Niqui McCown

Birthdate: 01/06/1973
Disappearance: 07/22/2001

Question: What happened to Niqui McCown?

Row 1
2 of Pentacles (reversed) – 4 of Pentacles – Page of Pentacles (reversed)
Card pulled for the Page of Pentacles (r): 10 of Cups (reversed)

Row 2
The Lovers (reversed) – 4 of Swords – 5 of Swords

Row 3
3 of Wands – Judgement (reversed) – Knight of Wands (reversed)
Card pulled for the Knight of Wands (r): High Priestess (reversed)

Niqui McCown 1st Reading – Traditional Manga tarot

Disclaimer: Tarot readings should not be taken as absolute claims that something did or did not happen. I only report the meaning of the cards, their relationships and the meaning in the context of those relationships, as well as intuitions I have based entirely on the cards presented in the reading. When/if I say that something happened, in any part of a reading description, I mean that is what I am interpreting from the cards, their positions, and other related factors.


Marilyn Renee Nicole McCown (known as Niqui) disappeared on July 22nd of 2001 from Richmond, Indiana. The last place she was known to have been seen was at the Richmond Coin Laundry that was located near the 1100 block of South E Street. Normally, she was accompanied when she did her laundry. She went alone on this day though. She reportedly told her mom that a couple of men were bothering her outside of the laundromat. She made the decision to go back and get her clothing.

The last known camera footage of Niqui consisted of her putting clothing into her fiancé’s 1990 GMC Jimmy 4×4. She left the laundromat and did not appear to be in distress at that time.

Niqui had an eight-year-old daughter at the time of her disappearance. She also had plans to marry in approximately three weeks from the date that she vanished. Her family has worked tirelessly to keep her name and story alive in the hopes that one day they might finally have answers about what happened to Niqui.

The Reading:

At the time of Niqui’s disappearance she was feeling overwhelmed. She felt that she had too many things going on at once and was struggling to balance everything. The Two of Pentacles reversed is a card that suggests someone has too many balls in the air at once. The card also points to concerns about money or financial decisions.

The Four of Pentacles shows me a situation where either Niqui was experiencing financial insecurity, or someone in her immediate sphere of influence was worried about money. This card suggests a sense of stinginess and a situation where someone did not want to contribute their own resources toward something – or someone who was not contributing resources in a balanced way.

The Page of Pentacles reversed is showing me someone in her life that was acting irresponsibly and was basically an underachiever. This would have been a person who had opportunities to do more with their life, but for whatever reason they were not seizing them.

I pulled the Ten of Cups reversed, in relation to the Page card, and it is showing me that these financial issues – and the person represented by the Page of Pentacles reversed – had to do with her immediate home situation. The card is telling me that she had instability in her relationship and that it was a person she shared a home with. The troubling aspect of this card is that it suggests neglect and possible abuse. It also shows me a desire to “keep up appearances” which can mean that Niqui was not sharing all of the details of her home life with the people around her. At the time she disappeared, the card is showing significant disharmony in that home relationship. There were things she wasn’t telling everyone about the relationship and its status.

The Lovers reversed is reiterating to me that she was having problems with a romantic partner and there was a strong element of decision-making involved. The card links back up with the Ten of Cups reversed which shows me this was a romantic situation that was current and close to home – meaning it all suggests this was not someone far removed from her family life, and it was not someone who suddenly re-emerged from her past.

The Four or Swords is showing me that Niqui was hesitant to make solid decisions at the time of her disappearance. I don’t know if she communicated any of this to her fiancé, but she seemed to want to step back a little and see what happened. She felt overwhelmed emotionally and she felt she needed some down time to think. Multiple cards are showing her as having been in a high stress state. All of this suggests that there was more going on in her life than people might have realized.

The Five of Swords is a conflict/confrontation card. It shows me a situation where there were one or more significant disputes. It is linked to the cards above it (the Page of Pentacles reversed and the 10 of Cups reversed). The implication of that linkage is that there is a possibility she or her fiancé wanted to delay or call off the wedding. There is also an intimidation factor with this card when it comes up in these types of readings that suggests that one of the people involved in the conflict was being aggressive and behaving in a hostile way. Bullying behavior is the best way I can describe it.

