April Bailey

Disappearance: January 15, 2020 (reportedly)
Location: Nashua, New Hampshire

Disclaimer: Tarot readings should not be taken as absolute claims or facts with regard to any person or situation. I only present the possible meanings associated with the cards, as well as intuitions and impressions that I get during the reading. All readings are suppositional and should be treated as such.


April Bailey is described as having disappeared after taking out the trash in Nashua, NH. She was said to have been wearing only a jacket, slippers, and pajamas.

Question: What circumstances caused April’s disappearance?

Row 1
Empress – Ace of Pentacles – Star (r)

Row 2
Magician – Page of Pentacles (r) – 10 of Swords
Card pulled for Page of Pentacles (r): 7 of Pentacles

Row 3
Hierophant – 4 of Wands – 7 of Wands


The reading is starting out with the Empress, Ace of Pentacles, and the Star reversed. It looks like April was in a place in her life where she was trying to initiate new beginnings, or important changes – particularly in areas involving money, family, and possibly work. Sometimes the Ace of Pentacles indicates new work or job opportunities. However, the Star reversed suggests that whatever she had in mind, or was hoping to accomplish, was not working out for her. She may have been feeling some degree of hopelessness about one or more aspects of her situation.

The Magician is a person who is resourceful. The card can carry positive or negative meaning, but the cards surrounding it suggest that it represents a person in April’s life – who is connected to her disappearance – who was (is) manipulative and dishonest.

The Page of Pentacles reversed, paired with the Seven of Pentacles, is suggesting that April received some bad news regarding money and/or career matters. The news pertains to something she had been working on or working to achieve – with the understanding that it was going to be a situation where she would not likely see positive results from the effort or work, she had been putting in for quite some time. Things were not going as she hoped or planned.

And the Ten of Swords shows a situation where she would have minimally felt that she hit rock bottom. It is always a concerning card to see in these readings – especially among other cards suggesting that people, forces, or situations were not quite working in someone’s favor – because it can point to actual destruction or ruin. Either way, it is all connected to this seemingly resourceful person and something that she had been working toward.

The Hierophant, Four of Wands, and Seven of Wands are interesting. In combination, they seem to suggest a situation where there was the desire on someone’s part – either April or someone else that she knew – to basically lay down roots and go a traditional route with something. My first thought is that it might relate to marriage or a desire to get married, or to make a situation or relationship more formal basically. But the Seven of Wands is showing a person who is on the defensive regarding these matters, or someone who feels under pressure or under attack in connection with them. In April’s case, it might mean a literal kind of attack.

Question: Who or what caused April’s disappearance?

Row 1
Star – Emperor – 9 of Pentacles

Row 2
9 of Cups (r) – 2 of Cups (r) – Devil

Row 3
Ace of Wands – 8 of Swords – 8 of Pentacles (r)


The answer to the question as to who or what caused April’s disappearance begins with the Star in its upright position. What is interesting about this is that it is opposite of the mindset portrayed by the first reading, which makes me think that the who/what was not April herself – meaning it does not appear she disappeared of her own volition. The Emperor positions the person responsible as someone who is possibly a father figure – or an actual father – who had some degree of power and authority. I am using the past tense because April disappeared almost three years ago. The Nine of Pentacles indicates the person had a means of making money. Which circles back to the Magician in the first reading – a person who is resourceful in varying ways.

The Nine of Cups reversed is a card that can indicate addiction, arrogance, and self-hatred. It’s also an indicator that whatever this person was doing in their life, it was not causing them to feel fulfilled and it was probably creating some serious problems. The Two of Cups reversed is showing this person as either being in a bad relationship at the time of April’s disappearance or they had just gotten out of one. The Devil is another card that really makes me wonder about this person’s lifestyle because it can also point to addiction, secrecy, possible infidelity, cruelty, etc.

The person felt trapped by a situation or person in their life and probably had (have) psychological issues that are profound enough that other people know about them. Sometimes the Eight of Swords can point to someone who has been in jail or prison, but I don’t really know if that’s relevant here or not. It certainly could be – considering all of the other cards that make me think this person might have had shady dealings. The person might have been motivated to cause April’s disappearance by a desire to start new and free themselves somehow. But I don’t really see all that as having played out the way they wanted because the Eight of Pentacles reversed is usually someone who is in a dead-end job and has a bad reputation in general.

Oracle Reading

Question: What do we need to know about April’s disappearance?

The two oracle cards pulled are the Werewolf and the Three Fates. The Werewolf tells me there is someone connected to this who has two different ways of presenting themselves. Their innate nature is wild and probably looked upon as unconventional, as well as dangerous. But they don’t always show that side to them.

