Tamla Horsford

Date of death: 11/04/2018
Location: Cummin, GA

Disclaimer: Tarot readings should not be taken as absolute claims that something did or did not happen. I only report the meaning of the cards, their relationships and the meaning in the context of those relationships, as well as intuitions I have based entirely on the cards presented in the reading. Tarot reading is an art and not a science.


On November 4th of 2018, Tamla Horsford attended an adult sleepover party. The following morning, she was found face down and deceased in the yard. It was claimed or assumed by some that Tamla accidentally fell to her death. However, many people are highly suspicious of the circumstances surrounding it and so I decided to do some readings to see what might come up.

Question: Who or what caused Tamla Horsford’s death??

Row 1
Queen of Wands – Page of Wands – 10 of Swords
Card pulled for the Queen of Wands: 7 of Cups (reversed)

Row 2
4 of Cups – Knight of Swords – 3 of Wands (reversed)
Card pulled for the Knight of Swords: 6 of Pentacles

Row 3
9 of Pentacles – The Devil – Ace of Wands

Tamla Horsford reading 1


Right out of the gate here, the cards are showing me the involvement of an adult woman. I want to remind anyone reading this that these are just tarot card readings. Even in situations where the cards are ultimately correct, there is still a risk that I might interpret or read some of them wrong. People close to the cases, or knowledgeable about them, are more likely to derive the correct meaning in situations where a card can have a few different meanings. That said, I asked who or what caused her death, and the cards are showing me the Queen of Wands.

Ordinarily, the Queen of Wands represents an adult female that is friendly, extroverted, and has a range of other positive attributes. It could potentially describe a male fitting that description, but usually it’s a female when a Queen comes up and represents a person. Due to the fiery nature of the wands, people fitting this description are often hot tempered and they can behave recklessly or impulsively at times. The Queen of Wands is someone who is comfortable with taking charge. The Hierophant reversed was pulled in connection with the Queen of Wands. The Hierophant reversed shows the person in the Queen’s position as behaving in a non-conforming or rebellious manner. It can also be someone going against tradition. Could it possibly represent Tamla herself? Potentially.

The Page of Wands either represents a child or a message. If it represents a message, then it is one that was received quickly (in person, by text, by instant message, etc.) regarding a work, professional, or love matter. It usually depicts good news in its upright position. If a child, this is someone who is intelligent, inquisitive, and extroverted. The Seven of Cups reversed, pulled in reference to the Page, is showing me a situation where someone reacted to something and made a bad decision. It is a card of reality checks, but it can also indicate someone who does not want to face issues in their life.

The Ten of Swords is a card of betrayal and/or backstabbing. It can also be a final-nail-in-the-coffin type of card where something happens that completely sets someone off because they’ve had enough. I get this card a fair amount when I do readings on murders. Am I saying this was a murder? No. But if the cards are accurate, and I’m interpreting them reasonably correctly, then they are indicating this was not a situation where Tamla just fell over a balcony. They are indicating that something happened and there is a minimum of one person who knows exactly what happened. Probably more than one person knows.

The Four of Cups is sometimes a card of regret and/or missed opportunities. Sometimes it is a card that comes up when someone receives one or more offers but refuses to accept any of them. However, it can also be a card of apathy. Remember that when you think about the meanings associated with these cards, they are pertaining to anyone involved in what happened to Tamla because the question is asking the reading to identify any person or people with direct knowledge.

The Knight of Swords is coming across as possibly a younger male who has knowledge or became involved in this situation at some point – whether it was during or after the fact. The Knight of Swords is someone who is strong-minded and communicative. Getting in a fight or argument with a person matching this description is frustrating because they do not like to back down on things they think or believe. They can also behave impulsively and impatiently.

I pulled the Six of Pentacles with the Knight of Swords card which is kind of bizarre because it is suggesting the possibility that someone received a gift or some kind of compensation in a scenario where only one person was giving, and the other was taking. So it’s like there was someone who is depicted as a younger male who gave something to someone – maybe Tamla.

The Three of Wands reversed can be a card where someone returns home after travel or being away. It’s also a card that comes up when someone is unhappy with choices they have made and feels like they are experiencing obstacles or ongoing problems that may interfere with their ability to do some of the things they want to do in life – like they are somewhat held back, essentially.

The Nine of Pentacles tells me that the primary person involved – or the person with direct knowledge – is successful in their own right. Or it’s someone with access to money because their family is successful. I’m not necessarily saying they are rich; just that they don’t appear to be struggling.

The Devil is a concerning card to come up for obvious reasons. The last time I got this one in a reading, if I am remembering correctly, was when I did one about Nichol Kessinger (Watts family murders). The Devil can represent anything from an addition to mental health issues to cheating to obsession. It can even pertain to cruelty, violence, rape, and/or various kinds of assault. It can also represent an influence that causes bad things to happen. I wonder if she was drugged. I try not to speculate too much in situations where doing so might point the finger directly at someone, but it’s just a thought that keeps coming to mind. I have others, but let’s just see how the reading after this one goes before I decide if it makes sense to share them. I’m getting some specific images with this one.

