Curtis Thorne

Disappearance: 08/06/2021
Location: Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

Disclaimer: Tarot readings should not be taken as absolute claims or facts with regard to any person or situation. I only present the possible meanings associated with the cards, as well as intuitions and impressions that I get during the reading. All readings are suppositional and should be treated as such.


Curtis Thorne was last seen on August 6th of 2021. I don’t have details beyond that about what happened to him or what is thought to have happened to him.

Question: What circumstances caused Curtis’ disappearance?

Row 1
The Lovers – Emperor (r) – Justice (r)

Row 2
Page of Cups (r) – Ace of Pentacles (r) – 4 of Pentacles (r)
Card pulled for the Page of Cups (r): 3 of Wands (r)

Row 3
Magician – Empress – 5 of Cups (r)


The first card for this reading is the Lovers. This card usually represents one of two things. Either it refers to a romantic relationship/partnership between Curtis and another person, or it is referencing an important decision that Curtis was faced with making.

The Emperor reversed is showing me a person that was involved in his life at the time of his disappearance that comes across as an older male. The age and gender can vary, but I usually get this card when it pertains to a male. In the reversed position, this is someone who abuses their power, is a control freak, and behaves recklessly. It’s just an overall oppressive and negative influence.

Justice reverse tells me that something shady happened. Something unfair or unjust happened in reference to Curtis’ disappearance. It’s reading like a foul play card. Remember, though, that these are just tarot readings. They aren’t intended to be taken as fact. So I’m not saying he is deceased, but I am saying that something bad happened here.

The Page of Cups reversed can represent a message or a kind of messenger. It usually relates to emotional matters or news. In the reversed position, it is a negative message or interaction. It can represent a broken marriage proposal, an obsession, an exploitative situation, etc.

The Three of Wands reversed was pulled for the Page of Cups reversed. It’s looking like the news, or the interaction represented by the Page card might have had something to do with travel or a long-distance type of relationship. In some cases, it can just refer to a sense of being unhappy with the decisions that a person has made. However, it is connected to that Page card and so the meaning is related to that specifically.

Ace of Pentacles reversed is showing me serious money troubles. It’s a card of poor financial control or delays in getting money that was needed or expected. It also indicates a lack of planning that can put a person in a financial bind.

The Four of Pentacles reversed is a card that I see when someone is trying to rid themselves of things or people. It can be a positive card in that it sometimes refers to a person being generous and giving gifts to people. However, it can also be a negative card that refers to financial losses, gambling, or debts.

The last row of cards is a little mystifying in that I’m not sure exactly how they fit in here. The Magician is a card of resourcefulness and skill. Ordinarily, the Empress is a positive card. But I’ve seen it appear to take on an alternate meaning in these types of readings and so I’ll see what the next reading says and then circle back to this. The Five of Cups reversed is a card of letting go. It’s usually linked to emotions or things that hold people back psychologically, such as regret or grief.

Question: Who or what caused Curtis’ disappearance?

Row 1
Strength – 8 of Swords – 4 of Cups (r)

Row 2
6 of Pentacles – 9 of Pentacles – 6 of Cups

Row 3
10 of Cups (r) – The Fool (r) – Knight of Pentacles (r)
Card pulled for the Knight of Pentacles (r): The Magician


Strength is usually a card about overcoming difficulties, having the courage of one’s convictions, and gathering inner strength. Sometimes it is a card indicating that there is something going on behind the scenes – someone pulling strings, basically. Either way, it’s a card that comes up when a situation or problem calls for courage or inner strength and this suggests that there was some kind of serious problem that Curtis was faced with that he did want to have the strength to confront.

The Eight of Swords is showing someone who is trapped and feels like they were backed into a corner. Since this reading does not appear to present an actual person until the end of it, it is reading like it pertains to Curtis specifically. It can definitely be a victimization card and/or one that shows a person as being silenced.

The Four of Cups reversed is a card that is all about moving on and seizing opportunities.

The Six of Pentacles is a card that depicts someone who has the ability to give as doing so to someone who is in need. Did someone help Curtis out with money? The first reading indicated the possibility (likelihood) of financial problems and could be hinting at some kind of debt that Curtis owed. I don’t necessarily mean monetary, but that’s among the possibilities.

The Nine of Pentacles is a card that usually represents financial freedom, abundance, and/or independence. If there is another person involved in Curtis’ disappearance somehow, it is reading like they were better off than him financially – at least at the time that all this happened. Because I have the Six of Pentacles showing me someone in a giving position and then next to it is a card that shows someone who has achieved some degree of wealth or financial independence. The first reading, which focused on Curtis, did not present him in this light and so it sounds like this is someone else.

The Six of Cups is kind of like a reminiscing about childhood card. It can be positive memories about childhood or in some cases may refer to matters relating to childhood abuse.

And the above card is important here because the Ten of Cups reversed is showing that there was trouble at home. Now when I say there were problems at home, I don’t necessarily mean within the residence where he lived necessarily. What I’m really trying to say is that I think that someone that was close to Curtis, and knew him on an emotional level, does know what happened here. They know details about how and why he is missing.

The Fool reversed, in the context of this reading, represents carelessness or recklessness. The first reading talked about either a romantic partnership (the Lovers) or an important decision, and this card almost seems to be saying that a choice was made – maybe hastily and without enough thought. I don’t know if Curtis made it or if the person that seems to have knowledge about all of this made it though.

Finally, we have the Knight of Pentacles reversed and the Magician as the card pulled in reference to it. The Knight of Pentacles is a person or energy that typically comes across as masculine and on the younger adult side of things. It is someone who has been irresponsible, possibly disloyal, and/or someone who has made broken promises. But the Magician is a card representing resourcefulness, skill, and willpower. Much of the meaning behind these cards hinges on who is represented by the Knight card. Minimally, the two cards are showing someone who probably used whatever skills or resources they had to cause Curtis’ disappearance.

The financial matters stand out prominently, as does the suggestion that there was someone providing support or material assistance of some kind. If there is someone who can be pinpointed as having done this for Curtis, then the reading seems to point to them having answers about all this. No matter what happened here, there is a person – besides Curtis – who knows. I’m not saying they did something wrong either. I’m just saying they have answers to critical questions here.

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