The Three Fates is saying that unlearned past lessons were behind April’s disappearance. Whether it was a person, relationship, or something that she had already learned was not good for her is hard to say. And there is a possibility that she did have plans to break the pattern or cut ties with whoever this refers to (if a person), but if so, it did not go as planned/hoped.

Question: What do we need to know about the person or people directly involved?

The Witch could be saying that the person involved weaves their own reality. They have a way of manipulating people and situations that usually works in their favor. The card can be positive or negative, but in this context, I’m placing the emphasis on the illusionary aspect in which this person creates a fake kind of reality for themselves and presents that to others.

Storm Angel is saying that this is a person with whom there was a lot of conflict and fighting. April did not have a stable and harmonious relationship with this person. This card also shows a situation where anything involving lying, deception, cheating, etc. was exposed. So it is reading like there was a situation where something significant, and troubling, was uncovered and then there was some kind of reaction to that which culminated in her disappearance.


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Harmony Montgomery

Disappearance: October of 2019
Location: Manchester, New Hampshire

Disclaimer: Tarot readings should not be taken as absolute claims that something did or did not happen. I only report the meaning of the cards, their relationships and the meaning in the context of those relationships, as well as intuitions I have based entirely on the cards presented in the reading. Tarot reading is an art and not a science.


Harmony Montgomery is 7 years old. The last confirmed sighting was approximately two years ago. Like Elijah Lewis, who was found deceased in 2021 after disappearing for 6 months, Harmony’s disappearance has now come to the attention of police.

Question: Who or what caused Harmony’s disappearance?

Row 1
The Lovers – Tower (reversed) – 4 of Pentacles

Row 2
Magician (reversed) – Page of Pentacles – 7 of Wands
Card pulled for the Page of Pentacles: Ace of Pentacles (reversed)

Row 3
The Devil – King of Wands (reversed) – Queen of Cups (reversed)
Card pulled for the King of Wands (r): 2 of Pentacles
Card pulled for the Queen of Cups (r): 7 of Cups (reversed)


In response to the first question concerning who or what caused Harmony’s disappearance, the cards are showing me a couple. It is reading like an adult man and an adult woman. The Lovers indicates that there is likely a romantic type of relationship between the two people.

The Tower reversed suggests that something happened that was not planned out well in advance. Unlike the upright position, the reversed Tower comes with a sense of impending doom – as though whoever is involved has been waiting for the other shoe to drop with regard to all this. Whoever is involved doesn’t want to be held accountable.

The Four of Pentacles indicates that one or both people have some deep-seated issues going on. These issues extend to how the people maintain their finances and their home. It can point to people who are hoarders or who hold on to people or possessions obsessively at times.

The Magician reversed is showing me that one or both of these people con people or behave in criminal ways. They might try to play the system, so to speak. There are definitely some other issues at play – as evidenced by the appearance of the Devil on the last row – and so I would expect one or both people have some kind of serious addiction. It could be alcohol, drugs, etc.

Okay, so the next two cards I am reading based on meaning and intuition. The first is the Page of Pentacles, which I am seeing as representing Harmony. The card pulled in connection with the Page is the Ace of Pentacles reversed. I’m not taking that as a positive sign because it shows the people involved as feeling like Harmony was a financial burden. This is a tarot reading, and so as always, I caution against taking any of this as fact (without solid evidence backing it), but this card – combined with the meaning of the Four of Pentacles previously – is making it seem like these people were having money issues or wanted more money. There is a stinginess factor here that tells me that a possible scarcity of financial resources contributed to all of this happening.

I think financial and resource-related matters contributed in other ways too. For instance, it’s possible that Harmony was supposed to have been monitored by some kind of youth protection agency (I’m not saying she was, but I’m using this as an example here) and fell into the cracks due to a deficiency in financial and/or human resources. I’m getting that there were failures on more than one level here and I’m seeing a lack of money or resources as a major factor.

I don’t think it is a huge mystery – behind the scenes at least – as to who is responsible. I am getting from the Seven of Wands that these people are already on the defensive and are acting as though they are under attack. So if law enforcement has not found or communicated with them yet (and it honestly feels like they probably have or have at least talked to people who could relay messages to these two people) then these individuals know and understand that’s coming. They are delaying the inevitable as evidenced by this cards and the Tower reversed.