The reading for this person – or for these people – is coming across in the Ace of Wands as one where they were able to go on about their life and pursue new endeavors. It could have a more significant meaning than that, but that is the gist of this card in a general context.

This does not read like an accident. Or rather, the circumstances that lead up to this were not an accident. However, her death might have happened because those circumstances did not play out as the person or people thought they would. There might not have been an intent of death originally, is what I’m trying to say here. But there is culpability.

Question: What circumstances caused the death of Tamla Horsford?

Row 1
Knight of Pentacles – 10 of Cups (reversed) – 10 of Pentacles (reversed)
Card pulled for the Knight of Pentacles: The Sun

Row 2
The Chariot – The Hermit (reversed) – 6 of Pentacles (reversed)

Row 3
9 of Wands (reversed) – Ace of Cups (reversed) – The Fool

Tamla Horsford reading 2


The Knight of Pentacles, in these types of readings, typically represents a male who is either in their teens or twenties, or someone who was behaving as though they were younger than their age. Under normal circumstances, this person might come across as practical, reliable and/or stubborn. The Sun was pulled in connection with the Knight of Pentacles. The tricky aspect of this reading is that the Sun could represent actual occurrences or conditions in this person’s life at the time this happened, or it could represent how people perceived their life. The Sun is associated with success, vitality, and happy relationships. Sometimes it refers to children or having a child. Sometimes it refers to the child of someone I am reading on. There’s many possibilities here.

The Ten of Cups reversed, however, is showing a dysfunctional home life. If this pertains to the person represented by the Knight card, then the Ten of Cups reversed refers to a home where there is discord and fighting. It may depict a divorce or separation situation, or people on the verge of this.

The Ten of Pentacles reversed is yet another card pointing to possible problems in a person’s marriage, or to a divorce that had recently happened or was imminent. However, it can also point to financial problems and disputes as well. Sometimes it pertains to a person who married only for money.

The Chariot is a card of movement and travel usually. It can sometimes represent a mode of transport, but it can also depict a person’s sense of overcoming obstacles and having a strong drive to do something in particular or accomplish something.

However, the Hermit reversed could indicate someone was rejected or that something happened which left Tamla feeling isolated and left out. I can’t get a clear idea on what might have happened here but there is this feeling as though circumstances shifted.

The Six of Pentacles reversed is a situation that often depicts a person offering someone money or material things, with the expectation that they will receive something in return. It’s typically associated with someone who come across as being generous but does that because they have harmful or nefarious motives.

The Nine of Wands reversed is depicting a scenario where someone became stubborn and refused to back down. It’s also a card that comes up when someone gets into a fight, or experiences some kind of conflict or struggle, and feels like they can’t overcome it. Maybe they got close to doing so but was ultimately unsuccessful. Again, I see some images in my mind related to this but I don’t know if they are accurate.

The Ace of Cups reversed is a card showing a person experiencing sadness or pain. While the upright card shows new beginnings in relationships, romance, or children, the reversed shows problems preventing or delaying those experiences. I can indicate a breakup, a pregnancy issue, a romantic rejection or relationship that did not work out, unrequited love, etc.

The Fool is a card that shows someone deciding to pursue a new beginning, or go on a kind of adventure, without really thinking it all through carefully. It might represent Tamla accepting an invitation to the sleepover or something else entirely.

This was a confusing reading. I think there are underlying relationships and dynamics that contributed to Tamla’s death that are difficult to ascertain through such a general reading.

Question: Was Tamla attacked at the sleepover?

Row 1
Knight of Cups – The Magician – 8 of Cups
Card pulled for the Knight of Cups: 4 of Wands

Row 2
3 of Wands (reversed) – 7 of Swords (reversed) – 2 of Cups

Tamla Horsford reading 3


In reference to the question about whether she was attacked, the cards are presenting the Knight of Cups with the Four of Wands. The implication of a court card, as an answer to this question, is that it seems to be communicating that either a male attacked Tamla, or she was attacked over a male. The Four of Wands can represent a celebration, teamwork, or a party. So it’s coming across like it was someone at the sleepover. Unless there is a meaning to that card, in this situation, that I’m not picking up on.

The Magician is someone resourceful and/or has access to resources that can help them when needed. It is usually a positive card in terms of representing someone who is skilled and resourceful in general. However, the potential negative aspect of this card is that it can pertain to people who use those skills/resources to cause harm or cover it up.

The Eight of Cups reversed is a situation or person that someone might have known they should have avoided or walked away from, but for whatever reason they didn’t. Sometimes it is because they no longer can.

The Three of Wands (reversed) came up in the first reading. I don’t know if this is a clue as to the identity of the person (or one of the people) involved or what. It often depicts someone returning home from travels or being away. It is trying to imply that someone who was away from the house returned to it? Sometimes it can represent someone who won’t let go of the past. It can also communicate a general sense of unhappiness with one’s decisions. This card coming up twice, however, seems to imply this is something to focus on with regard to the person involved here.

The Two of Cups is a card of compatibility and connections. Usually it is one that goes both ways, but it can also pertain to an attraction that someone has for another person that they believe in their mind is mutual.

