Merna Kasha

Found deceased: May 28th, 2022
Location: Sydney, Australia

Disclaimer: Tarot readings should not be taken as absolute claims or facts with regard to any person or situation. I only present the possible meanings associated with the cards, as well as intuitions and impressions that I get during the reading. All readings are suppositional and should be treated as such.


Merna Kasha was 18-year-old when she disappeared on April 28th of 2022 in Sydney, Australia. A month later, Merna’s body was recovered from a creek.

Question: What circumstances caused Merna’s death?

Row 1
Wheel of Fortune – 9 of Swords – 10 of Swords

Row 2
Ace of Cups (r) – 4 of Wands – The Star (r)

Row 3
2 of Pentacles – 4 of Swords – 7 of Swords (r)


The Wheel of Fortune is showing a massive shift in Merna’s circumstances, luck, and fate. It marks a major turning point that occurred in her life. The shift likely occurred quickly too. There is an implication with this card that the changes are due to external forces and not necessarily caused by the person or people experiencing the situational shift.

The Nine of Swords is showing me that Merna was experiencing a lot of fear and anxiety prior to her death. The level of distress and emotion that is usually tied to this card is significant. It also shows her as being or feeling isolated.

The Ten of Swords is a card of hitting rock bottom or reaching the end of something. It can also signify situations involving betrayal or backstabbing – real or imagined. Merna’s situation had become very dire.

The Ace of Cups reversed could be suggesting that her sadness and upset stemmed from something like a breakup, a miscarriage, the cancelation of some kind of event that was supposed to occur, or something along those general lines.

The Four of Wands is a card that is supposed to represent happy families, celebrations, and success. However, it is situated between the Ace of Cups reversed and the Star reversed – not a great place to be because it can denote desire and wishes, versus how a situation is in reality.

The Star reversed can represent despair, hopelessness, a situation that didn’t turn out as one hoped, a lack of faith that things will get better, etc.

The Two of Pentacles is a card associated with attempts to achieve balance, uncover financial resources, address possible issues in a partnership of some kind, and the experiencing of ups and downs.

The Four of Swords is a card that can come up when a person feels completely overwhelmed emotional and needs solitude or sanctuary. It can depict someone going into a state of self-protection or preservation. It is another card that can show people and circumstances surrounded by anxiety and fear.

The Seven of Swords reversed can have a lot of meanings, but it often relates to keeping secrets, deceiving oneself, ignoring people’s warnings, and getting caught doing something bad.

Question: Who or what caused Merna’s death?

Row 1
Hierophant (r) – Temperance – 2 of Pentacles (r)

Row 2
4 of Pentacles (r) – 6 of Swords – 8 of Cups (r)

Row 3
10 of Pentacles – 9 of Cups (r) – 8 of Wands (r)


As is the case with some readings, we are faced with considering two different scenarios here. The first is that Merna died by her own hand or because of her own actions – even if unintentionally. The second is that this reading is referring specifically to a person who caused her death – on purpose or accidentally.

The Hierophant reversed is someone behaving in a way that is rebellious or unconventional. It could also indicate someone receiving bad advice about something.

Temperance shows that the person responsible was seeking to find balance and middle ground.

But the Two of Pentacles shows that everything was off balance, and it shows someone who was making poor decisions. A lot of times there is a money or material element to the decision-making, but not always. There is also this sense of not having a contingency plan when it seemed that everything (life?) was not going as hoped.

The Four of Pentacles reversed is another card that is suggesting there were financial issues or hardships going on here. It might also depict the person responsible, intentionally or unintentionally, as giving things away or getting rid of people and things in their life.

The Six of Swords is a person seeking calm after a storm or conflict. It can indicate running away from problems or traveling to put distance between a person and whatever issues they are facing.

Something was holding this person back from taking whatever action they needed to take to begin fixing their problems. The Eight of Cups reversed usually represents a person that is having trouble letting go of something or someone. It can be as simple as a person that knows they need to overcome addiction issues but is not doing so successfully. It can also be indicative of a person pretending they are happy and pretending everything is okay, when in reality they are struggling a lot. Such a person likely has a fear of being abandoned and if something were to happen that made them feel that fear was realized, it could cause them to have a breakdown of sorts.

The Ten of Pentacles can go one of two ways. In some cases, it indicates a situation where someone gets a lot of money or items of material value – such as an inheritance. In other cases, it refers to disputes over money. There is often an emphasis on these disputes being related to family in some way, but it can also refer to relationships or marriages.

The Nine of Cups reversed shows that this person’s hopes and dreams were shattered for some reason. Something was going on that was making them miserable. Sometimes addictions and eating disorders are linked to this card in the reversed position. It’s a rough one to get.

The Eight of Wands reversed is a lack of action or occurrence. It can also indicate losing control or acting impulsively – sometimes merely out of panic.

Okay, so if we read them (and remember, this is just a reading and it’s not remotely proof of anything that may or may not have happened) as though they are referring to Merna then we are possibly looking at a situation where someone is behaving in an uncharacteristic or rebellious way (Hierophant reversed), possibly triggered by emotional and/or financial matters related to family (Two of Pentacles reversed; 10 of Pentacles). She struggled with letting something or someone go (Four of Pentacles reversed). She was not successful in accomplishing this (Eight of Cups reversed). She had a conflict over money or material matters – likely involving family (Ten of Pentacles) that could have been new or something older that was brought back to the forefront. Her hopes and dreams were shattered (Nine of Cups reversed). And then we know that something happened to her that ended her life.

If we read them as though someone else caused her death, then we are looking at someone who acted in a way that they normally don’t. The triggers would have been the same as what I described before. The person attempted to rid Merna from their life (Four of Pentacles reversed), or at least tried to and was not successful (Eight of Cups reversed). The person attempted to make peace with Merna and find some kind of middle ground (Temperance) and were seeking some kind of end to the conflict or struggle (Six of Swords). There’s either a new dispute or fight over money or material matters, or an old one is renewed (Ten of Pentacles) and the situation ends in a nightmarish way – with a main person involved who is left struggling with it all (Nine of Cups). The Eight of Wands reversed would likely be this person reacting impulsively and losing control, thus intentionally or unintentionally causing Merna’s death.

How she died would probably clarify the perspective issue and I don’t know the determined cause.

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