The Devil points to there being a lot of underlying issues at play. We could be looking at drug abuse, alcohol dependency, physical abuses, and on the list goes. The Devil is not a promising card in these readings. I can’t do anything with this card, or interpret it, in any way that is truly positive. There are definitely mental health issues surrounding this whole thing as well. Serious ones that were hinted at in other cards, like the Four of Pentacles (in the context of this reading).

The King of Wands reversed appears to represent the male figure. The Two of Pentacles shows this person has been responding to financial stress and has been trying to balance a range of issues or problems. The person knows they are in a dire or crisis type of situation, but they are still trying to focus and figure out options. This is a person who behaves recklessly and likely has a hot temper. A person represented in the reversed positioning of this card does not exhibit pleasant characteristics or qualities – let’s put it that way.

The Queen of Cups reversed is coming across as the other person involved. If they were not directly involved, then I would say they have knowledge. I don’t know if this is the other half of the couple that the Lovers point to. The Seven of Cups reversed is interesting because it shows this person as feeling trapped in their situation and who is avoiding facing reality. I don’t know if they are directly involved or if they just know/suspect what really happened.

Question: What circumstances caused Harmony’s disappearance?

Row 1
The Devil – 10 of Swords (reversed) – Queen of Swords
Card pulled for the Queen of Swords: Knight of Cups (reversed)
Card pulled for the Knight of Cups (r): Emperor

Row 2
4 of Pentacles – Page of Pentacles – 4 of Swords (reversed)
Card pulled for the Page of Pentacles: Queen of Cups (reversed)
Card pulled for the Queen of Cups (r): The Star

Row 3
4 of Cups – 4 of Wands – 6 of Pentacles (reversed)


The Devil reappeared in this reading as the first card. It’s telling me that there is some kind of vice or addiction that has contributed to events playing out in the way that they have. The Ten of Swords reversed is emphasizing there are mental health issues associated with one or more people involved. The issues are prominent enough that others were (or still are) aware they exist.

The Queen of Swords, Knight of Cups reversed, and the Emperor is an interesting combination that could be read a few ways. It seems like something got between the person in the Queen position and Emperor position that caused conflict to arise. The Knight of Cups reversed could represent a third person – who has a younger energy – that could have been a child of one or both people. It could also signify some kind of romantic situation that went bad. The Emperor is usually a father figure. I’m taking that to likely be Harmony’s father. I don’t know if the Queen of Swords is Harmony’s biological mother or what. I wish I had some background information on this case because then I might be able to say who fits in what roles here.

The Four of Pentacles showed up in the first reading and it made its appearance in this one as well. The card points to situations where someone is stingy with their money, can be obsessive about people or possessions, and feels a strong need to control financial or material aspects of their life. This is a card that can come up with people that hoard – for all of those reasons. It’s also a mental health card in that it reflects a mindset that is unhealthy, obsessive, and rigid.

The Page of Pentacles came up again in this reading. I could be totally wrong here, but I’m going to go out on a limb with this one and say that the two cards pulled in reference to the Page are implying that the female (Queen of Cups reversed) represents Harmony’s mother or someone who was acting as a mother-type figure when she disappeared. I kind of feel like the Queen of Swords is Harmony’s biological mom, so this Queen of Cups reversed is coming across as the same person discussed at the end of the last reading. The exact same card came up there. And the Star makes me think that Harmony viewed this person in a hopeful way. It seems like she had (or has, since I don’t know her fate for certain) some positive feelings for or about this person.

Okay, the last row is interesting. The Four of Cups shows regret and missed opportunities. The Four of Wands could depict a marriage or family type of celebration. The Six of Pentacles reversed is someone who is coming across as using money or material things to control another person or situation. Is this trying to clue me in that the two people mentioned in the first reading are married, or were married in the not-to-distant past?

I’ve said before that I don’t like to point fingers because these readings aren’t always completely accurate, and my interpretation of the cards is not always correct. However, I have a really strong feeling about who specifically is involved, and I don’t have a good feeling about the final outcome for Harmony. Here’s what I will say. There is one parent – a biological parent – who knows FAR more about what happened than the other. This person can be identified by their obsessive and/or stingy approach to money and resources. They either still have at least one addiction, or they did in the not-too-distant past. This person has some mental health issues that may or may not have been diagnosed (people who know this person are aware of them though). And they have – or at least had when Harmony first went missing – a significant other who has some kind of information. That’s all I feel comfortable saying. I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t think this one ends well. I would welcome being wrong in this case.

Bottom line is that these are just tarot readings. I don’t have any way of knowing for certain what happened.


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Maura Murray

Birthdate: 05-04-1982
Disappearance: 02/09/2004

Question: What happened to Maura Murray?