It is interesting that the only male court cards to appear depict a younger male. The Knight is a card that usually (not always though) represents someone who is either a teenager or young adult. There have been no King cards in any of the readings, which really has me scratching my head. How many males were in the house? Were there any people in their teens, or twenties? Realistically, the Knight card can just represent older people who demonstrate immature behaviors or patterns of thought so it’s not a sure thing in terms of identifying a person’s age. I can’t figure this one out, but if even more than half of these readings are correct, it’s my opinion she did not just fall off the balcony accidentally – nor did she do it on her own intentionally.


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The Watts Family

Shanann, Bella, Celeste, and Nico Watts

Disappearance and death: August 13, 2018
Location: Frederick, Colorado

Disclaimer: Tarot readings should not be taken as absolute claims that something did or did not happen. I only report the meaning of the cards, their relationships and the meaning in the context of those relationships, as well as intuitions I have based entirely on the cards presented in the reading. Tarot reading is an art and not a science.


I received a request to do a reading about whether anyone else was involved in the murders of Shanann, Bella, Celeste, and Nico Watts (her unborn son). Chris Watts confessed to killing his entire family in August of 2018. For a time, he said his wife had murdered the two girls. However, he recanted that statement and has not since – at least not to my knowledge – named any other person as having been involved. I will also do a second reading to ask, specifically, if Nichol Kessinger was involved or had direct knowledge about it.

Question: Was anyone else responsible, or directly involved in, the one or more of the deaths of Shanann, Bella, Celeste, and Nico?

Row 1
King of Wands – The Moon – Hierophant (reversed)
Card pulled for the King of Wands: Ace of Swords

Row 2
4 of Wands – 4 of Pentacles – 5 of Swords

Row 3
King of Pentacles – Page of Pentacles (reversed) – 5 of Wands (reversed)
Card pulled for the King of Pentacles: 8 of Pentacles (reversed)
Card pulled for the Page of Pentacles (r): 5 of Pentacles

Watts family reading 1


Something that is standing out to me, right out of the gate, is the abundance of pentacles. If this reading is accurate, it is telling me that money or material matters were a major motive here – perhaps even more than people might think. The King of Wands is someone who comes across as someone who is action-oriented, often flirty, funny, protective, and can be self-centered. This card is reading as though it is referring to Chris. If so, then this is the image he wanted to portray to others; it is not necessarily an accurate description of his nature in general. I say this because it is a generally positive card in the upright position, though it does point to reckless and impulsive tendencies.

The Ace of Swords, in connection with the King of Wands, is conveying that this person felt they had an epiphany or realization. They believed they had come to know the truth about their situation and what they thought they were meant to do in life. They had a vision of a new beginning and planned accordingly.

The Moon, in response to my question, is saying that we don’t know the whole story. There is more going on here. Efforts to deceive have been significant. The Moon sometimes signifies hidden enemies and unknown danger as well – which seems to point to the possibility that someone else was involved besides just Chris. This is a tarot reading, and people should never take it as factual. I’m just relaying what the cards are communicating.

The Hierophant reversed seems to point to the dissolution of the relationship between Chris and Shanann. However, it also serves as a reminder that an affair seemed to act as the catalyst – or at least one of the major ones – for the murders. He went against the tradition of acting as a loyal and faithful husband. Even though we already know this information, the cards are emphasizing that aspect of the situation.

Okay, so in the second row we have some interesting dynamics that are presenting. The first, in the Four of Wands, is the vision or hope for a happy family. It is often a card of celebration. It is also a card depicting teamwork. Intuitively, I’m reading this as a statement that the goal was to clear the way for Chris to have all of those things with someone other than Shanann. I’m also wondering if it is trying to tell me that the murders were meant to clear the way for a wedding. I see this card come up often for engagements and weddings. Again, there is a sense of working together or doing something collaboratively with this card also. Which could also be answering the question as to whether anyone else was involved.

The Four of Pentacles is showing a situation where someone is possessive, materialistic, and has a strong desire to have control over people and situations. They can be territorial over people and/or places. Such a person may have a past that includes events or occurrences that have contributed to these tendencies. It can point to deep-seated underlying issues that someone has.

The Five of Swords is no surprise in this reading. It’s a card that conveys conflict. Sometimes it is minimal, but other times it can represent murder, rape, and violence. This is a weird reading for me because I keep having some repeating thoughts, but I don’t want to say them because they’re awful. If true, there’s an element to Shanann’s murder that people might not have not picked up on. It’s dark and I don’t feel good about articulating or communicating it. Plus, some of it just seems bizarre to me.

So it’s important to explain what the three cards on the second row signify because I often see people say in cases like this, “Well, why didn’t he just get a divorce?” There was no way Chris was going to let Shanann start a new life with someone else. If I am reading these correctly, he did not want anyone else raising his children. But there’s a financial motive here as well. Divorce would have looked like the more expensive option. There is this idea that stands out where his family “belongs” to him. He owned them, but he wanted a different life. He did not want them to have a different – and possibly better – life though. It’s hard to fully explain it. It was an all or absolutely nothing type of situation in his mind. Either they exist fully in his life or they cease to exist at all. We already know which one he chose.

