so whatever she was going through emotionally was very difficult for her.

The Nine of Swords represents her mindset when she disappeared. The card is associated with feelings of fear, anxiety, and despair. It shows her as reaching a breaking point. The card can be associated with nightmares and heightened levels of despondency and anxiety. Another important aspect of this card is the sense of isolation the person the card refers to was experiencing. These feelings would have made it challenging for her to reach out to someone and talk it all through. Sometimes the Nine of Swords is a card representing trauma – the type that people are not as inclined to talk to other people about because they feel shame. People who get this card in a reading would be advised to seek someone out they trusted and share the burden of their feelings.

The High Priestess is a card that – in a reading where there are a lot of Swords and the sense that a person is going through a lot on an emotional level – warns people to listen to their intuition and go with their gut. The reason this card is important in a reading like this is because it suggests that Elaine encountered a situation or problem and knew intuitively what she should do. However, the mind and our thoughts can overwhelm us at times or cause us to question those instincts we have about people or situations. Either way, in this situation Elaine had a feeling something was going to happen and that something was wrong. This would not have been new for her either. People who knew her would probably describe her as having a strong intuitive side and an uncanny ability to predict situations or sense when something is off.

In these types of readings, the Chariot reversed is not a good sign. I usually pull this card when a person encounters some kind of trouble while using some mode of transportation. Something that is known about Elaine’s case is that her vehicle was found abandoned, with the key in the ignition and her belonging still inside. The Chariot reversed is consistent with that knowledge, but it tells us that the vehicle was a kind of catalyst in whatever happened to her that night – meaning she was in it when her situation took a turn for the worst.

The Four of Wands is an interesting card to appear in this specific reading. The card is a positive one in that it usually refers to happy times – celebrations, time spent with loved ones, a party, and other things of that nature. Its appearance may seem random, but I’ve learned that these kinds of cards come up for a reason. My thought on this is that Elaine calmed herself down by focusing on happier times, and good experiences she had gone through in her life. I got this impression during the reading that she was extremely visual, and I could see her thinking about positive memories because it was a coping strategy that helped her to bring down her level of anxiety. She may have had an event to look forward to attending in the future so that is another possibility for the apparent change in her mindset.

The Four of Swords is the last card on the second row and is one that represents a time of peace, recuperation, and rest. Typically, this is a card that comes up when someone has been through a major struggle and the fight is over. In this case, I think this signifies the emotional difficulty she was experiencing. I’m seeing this as a situation where she was feeling extremely distressed, and she took time for herself – perhaps driving around or going somewhere to park her car and think for a while – and she reached a turning point. While I have limited knowledge about this case, I recall reading that her boyfriend at the time indicated she had a panic attack prior to leaving his house. This is consistent with what the cards are showing. The Nine of Swords is a card where people feel isolated so Elaine might have been someone who tried to work out any anxiety on her own when possible.

Then something bad happened. The Eight of Swords shows a person in a scenario where they feel helpless, trapped, and powerless. Sometimes this card refers to the power of the mind to create a sense of imprisonment, but it can also come up in situations where a person is actually or literally trapped or imprisoned. The turn of events, in terms of the chronology of these cards, was swift. The swords suit is one that denotes fast moving energy and events. The reading is dominated by swords cards, amidst several major arcana. Only one other suit is represented – the wands – which is also associated with fast moving energy.

So the story that has been told about her having a panic attack and leaving her boyfriend’s (or ex boyfriend’s) house is consistent with what the cards are showing me right now. It looks as though something happened after she left his house. Something to consider is that, according to the cards, it does not appear she was in the best mindset. She was trying to cope with the intense stress she was experiencing, but she was trying to tackle it alone. Often, the first thing some people assume is that this is evidence of a possible suicide. However, the cards do not point in this direction. They show a progression of emotions and suggest that it was her emotional state that made her particularly vulnerable at the time this all happened.

The second card, in the third row, is Temperance Reversed. This is a major arcana card that primarily communicates a sense of imbalance, recklessness, and excess. Sometimes Temperance reversed comes up as a warning card in that it communicates the need to find balance and to slow down. It can also indicate that someone should choose their next steps – or path – carefully as one path will lead to something negative and/or destructive.

The last card pulled was the Strength card. The way I structure my readings, the last card is usually linked to the first card. In this reading, I take that to mean that Elaine was a resilient person. She experienced emotional difficulties at times, and was suffering from strong bouts of anxiety when this happened, but the cards are telling me that she did not cause her own disappearance. Some people believe she may have committed suicide, but the cards are not showing me that. The cards are showing me someone who was in a frame of mind that could have placed her in the path of danger. Often when people are stressed or anxious, they become unusually vulnerable to predators or situations that end badly because there are people who pick up on these things and seize them as opportunities.

I can see that I will need to do another reading on this because while it answers some of the questions I had about this situation (i.e. did Elaine take her own life? Did her boyfriend know more about her disappearance than he claimed?), it left me with new ones. I want to point out that nothing in the cards suggest her family was involved in her disappearance. If anything, she had people in her life that knew she was struggling and would have wanted to help her had she asked for support. However, the cards show Elaine as a person with a strong streak of intellectual and emotional independence. She wanted to be strong and overcome her difficulties on her own. The Strength card shows that she had a strong sense of inner power and an underlying belief that she would get through whatever it was she was going through.

Finally, I got the impression from what I did read about her disappearance that there is a lot of suspicion concerning her boyfriend (some reports stated it was her then ex-boyfriend and so I’m not sure which relationship status was truly accurate here). While I cannot say for certain he was not involved, this reading does not point to him at all. If anything, if confirms the small pieces of information he has reportedly given, such as her waking up from what appeared to be a panic attack and leaving his home despite him trying to convince her to stay. I feel compelled to point this out because I do think, based on the cards and my own intuition while reading them, that she did meet with foul play. Sometimes people become so focused on the people that were in a missing person’s life, that it causes them to spend less time looking at other possibilities. There is something truly dark associated with this situation, but this reading did not delve deeply into that element. My hope is a future one will.

I will do another reading on this one in the future because I want to try to uncover more information about what the reading alludes to after she left her boyfriend’s house. As I always point out, I have no way to know what happened for certain. Please do not take any of the information described in the readings as fact until or unless details are proven. I would love to see a positive outcome for Elaine and her loved ones.