Randy Davis

Disappearance: 1/21/2016
Location: Aynor, SC

Disclaimer: Tarot readings should not be taken as absolute claims that something did or did not happen. I only report the meaning of the cards, their relationships and the meaning in the context of those relationships, as well as intuitions I have based entirely on the cards presented in the reading. Tarot reading is an art and not a science.


Randy Davis disappeared on January 21st of 2016. In May of 2017, he was found deceased in a heavily wooded area near Horse Pen Bay Road.

Question: Who or what caused Randy’s death?

Row 1
Hierophant (reversed) – Magician (reversed) – King of Wands
Card pulled for the King of Wands: The Sun (reversed)

Row 2
7 of Pentacles (reversed) – Devil (reversed) – 9 of Pentacles

Row 3
Judgement – The Emperor (reversed) – Hanged Man (reversed)


There is more than one person involved in this and they are all consistent with adult male energy. The Hierophant reversed is showing that the people involved are non-conformists. With the Magician reversed being the second card, I am going to say it is coming across as though these people are involved in some type of trade or industry that goes against the norm. The first thing that comes to mind is drugs, but there are multiple possibilities. The Magician reversed tells me that Randy might have been tricked into going somewhere and/or meeting someone. The Magician reversed is usually a resourceful person who is using their skills and knowledge in negative or harmful way. It also depicts someone who is being deceitful and who basically cons people.

The primary person involved, in terms of who executed whatever happened here is the person in the King of Wands position. It’s upright so this is someone that would probably come across as charismatic or likeable to those they want to make a good impression on. It’s also someone who might lose their temper easily and come across as passionate about things that interest or matter to them. They are also action-oriented so this isn’t someone that says they will do things and doesn’t; they do what they say or threaten they will do. I pulled the Sun reversed in connection with this person, and because I know that Randy was found deceased, I know this card represents his death. It’s telling me that this person did the actual killing. If someone is saying this wasn’t a murder, they are wrong.

There are monetary or financial motives behind all this. The Seven of Pentacles reversed is a card that can point to bad business or financial decisions, as well as delays. It pertains to one or more people involved in Randy’s death because I asked the cards a who or what question. It’s possible he owed someone money and if he did, this would probably not have been a recent debt. It feels like it might have been something already in existence that was kind of hanging over Randy’s head. So if someone who knows him is aware of a specific person, or group of people, that might have felt he owed them then those people are worth looking into.

The Devil reversed is definitely making me feel like this all pertains to drugs or some type of business that is harmful. I think there is at least one person involved in all this who is not who they seem. They hide this really dark side of themselves. Whatever you see on the surface with this person – however bad that might be, this person is actually worse than that.

The Nine of Pentacles is another card that points to a material or financial motive behind all of this. It’s telling me that the person or people involved operate some kind of business. I keep thinking drugs, but it could include any number of illegal activities. It could perhaps involve multiple illegal activities because I am getting the impression from these cards that whatever is going on here is well established. It would be difficult to bring these people down. They have a lot of influence and power – even if they are known as criminals.

Judgement is telling me that even though these people have power, they are fallible. They will answer for this, but I can’t guarantee it will be in a traditional way.

The Emperor reversed is one of the cards that shows me there is at least one person involved in this who has a lot of authority and power. The Emperor is usually a father-type figure and so they are likely someone older. They are controlling, rigid, and tyrannical – that’s the gist of how this person is and how they operate. This is probably the person who set all this in motion, and it’s the person that is probably keeping people from saying too much. This could potentially be someone with law enforcement connections. I am not saying they are law enforcement, or that the connections are immediately local, but there is some kind of influence and/or protection here – for lack of a better word. Some degree of protection against being held criminally responsible.

The Hanged Man reversed is telling me not to expect all of the answers to come quickly or easily with this one. The Emperor reversed is the main reason why this is true. Another thing to consider, and I want to be really clear about this, I would be very careful about trying to get to the bottom of this by going out there and riling these people up. I am always in favor of justice, and believe people should pay for their crimes, but this whole thing feels dangerous.

Question: What circumstances caused Randy’s death?

Row 1
8 of Swords (reversed) – 9 of Cups (reversed) – 3 of Wands (reversed)

Row 2
9 of Wands – 10 of Swords – Knight of Swords
Card pulled for the Knight of Swords: King of Cups
Card pulled for the King of Cups: Queen of Cups
Card pulled for the Queen of Cups: Six of Wands

Row 3
7 of Wands – Temperance (reversed) – Empress (reversed)


I wanted to delve a little more into the circumstances surrounding Randy’s death. The Eight of Swords reversed is suggesting to me that Randy was trying to get away from something – or someone. Meaning, he either tried to cut ties with them or he took that kind of action and it triggered them. But I see him as trying to become free of them prior to his death.

But the Nine of Cups reversed tells me that his desire for, or attempt to get freedom, caused major issues for him. This is a card associated with deep unhappiness, misery, nightmares, etc. However, it’s a card that also shows someone as wanting to make positive changes after walking a hard road. But there were obstacles.

The Three of Wands reversed is relaying a sense of unhappiness with Randy’s decisions. I think he was experiencing depression and he was trying to get away from his past – and certain people in it. I don’t mean he was trying to run from them by physically disappearing. I just mean that it looks like there was an attempt to – or a hope of – breaking ties.

The Nine of Wands shows me that Randy was really worn down by the circumstances of his life. He was trying to push forward though and get to his objective – which I think was to straighten out aspects of his life. He had an intention there and it was keeping him moving toward his ultimate goal.

The Ten of Swords is about as bad as it can get so these attempts to make changes resulted in his total ruin. I think that whatever he was doing to cut ties, or get away, was being read the wrong way too. I can’t quite pinpoint what that means. It’s like he was looked upon with suspicion when he probably only wanted to go his own way and be done with certain people. That is not how they saw it though and I think they felt he owed them – money, loyalty, something.

The reading is showing me three people. One is probably a younger adult male, or someone who acts like one, and the other two are possibly a couple: King of Cups and Queen of Cups. These people feel that whatever they did was successful – that they accomplished what they intended and that they did it in a way that would keep them from being held accountable. But Judgement is an accountability card, so they are incorrect about that. I don’t see them going through the legal system and so whatever happens with regard to that might be something else entirely.

But it’s important to keep in mind there are multiple people involved in all of this.

The Seven of Wands is where I see Randy as having been accused of doing something he didn’t do. He tried to defend himself. He tried to set the record straight. But no one was having it.

Temperance reversed is telling me a couple of interesting things. The first is that the conflict and problems he was having with at least one – probably more – of these people were probably known to other people. What I mean is, it wasn’t a huge secret that no one knew about. There’s definitely probably talk in the background amongst some of the people who knew him about what really happened here. Second, I could be reading this completely wrong here, but I think he was killed in such a way that it could have been written off as an accident. I don’t know. That’s coming from me and not the cards, so I could very well be wrong there. I just feel that his death was not done in a way that made it clearcut in terms of what it really was.

The Empress reversed could go many ways here. On one hand, it could suggest that Randy knew or lived with one of the people connected to all this. It’s a card that can mean there is trouble stemming from, or connected to, a person’s home life. On the other, it could point to there being a problematic female involved in all this – who might inadvertently give some information away about what happened. Maybe she’s putting misinformation out there also and trying to point people’s attention elsewhere. I’m not entirely sure. The meaning behind this card might make more sense to someone who knew Randy.

So in summary, I think he was murdered. I think it was over something like drugs or money. I think there are some nasty people involved. And I would be really careful about poking around to try to find answers. My advice is to be careful with that.


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