The King of Pentacles is likely an adult male who places a lot of emphasis on material aspects of life. The Eight of Pentacles reversed is suggesting that the person was bored with their job, unhappy with the direction their career was going (or not going), etc. Moreover, the card points to financial instability and problems that were heavily weighing on this person. This is a situation where someone feels like they can’t and don’t measure up.

The Page of Pentacles reversed is either negative news that set all of this into motion, or it represents someone who is lazy, doesn’t want to work as hard as necessary to achieve goals, and someone who is unusually intense. If it’s representative of negative news, it would likely be Shanann’s pregnancy. If this is the case, the pregnancy was a significant motivator.

The Five of Pentacles, pulled for the Page of Pentacles reversed, is a card that depicts people who perceive their circumstances as negative. A person might feel as though they are being left out in the cold. It can represent breakups and divorces, as well as a lack of a spiritual connection that would help to ground a person.

The Five of Wands is showing people at cross-purposes. This is conflict over differing agendas or goals. The card is one that denotes struggles, disagreements, ego clashes, etc. However, interestingly enough, it also can show someone who is feeling defensive and territorial.

The reading does hint at possible outside involvement, beyond Chris, but it isn’t coming right out and saying it in a way that is clear to me. It seems that the cards are trying to answer the question by showing me the primary motivations. The first is financial and/or material. The second is the desire to start a new life – without having to give up one’s ownership over people and things. Chris may have hated Shanann, but he did not want someone stepping in and taking his place. The reading comes across like his ego was not remotely equipped to deal with that. And he didn’t want the financial burden either.

Question: Did Nichol Kessinger have direct knowledge or involvement in the Watts family murders?

Row 1
King of Wands (reversed) – Queen of Pentacles – Page of Wands (reversed)
Card pulled for the King of Wands (r): Knight of Swords (reversed)
Card pulled for the Knight of Swords (r): 7 of Wands

Row 2
7 of Pentacles (reversed) – 5 of Swords (reversed) – 6 of Swords (reversed)

Row 3
9 of Swords – The World – Ace of Swords (reversed)

Watts family reading 2


The first reading only partially answered my question and so I am narrowing it down by asking specifically about Nichol. The top row is showing me the major players. The King of Wands reversed is Chris. The Queen of Pentacles is Shanann (I’ll explain in a moment how I know this card does not depict Nichol). The Page of Wands reversed is coming across as Nichol.

The King of Wands reversed is linked to two other cards. The first is the Knight of Swords reversed and the second is the Seven of Wands. Okay, this is really interesting. There appears to be another man involved in this somehow. I’m not saying they took part in the murders since that is unclear here. I don’t know who on earth this represents, but I can describe them as a person with regard to their personality. But first, let’s start with the King of Wands reversed. In the first reading, the King of Wands presented in its upright position – which emphasizes some of the more positive attributes associated with people that are depicted by this card. In it’s reversed position, it is showing someone who can become quite nasty. People represented by this card tend to have a hot temper and they can be disloyal.

The card pulled in connection with the King of Wands reversed is the Knight of Swords reversed. Is this someone else linked to all this somehow? Or is it merely adding on to the descriptions or behaviors and attributes of the first card? The card often depicts younger adult males, or people who behave as though they are in their teens or twenties. In its reversed position, the negative attributes of the card are enhanced and show someone who can become verbally abusive or aggressive. It can also refer to someone who has a hard time expressing themselves to others.

The Seven of Wands, pulled in connection with the Knight of Swords reversed, shows this person as taking a defensive position in which they feel they need to protect what is theirs or they feel under attack. It is coming across like there was some issue between Chris and this other person that the reading is putting out there right in the beginning. A specific trigger.

The Queen of Pentacles is an adult motherly figure who has good business sense and is able to provide for herself, and her family, when needed. It describes Shanann perfectly. There are a lot of other attributes that come with this card, such as a person who is social, generous, successful, down-to-earth, and a good mother. The Tower shows a sudden and unexpected event that caused a major upheaval. On it’s face, it suggests the event might have been her murder. It could have been a revelation as well though that rocked her core and foundation. If the Tower does represent her murder, it’s highly unlikely she even saw it coming. As though she was attacked very suddenly and when she wasn’t anticipating it. If that’s true, then I don’t think the story Chris tells about them having an emotional conversation just before is true. The Tower suggests a sneaky type of attack – something that happens very suddenly and is not expected.

The Page of Wands reversed – when depicting a person – represents either a child or someone that has childish tendencies. Such a person can behave in ways that are impatient, gullible, moody, and impulsive. If representative of Nichol, it shows a side to her that she may have tried to keep hidden – one that reveals a deep sense of self-consciousness, fear, and pessimism. It would be someone with issues that are not necessarily immediately obvious to others in ordinary circumstances. The Devil, the card connected to the Page of Wands, is all about the chains that bind. There can be so many facets to this card. It could indicate she had a full-blown obsession with Chris and/or Shanann that may or may not have been shared/reciprocated (though circumstances suggest it was). It depicts someone who uses things like their sexuality to manipulate and control people- seduction. It can also show cruel and malicious intentions. So this card does not paint Nichol in a positive light at all. I would not be at all surprised if she’s still trying to pull strings or exert an influence in his life. To this day. And if she is, people should ask themselves WHY. Again, this is a tarot reading. I’m not saying any of these things are facts. I have no way of knowing. I’m just communicating the story the cards are telling.