Row 1
7 of Swords – 4 of Cups (reversed) – Knight of Cups (reversed)
Card pulled for the Knight of Cups (r): Magician (reversed)

Row 2
Strength (reversed) – Queen of Swords (reversed) – Page of Swords (reversed)
Card pulled for the Queen of Swords (r): 4 of Wands
Card pulled for the Page of Swords (r): 3 of Pentacles (reversed)

Row 3
The Moon (reversed) – High Priestess (reversed) – 5 of Cups

Maura Murray reading – Traditional Manga tarot

Disclaimer: Tarot readings should not be taken as absolute claims that something did or did not happen. I only report the meaning of the cards, their relationships and the meaning in the context of those relationships, as well as intuitions I have based entirely on the cards presented in the reading. When/if I say that something happened, in any part of a reading description, I mean that is what I am interpreting from the cards, their positions, and other related factors.


Maura Murray disappeared on February 2nd of 2004. Unbeknownst to her friends and family, Maura left Boston University to drive to an unknown destination. Her vehicle was found in Woodsville, New Hampshire, in a position that suggested she crashed into an embankment. At least one man offered to help her, but she declined assistance and asked him not to call the police. She reportedly claimed to have already contacted AAA. A later investigation did not uncover evidence that she made any call to AAA. By the time police arrived at the scene, Maura had vanished, and no one had any clear indication about where she went. To date, she has not been found.

The Reading:

The reading starts with Maura in the 7 of Swords position. This card represents deceitful and misleading behavior. It refers to someone who is attempting to get away from a situation but are using lies and strategic planning to accomplish it.

The Four of Cups reversed shows Maura in a mindset where she was unhappy and depressed. She would have been looking for an escape or way to achieve happiness. She had a strong desire to start over. She was not happy with the way her life was going.

The Knight of Cups reversed appears to reference a relationship in her life that initially seemed promising but turned out to cause more distress than happiness. If she had a relationship with someone matching the reversed Knight of Cups’ personality and attributes, it conveys a situation involving false or empty promises.

The Magician reversed is the card I pulled in reference to the Knight of Cups reversed. It denotes a sense of being tricked or conned. Something came to light to make Maura see the reality of the situation. Basically, Maura felt the person in the Knight of Cups reversed position duped her in a romantic sense. It is coming up in the reading this early because it was one of many things that motivated her to seek a new start or a way to set her life on a completely different path.

Strength reversed tells me that Maura lost all confidence in herself and her abilities. She was going through a time of intense emotions and felt a great deal of fear. The negative aspects of her emotions were completely overriding anything positive in her life.

The Queen of Swords reversed is a person or energy who is deceitful, unforgiving, and bitter. Such a person would reflect an individual that was older than Maura and more experienced in terms of what they have been through in life. A lot of times, people in this position are acting in a way that was shaped by trauma they experienced in their life. The energy does not feel young enough to represent Maura. However, it could be someone her age that came across as more mature in terms of experience and knowledge. Maura had a close relationship with this person or else the influence would not have been as profound as the cards are suggesting.

The Four of Wands provides insight into who the above person could have been. The Four of Wands is a card that reflects a sense of home, family-type gatherings, and a sense of overall belonging. This would have been someone very close to Maura and I’m leaning toward saying that I feel they were related (by blood or marriage). However, they could have also been an extremely close friend.

The next card is the Page of Swords reversed. Pages can represent people, messages, or both. Swords is a fast-moving energy and so the implication here is that Maura received a message – or had a communication with – the person in the Queen position. The person in the Queen position gave Maura bad news and the delivery of it is coming across as an attempt to be hurtful or even malicious.

The motivation behind the message is reflected in the Three of Pentacles reversed. I am getting this impression of projection – where this older person was projecting their own problems and issues onto Maura. This was a person in Maura’s life who was not learning from their own past mistakes and there is this sense that they were blaming Maura for some of their problems.

The Moon reversed tells me that with regard to what happened to Maura, there are a lot of misunderstandings and a total lack of clarity. There were people and/or forces in Maura’s life that were oppressive and holding her back. She feared them and the concept of breaking free was not one that came easily because there is this element of entanglement here.

The High Priestess reversed is coming up as an indicator that events were unfolding in a way that Maura knew were not good. All of this hints at something having happened that Maura knew about or saw. It shows someone that has been ignoring their gut feelings and intuition about situations as well. I can’t make sense of it from these cards alone. There is information the public does not have that would cast Maura’s disappearance in a dramatically different light. There are truths pertaining to the reasons why she left the Massachusetts area that are still concealed from view.  These facts, or pieces of information, fill in major gaps.