The Three of Wands is a card that can depict a few scenarios here. The first is that it can represent someone who is responsible for Niqui’s disappearance that wanted to be able to move on. It can also depict someone who is seeking freedom. Sometimes it is a literal travel card in that someone leaves their home or area to achieve it. It could represent Niqui’s hesitancy to decide about something important in her life because she had hopes that the problems would blow over.

But the Judgement reversed card is telling me the person was not successful in attaining the sense of freedom, or forward movement they sought, from a particular situation. This is a card that shows someone who makes the same mistakes repeatedly. It is someone who does not learn from the past and has a degree of self-awareness about this issue.

None of the cards show Niqui in a position where she would have chosen to disappear or start over somewhere. The Knight of Wands reversed is telling me who is responsible for what happened to her. The person was someone who had the capacity to be violent and abusive. It was someone with a short temper who got jealous easily.

The High Priestess reversed is a card that tells me there are details about this whole situation that are not widely known. The person in the Knight of Wands reversed position did one or more things to create a sense of confusion about what happened. Also, they are coming across as adept at hiding their true motives and intentions from those close to them – including those in a romantic relationship with them.

The cards are communicating a situation that was “close to home” so to speak. On an intuitive level, it appears that some of the little evidence they have – such as the car or whatever else – was staged in a manner that was intended to suggest someone else was responsible for her disappearance. The cards seem really bent on communicating the close to home aspect of this.

Question: Who was involved in Niqui’s disappearance?

Row 1

7 of Water (reversed) – 10 of Water – The Hanged Man

Row 2

The Sun (reversed) – 2 of Fire (reversed) – Son of Fire

Card pulled for the Son of Fire: 3 of Air (reversed)

Niqui McCown 2nd Reading – New Era Elements tarot


I decided to do a six-card reading using the New Era Elements deck to see if I could find out anything additional about who was responsible for Niqui’s disappearance. The deck is darker than traditional ones and sometimes seems to dig a little deeper into these cases.

The Seven of Water reversed reiterates that Niqui was feeling overwhelmed by her situation and the choices she was facing. This card, in this particular deck, suggests a desire not to face the facts about something or someone. The card is one that shows a person engaging in wishful kind of thinking – ignoring things they know deep down they shouldn’t.

The Ten of Water shows me that she wanted to make decisions that would bring her a sense of peace. This card corresponds with the Lovers reversed in the prior reading which suggested that Niqui appeared to be in a situation where she felt she needed to make a choice. However, she was reluctant to make one too quickly.

The Hanged Man in the New Era Elements deck has a somewhat darker meaning in that is shows someone who has become resigned to their fate. The situation a person is experiencing has culminated into a crisis and they are not simply trying to endure it. It can denote a sense of passivity and waiting. The card in this deck also shows someone who found themselves in a situation where they felt helpless.

The Sun reversed tells me the person involved is self-absorbed. They are a narcissist. Such a person is shallow and adept at presenting situations in a way that favors them. The closer a person is to a narcissist, however, the more they begin to see of the real person that most people don’t experience. Unfortunately, the Sun reversed in this reading may also represent Niqui’s physical death since the upright version represents life and vitality.

The Two of Fire reversed shows me there was a confrontation but that it was pointless. It suggests one person in the situation wanted to take a step back and that this prompted the other person to come at the problem or argument more aggressively.

The Son of Fire reversed shows me the same person that the above reading did in the Knight of Wands reversed position. This is the equivalent card. It shows someone who is overly aggressive, reckless, and feels the need to have other people validate them. It supports the notion that the individual has narcissistic tendencies or is a narcissist. The problem is that on the surface, this person can (or could) come across as charismatic. This is someone who would have enjoyed adventure and who would have felt impatient with people that did not move at the same pace.

The Three of Air reversed shows me someone who is prone to being overly sensitive. Small things can set this person off if they feel it is an attack on who they are or their character. In this deck, this card also suggests there is a difficult and painful truth that people need to face about this individual. When they do – if they haven’t already – they will likely feel a strong sense of betrayal.

If what the cards are showing is correct, the key to finding Niqui lies with the person responsible for her disappearance. This is someone who did not learn lessons from their past and thus probably continued to show the same cycles of behavior with other people. This is not necessarily to say they ever caused another disappearance, but there should be people who have gotten close to this individual over the years who may have heard or been told pieces of information. The truth is not lost or completely unattainable here.

As always, please do not take any of the information described in the readings as fact until or unless details are proven. My hope is that somehow Niqui is alive. No matter what, keep fighting for answers as a resolution is desperately needed.


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