The second row begins with the Seven of Pentacles reversed and the cards on this one pertains to Nichol, since the question is about whether she had direct involvement. The Seven of Pentacles reversed depicts people who are impatient and unwilling to put in the work to achieve their goals. They want the easiest methods possible. People that get this card might demonstrate a desire to find ways to get their needs or wants met in a way that is easy for them. It also depicts a lack of growth. Time keeps going by, but this person doesn’t grow emotionally or spiritually in a positive way.

The Five of Swords reversed can go a couple of ways. On one hand, it can denote the end to struggles through peaceful means. On the other, it can depict a situation in which there is an escalation in violence or a non-peaceful resolution. It’s also a card of sacrifice – maybe doing something or agreeing to something to end conflict. The implications of that, if true, are unpleasant.

The Six of Swords reversed is showing a person as being stuck in a particular situation and it represents a situation where trouble is, and has been, brewing in the times surrounding the murders – trouble that a person does not feel they can run or hide from entirely.

The Nine of Swords is showing Nichol as having a burden and/or darkness that hangs over her. It’s often thought of as a nightmare card in which people are the most troubled by the thoughts or visions in their mind. It can be a card of regret and remorse. It can be someone with psychological issues too.

The Ace of Swords reversed shows a plan that has failed and can represent a wrong decision that a person has made. It is also a card that shows poor planning. I’ve seen it come up in cases where a person was kidnapped and/or murdered and attempts to get away with it were ultimately unsuccessful – due to an overall failure to plan properly. The Ace of Swords upright is someone speaking and asserting their truth. In it’s reversed position, it’s someone that is trying to hide the truth.

An odd, and somewhat interesting, thing about the World card is that I have it come up in a fair number of readings pertaining to murders. I have never really figured out precisely how or why it appears in these instances, but it seems to denote circumstances coming full circle – whether they succeeded or failed.

Some things that stood out to me, after analyzing both readings, is that there appears to be at least some knowledge and involvement on the part of one or two people (besides Chris). Like I said before, no one should take tarot readings as fact. But if any of this is accurate, it seems that Nichol knew much more than she let on. How do I put this? She had much more control and influence, is the best way I can think to try to explain this. If there had been no Nichol, this all reads like there would have been no murders (no outside influence). Which is such a strange and weird thought. That one person can exert that much control over people and situations. There are cards that depict Nichol as being involved in – or having knowledge of – an overall plan. To what extent, I don’t know. If the cards are to be believed, she’s not being truthful.

I want to mention something else. A while back, I was practicing these kinds of readings by doing ones on cases I had little to no knowledge about. I did one reading on this case and recorded the cards that I pulled. Since Chris had already confessed and been convicted by the time I did the reading, I asked about motive. The cards I pulled were the Lovers reversed, the Page of Wands (with the 3 of Cups), and the Hierophant.

I was baffled by these cards at the time – especially since I had little knowledge of the case (to the point where I didn’t even know Chris was cheating prior to the reading) – and I spent a lot of time thinking about these cards after the reading was finished. One day, I was going over it in my mind when I realized that the Three of Cups and the Hierophant were showing me a very specific motive: the murders could have been intended to pave the way for Chris to have a more “traditional” relationship with Nichol. If accurate, they were telling me there was a plan for Chris and Nichol to marry. Both the Three of Cups and the Hierophant may represent a marriage or plans to marry as a primary motive, suggesting a greater degree of knowledge than Nichol has claimed to have. If true.

And who is this second male person that came up in the second reading?


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Elisa Lam

Elisa is pictured on the left

Elisa Lam
Birthday: 04/30/1991
Disappearance/Death: Jan-Feb 2013 (exact date unknown)

Question 1: What happened to cause the death of Elisa Lam?

Row One
Knight of Pentacles – The Hermit (reversed) – Page of Swords
Card pulled for the Knight of Pentacles: Justice
Card pulled for the Page of Swords: Queen of Pentacles (r)
Card pulled for the Queen of Pentacles (r): 3 of Swords reversed

Row Two
9 of Wands (reversed) – Knight of Wands (reversed) – 8 of Wands
Card pulled for the Knight of Wands (r): 2 of Swords

Row Three
8 of Cups (reversed) – Judgement (reversed) – Strength (reversed)

Elisa Lam – Traditional Manga tarot

Disclaimer: Tarot readings should not be taken as absolute claims that something did or did not happen. I only report the meaning of the cards, their relationships and the meaning in the context of those relationships, as well as intuitions I have based entirely on the cards presented in the reading. When/if I say that something happened, in any part of a reading description, I mean that is what I am interpreting from the cards, their positions, and other related factors.


The following is an extremely basic summary of what happened to Elisa. The situation is much more complicated and detailed. However, I wanted to give a brief background on what happened for anyone seeking a rudimentary refresher.