The Five of Cups brings me to Maura’s mental state at the time of her disappearance. She was distraught, depressed, feeling emotionally unstable, and lonely. She felt really alone and isolated.

Question: What happened to Maura Murray after her car accident in New Hampshire?

Row 1

Page of Pentacles (reversed) – Chariot (reversed) – Knight of Pentacles (reversed)
Card pulled for the Page of Pentacles (r): 9 of Swords (reversed)
Card pulled for the Knight of Pentacles (r): 2 of Wands (reversed)

Row 2
Queen of Swords – 4 of Cups (reversed) – Knight of Cups
Card pulled for the Queen of Swords: 7 of Pentacles
Card pulled for the Knight of Cups: The Fool

Row 3
The Sun (reversed) – 4 of Pentacles – Justice (reversed)

Tarot reading about what happened to Maura Murray.


The Page of Pentacles reversed represents Maura’s position and mindset after the accident. She was left feeling foolish by the accident and believed it was caused because she was irresponsible. Despite that, the Nine of Swords reversed shows that Maura had some kind of hope or light at the end of the tunnel mentality. Sometimes the Nine of Swords reversed is an indication of an offer for help – someone that sees a person experiencing the mental/emotional stress depicted in the upright part of the card and offers support or resources to try to get them through it.

The Chariot reversed, in readings such as these, usually shows me that a person’s situation turned especially dark while they were in a vehicle – or somehow in relation to the vehicle. What seems known about Maura’s disappearance is that her car was found looking as though it had crashed.

The Knight of Pentacles reversed seems to be the person or resource offered to Maura. However, the Two of Wands reversed tells me that she did not accept it. She wanted to try to avoid unnecessary risks at that point and she was trying to play it safe.

The Queen of Swords card emerges next and shows me another person involved in this aspect of the situation in some way. A person matching the attributes of the Queen of Swords in an upright position came into the picture. The Seven of Pentacles confirms that this was someone older – someone at retirement age or approaching it.

The Four of Cups reversed is showing Maura as continuing to resist assistance. I don’t know if the person in the Queen position was related to the one representing the Knight in any way, and so I can’t tell if there was one offer of assistance or two. Either way, she turned down whatever was offered. An unfortunate aspect of this reading is that the offers she received thus far do not point to people with bad motives. They may have legitimately offered her help if she had agreed to take it. But she was likely uneasy about it, and she probably didn’t want her whereabouts to get back to people she knew.

The Knight of Cups is the next person she encountered. The energy of this card is someone closer to Maura’s age at the time and someone who came across as kind and sensitive. The person offered an opportunity for freedom from Maura’s immediate situation. With the Fool upright, there is the expectation that whatever, or whoever, it is associated with offers a new adventure. Perhaps something about this person set Maura at ease. What is really odd, to me, is why Maura declined the other offers for assistance and then decided to accept this one. The question that might offer true insight into who took her is why did she say yes to this person specifically? Why did this person seem safe to her?

The Sun reversed, in this case, shows Maura as experiencing some of the opposite aspects of the Sun card in its upright position. Instead of the Sun reflecting a time in which the light shines after a dark time, it is an indicator that the darkness continued. Maura’s situation turned into one where she may have felt she had been unrealistic in her goals and that the outcome she foresaw previously would not happen.

The Four of Pentacles represents a situation where someone is guarded and clinging to their possessions. The person does not want to let go because they are afraid of loss. I am not completely sure how this card factors into all of this because I don’t know if it represents Maura or the other person. Maybe they did something bad to Maura that made them feel they needed to go even further with the situation to protect themselves and their material possessions. That last part is speculation because the card could mean anything similar to that effect.

Justice in the reversed position shows the outcome to this situation as being completely out of Maura’s favor. While I typically do not get cards that absolutely tell me whether a person is alive or deceased, the progression of readings can clue me in to whether the outcome was good or bad. Justice reversed tells me that the situation has not been resolved in a fair manner as it pertains directly to Maura (since my focus was on her for these readings). People already know this about her case because it is unsolved. No one knows what happened to her yet.

I have no way to know what happened for certain. Please do not take any of the information described in the readings as fact until or unless details are proven. I would love to see a happy ending for Maura and those that love her. That is always my deepest hope!


If you would like me to do a reading about a missing person, please contact me at tarotofthemissing@gmail.com. Readings for missing persons are always free of charge. I also provide fee-based personal readings that don’t pertain to missing people (including readings via email, phone, or video). Contact me to learn more.