Elisa Lam was 21 years old when she traveled to California from her home in Canada in January of 2013. She had planned a trip that appeared to include several cities. On January 26th, Elisa arrived in Los Angeles and stayed at the Cecil Hotel. She was in the habit of updating social media periodically to provide some details about her trip. She also kept in contact with her family.

However, she stopped reaching out to her family at the end of January and her parents filed a missing persons report with the LAPD. They traveled to the United States to assist with finding their daughter.

Elisa was nowhere to be found until February 19th, when a hotel maintenance worker checked the large water tanks located on the roof of the hotel because guests were complaining about problems with the water pressure. He reportedly saw Elisa’s body inside one of the tanks and alerted management.

Elisa’s cause of death was noted as an accidental drowning and her diagnosis of bipolar disorder was cited as a contributor. No explanations or information were given about why or how she ended up in the water tank. She had no illegal substances in her system, nor did it appear she had been drinking. Medications consistent with those she had brought on the trip – and was prescribed – were found in her system.

The Reading:

Before you read this, please remember that I have no way to know what happened for certain. Don’t take any of the information described in the readings as fact until or unless details are proven.

The reading for Elisa begins with the Knight of Pentacles. Typically, the first card I pull in a reading reflects the attitudes or energy of the person I am reading on. There are exceptions sometimes. When representative of people, court cards reflect an energy that is correlated with an age range and gender. However, the person represented can really be any age or any gender. The intent of court cards is to mirror the energy or attributes they are projecting. The Knight of Pentacles represents a person that gives off youthful energy and is grounded. It also comes up in readings when a person is slowly working toward accomplishing something and is waiting patiently to make progress as they plug along. This card presents Elisa and her mindset when the situation causing her death began to unfold.

I pulled the Justice card in relation to the Knight card. It’s positioning in relation to the Knight card tells me that person is seeking justice. The person – Elisa in this case – has and is waiting patiently for justice to happen. She is looking for accountability. The cards presented this information up front as a way to clue me in that a person, or people, are responsible for her death and they have not been held accountable for it.

The Hermit reversed is the second card in the row and shows me someone who has or is experiencing isolation. The energy is that of someone who has been reclusive but seeks to break out of those patterns so they may socialize and make meaningful connections. The card is consistent with what is known about Elisa taking a trip to the United States and expressing a desire to have a good experience. However, it tells me that a specific goal of the trip was to come out of isolation and meet people.

The Page of Swords represents a youthful energy and is associated with someone who is full of energy and very communicative. This person articulates themselves well and they enjoy having passionate conversations or debates. The energy and attributes seem consistent with how some people reported Elisa’s behavior close to the time of her death – such as the owner of a bookstore who described her as friendly and talkative, asking a lot of questions and engaging in conversations with a lot of different people. The Hermit reversed showed us someone who was trying to get back out there and become an active part of society. The Page is the execution of those efforts in terms of the approach taken.

Pages can also represent messages that are coming or have been received – depending on the type of reading and the placement of the card. If applied here, the Page could also refer to the way in which Elisa was communicating with others – such as through the sending of a text, call, email, or letter. It would refer to a quick method (Swords is a faster moving energy) and so a verbal type of message – where the person blurts out something they probably should not say– is possible here. If that’s the case, this happened in such a way that it impacted the person in the Queen of Pentacles reversed card, and they were not happy about it.

I pulled the Queen of Pentacles reversed as the card associated with the Page of Swords. Though the card’s imagery depicts a female, court cards can represent any gender so it could go either way. It denotes some kind of direct relationship or interaction between the person in the Page position and the one in the Queen position and has come up because it pertains to the question I asked. The Queen of Pentacles upright has a lot of positive attributes. In its reversed position, though, it shows a negative and difficult person. The person usually has a good sense for business, but in a reversed position it shows them as making decisions based on greed and selfishness. In the upright position, it comes up for people who typically make a good living and support themselves. However, in the reversed position it can mean a person who is spending money foolishly, making bad investments, or living off another person’s wealth. This is someone looking out for themselves and possibly their career, since material and financial matters are a high priority for them.

The Three of Swords reversed suggests that a conflict that occurred was, for the most part, resolved – at least in the mind of one of the people involved. Sometimes the card comes up when someone else is holding a grudge where they pretended to move on from something but really still had negative thoughts about it. There are times when the imagery conveys additional meaning. There are three swords shown as penetrating a single heart. Cards that I will be discussing momentarily suggest there were two other people, besides Elisa, involved in this situation. Three total people tied directly to the above-mentioned conflict.

The Nine of Wands reversed is a card that comes up when a person feels like they have no energy left in them to argue or fight a battle. Basically, if applied to Elisa and her situation, it means that whatever conflict she experienced wore her down to the point where was no longer putting up an active defense. Sometimes, a second dynamic with this card is a situation where someone stops actively contributing to a conflict or problem because they are afraid of the consequences that might happen if they address it directly. I don’t know if the Nine of Wands reversed is connected to the first conflict or if there was a second that occurred.

The next card is the Knight of Wands reversed and its positioning suggests it was the other person – or another person – involved. A person meeting this description is one that is behaving in a manner that is reckless and arrogant. Such a person may feel untouchable and thus behave in ways that a lot of people wouldn’t – simply for fear of the consequences. The Knight of Wands reversed is not worried about consequences. They act before they think, and they are impatient. It is possible that whatever the conflict felt settled between the people depicted by the Page and Queen, but not so much by this person who represents the Knight. They might have still felt wronged so to speak. The energy associated with them is on the younger side (someone behaving like an older teenager or someone in their twenties, for instance). The person could be older, but if so, they were behaving in a way that is more consistent with a person lacking maturity. There’s a sense of entitlement here.

The Two of Swords, in relation to the above Knight card, places Elisa in a position where she felt stuck in the middle of something. She probably knew the situation was not good or right in terms of its progression, but she could have also been in denial about the seriousness of her predicament. Events had not yet turned in such a way to suggest she had something to fear. The Two of Swords can represent someone who needs to make a difficult decision (Elisa), but they are hesitant to do it without spending a lot more time thinking about it. The person doesn’t want to make the decision yet. They want to think about it and consider the ramifications. The problem is that the card can also hint at information or circumstances the person in question does not know about – information that would absolutely change their reaction to a situation or problem.

The Eight of Wands card shows me things from that then on moved quickly. It is a card with energy that typically feels positive to the person the cards are communicating information about. Think of it as forces coming together toward a common goal, or the universe aligning in just such a way as to allow events to unfold in a specific manner. However, its relationship to the Two of Swords tells me that things were not quite as they appeared, and the rapid pace of the events worked against Elisa. A decision needed to be made fast, on Elisa’s end, to avoid a bad outcome – and that’s assuming avoidance was even a possibility to begin with. It might not have been.

The cards show progressive and quick escalation with the above card. The Eight of Cups reversed shows me that Elisa was in a situation she needed to get out of, but for whatever reason either couldn’t or hesitated. The card can mean that the person in question is experiencing confusion about what they should do. That kind of desperate confusion can motivate people to do things they ordinarily wouldn’t and so I can’t rule out the possibility that she went to the roof on her own accord to hide from one or more people – and situation – mentioned above. It’s entirely possible she got into the water tank because she didn’t realize the danger of it or thought it was the only place she could truly hide. The reading just is not clear on this aspect.

Whatever she did or didn’t do, in relation to all of this, the Judgement card in the reversed position shows me someone who regretted their decision (or indecision) and felt a sense of almost self-hatred for not fixing or getting out of a situation. The card takes the concept of self-doubt, and one’s tendency to judge their own behaviors or choices harshly and applies them to the individual the reading is focused on. Major arcana cards usually reflect significant aspects or influences associated with the reading, and they hint at the lack of control people sometimes have in their lives. The card conveys the idea to me that forces that were out of Elisa’s control, but she blamed herself for it all anyway.

The last card in the reading is Strength reversed. It points to a time of intense fear and worry when paired with other cards here. Whatever happened with the conflict and/or people described above, the situation did not end well because Elisa couldn’t or didn’t extricate herself from it. It supports the possibility that she hid, or tried to hide, because it shows someone as losing their sense of inner strength or their ability to take back control of the situation. She also could have simply been cornered in such a way sealed her fate. Again, I cannot tell from these cards exactly how that aspect of the situation played out.

What is frustrating about this reading is that while it shows at least one major conflict, and likely two or more other people involved in it, it does not provide a comfortably clear explanation for her death – except to show she didn’t casually or randomly fall into the tank. Nothing in the reading points to suicide either. The reading does convey the sense that others were involved in some direct way and that conflict between them set the wheels of all this in motion. Whatever happened, Elisa does not feel the people involved were held to account for it. There is still a need or desire for Justice – as shown early on.

Those are my interpretations and opinions only. I hope that somehow the answers about what really happened become known.


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Kendrick Johnson

Birthday: 10/10/1995
Death: 01/10/2013

Question 1: Who or what caused the death of Kendrick Johnson?

Row One
6 of Wands (reversed) – 5 of Wands (reversed) – The World (reversed)

Row Two
2 of Cups – 4 of Wands (reversed) – 6 of Cups

Row Three
The Tower – The Hanged Man (reversed) – The Moon

Tarot reading for Kendrick Johnson.
Kendrick Johnson – Darkness of Light tarot

Disclaimer: Tarot readings should not be taken as absolute claims that something did or did not happen. I only report the meaning of the cards, their relationships and the meaning in the context of those relationships, as well as intuitions I have based entirely on the cards presented in the reading. When/if I say that something happened, in any part of a reading description, I mean that is what I am interpreting from the cards, their positions, and other related factors.


Kendrick Johnson was 17 years old when he was found deceased inside of a rolled-up gym mat at his school in Valdosta, Georgia. He was on the basketball team at Lowndes High School. Investigators reportedly concluded that his death was an accident and that he had gotten stuck inside of the mat while trying to retrieve a shoe that was beneath it. The reason given was that the mat was included among others and would have been heavy or difficult to move. The mats were located in one of the school’s gymnasiums and it has been said that students sometimes sat on top of them while hanging out there.

Kendrick’s body was found the day after he is said to have died, though his exact time of death is not known for sure due in part to the way the investigation (or lack of it?) was handled. His cause of death was initially given as positional asphyxia because he was facing head down inside of the mat when he was found. The mat had been rolled up and placed upright against one of the walls in a corner area. A second and third autopsy determined his death was caused by blunt force trauma.

Surveillance inside the school showed Kendrick entering the gym, but do not show him exiting. A problem with the footage is that it did not appear to clearly record the section of the gym with the mats. Other people appeared to be in the gym at the time he entered, including some that were playing basketball. Kendrick’s family has long held the position that their son was murdered.

The Reading:

I want to begin by saying this is one of the clearest readings I have done on any of the cases I have read for thus far. The meaning of the cards jumped out at me and presented itself strongly.

The Six of Wands reversed puts Kendrick in a position where his skills and talents were not receiving the recognition they likely deserved. It was not that no one recognized they existed; they did. When this card is upright, it depicts someone receiving praise and recognition for their accomplishments. In the reversed position – in the context of this reading – it shows someone who should have been getting it but wasn’t.

The Five of Wands shows Kendrick as wanting to avoid the conflict that was surrounding his performance as a player, as well as other aspects of his life (which I will get into shortly). He wasn’t doing anything to try to stoke the fire so to speak. In his heart and mind, he preferred peace and harmony.

The World reversed is a card that shows emptiness and a lack of closure. It also emphasizes the first card that touched on Kendrick’s lack of praise or recognition. Whether he shared these thoughts or not, he was bothered by all of this, and it left him feeling as though something was missing in his life. He wanted to fix the situation but I’m getting the impression he was at a loss as to how. Realistically, these forces were beyond his immediate control – meaning he was not the cause of the problem and he was not in a position to fix it. The problem was with others around him.

The second row begins with the Two of Cups. I can already see something that was contributing to whatever conflict Kendrick was experiencing, and to the way events culminated. There was a person he felt connected to in a way that he hadn’t really experienced before. The feelings were mutual and the two people had a deep sense of respect for one another. There was genuine love and caring in this relationship. Typically this is a card depicting a close partnership or a romantic type of connection.

It seems there was an obstacle blocking the above relationship though. I hesitate to call it a relationship around the time of Kendrick’s death because it feels like a situation where the two still cared for one another, but something or someone was standing between them. I don’t know if there was a family member who disproved or a jealous ex on either end, but there was something that stood in the way of this relationship. It caused instability and left Kendrick feeling like he wasn’t – or couldn’t – get the support he needed from it. The cards read like it was an ex or significant other of one of these two people (Kendrick or the other person depicted here).

Kendrick was in a mindset where he thought about this relationship often. Not in an obsessive or unreasonable way mind you. He just found it comforting to think about it and he had hopes that it might somehow all work out. He also generally seemed to be going through a time of nostalgia, where he was remembering happy memories and enjoying the support of his family. The card is communicating that he felt comfortable in his home environment, or with his family. He liked things that were familiar to him and the people he cared about were extremely important to him. He had a maturity beyond his years in this way. He was loved by his family, and I have no doubt he knew this.

The third row begins with the Tower. Kendrick experienced a sudden and shocking event. Intuitively, I am seeing this as the moment he was attacked. I feel confident saying he was attacked because none of his reading suggests an accident and the cards have already shown me the motives. This was an ambush. For some reason, this reading is really clear and there is this sense that the truth wants and needs to be known. It’s hard to explain but it’s palpable for lack of a better word. The messages communicated are intense and vivid to me.

As soon as I put this next card down, it occurred to me that it was ironic to the point of almost seeming incredible. The card is the Hanged Man reversed. There are times when a card means exactly what it says, and this is one of them. The meaning behind the card varies considerably, depending on what else is happening in a reading. Here it shows me someone who felt like he was putting a lot of effort and energy into aspects of his life, only to find himself in the position of being attacked. I am not even sure he knew, at the moment this all happened, why the person or people came after him. It doesn’t feel like he had enough time to really process it then. It’s placement next to the Tower tells me that the event that occurred was not an accident.

The reading concluded with the Moon in its upright position. This situation is surrounded by lies and secrets. There are people that know what happened, but they are not sharing this information in a way that it is being heard. Granted, I think some people may have tried to share pieces of information, but they likely found it hard to find someone in a position of authority who would take them seriously. If they were taken seriously, the person that heard them out probably ran up against obstacles that prevented them from doing anything about it as well. This is not going to be a case that will be easy to untangle. It is complex and the secrets now run deep with this one – since there were likely people brought into all of this after the fact, who either tried to help someone (or more than one person) avoid having to take responsibility. This is not to say that the truth can’t and won’t be revealed. But it won’t happen easily or without persistent and relentless effort.

As I said before, this reading came across clearly to me. It was communicated so well that it felt like someone or something – or the universe for that matter – wants the truth known. All of these cases are especially sad, but this one hit me hard because the emotions and events were portrayed in ways that were unmistakable.

As a reminder, I have no way to know what happened for certain. Please do not take any of the information described in the readings as fact until or unless details are proven.


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