Theo Hayez

Disappearance: 05/31/2019
Location: Cape Byron, New South Wales, Australia

Disclaimer: Tarot readings should not be taken as absolute claims that something did or did not happen. I only report the meaning of the cards, their relationships and the meaning in the context of those relationships, as well as intuitions I have based entirely on the cards presented in the reading. Tarot reading is an art and not a science.


Theo Hayez disappeared on May 31st of 2019. He was 18 years old at the time. He was reported last seen leaving a bar called Cheeky Monkeys. Theo is said to have traveled to Australia from Belgium.

Question: Who or what caused the disappearance of Theo Hayez?

Row 1
The Lovers (reversed) – The Fool (reversed) – Wheel of Fortune (reversed)

Row 2
10 of Swords – 2 of Pentacles – 4 of Swords

Row 3
7 of Pentacles (reverse) – 3 of Pentacles (reversed) – Queen of Swords
Card pulled for the Queen of Swords: Queen of Pentacles (reversed)
Card pulled for the Queen of Pentacles (r): The Hermit (reversed)

Theo Hayez reading 1


The first card pulled is the Lovers reversed. It looks like someone was faced with an important decision and made a bad choice, or there was some kind of relationship (may or may not have been romantic in nature) that was problematic and potentially full of conflict. Because I asked about who or what, I am not sure if this represents Theo or someone else just yet.

The Fool reversed is someone taking a reckless and/or naïve action. It can be a situation where someone puts their trust in another that probably doesn’t have their best interests at heart.

The Wheel of Fortune reversed is a card that’s indicating someone’s luck turned. The reading does not introduce people until the end and so most likely, these three major arcana cards on the first row pertain to Theo. So it’s like something happened, outside of his control, that caused him difficulties and/or delays.

And things kind of seem to have gone from bad to worse with the Ten of Swords. That is often a card that features betrayal, backstabbing, and/or people being victimized. I want to point out that I’m not saying it’s a card pointing to deliberate foul play, but it’s a rough card to get in these readings. A facet to this card, that a lot of people don’t always think about, is that it has much to do with a person’s patterns of thought and perceptions about whatever is going on with them. So it can sometimes just indicate someone is in a difficult place mentally and emotionally. It really does depend on the surrounding circumstances.

The Two of Pentacles is depicting a person trying to balance aspects of their life. Typically, they are trying to do this under pressure or amidst various issues going on in the background. It is also a card where someone is kind of weighing options to decide what to do next.

The Four of Swords is a card that comes up when a person hits their maximum on feeling stressed or overloaded and so they seek solitude or rest.

The Seven of Pentacles reversed is another card indicating possible delays or setbacks. It usually pertains to financial or material matters, but it depends.

The Three of Pentacles reversed is like a collaboration that went wrong or was not working out. This can span a lot of different possibilities, but the key takeaway is that whatever happened appears to involve someone else – or happened because of something that involved someone else. I’ve seen it described as a card that can indicate hard learned lessons as well.

The last set of cards consist of two possible people that had some kind of influence on, of knowledge about, what happened. I’m not saying they caused it necessarily, but they are included in the overall circumstances and could shed more light on what happened for that reason alone. So we appear to have two adult females: the Queen of Swords and the Queen of Pentacles reversed. Keep in mind that the cards can refer to people of the opposite sex and there can be variations in terms of the age of a person represented by one of these cards.

The Queen of Swords is a logical thinker. They make decisions based on logic. They don’t usually make decisions based on emotion. The Queen of Pentacles reversed is someone who focuses a lot on material and/or financial aspects of life. In its reversed position, this is showing someone who isn’t grounded and can potentially be really manipulative.

The Hermit reversed is showing someone involved – potentially Theo – as being isolated or withdrawing from people around them. Because this card is directly linked to two court cards, the implication is that it’s possible this isolation was facilitated, or helped, by someone linked to the court cards.

I’m hoping I get more from the second reading because this one is a bit confusing. However, that happens a lot when I don’t have background knowledge. I try to avoid reading beyond the date of a person’s disappearance and where they were last seen – whenever possible because I’m human and I could potentially become biased based on what I read, which then can cause me to miss really important information in a reading that I would have picked up on had I gone in being more objective.

Question: Why did Theo Hayez disappear?

Row 1
6 of Cups – Wheel of Fortune (reversed) – 2 of Pentacles

Row 2
Page of Swords – 3 of Pentacles (reversed) – 7 of Pentacles (reversed)
Card pulled for the Page of Swords: King of Swords (reversed)
Card pulled for the King of Swords (r): 7 of Wands (reversed)

Row 3
10 of Wands – 4 of Pentacles (reversed) – 9 of Cups

Theo Hayez reading 2


The Six of Cups is suggesting Theo might have been feeling a little homesick. He might also have been thinking or reminiscing about the past.

The Wheel of Fortune reversed came up a second time and so it’s reading like his luck turned in a negative way. Usually, the Wheel pertains more to chance and luck than it does to the actions of the person impacted. It’s kind of like being in the wrong place at the wrong time or a victim of circumstance basically.

The Two of Pentacles also came up in the last reading and so there appears to be a financial or material aspect to all of this because this card shows him trying to balance different things, and adapt to problems, delays, or changes that might have occurred. It could also mean he had a couple of options regarding what he might do that night that he was choosing between.

The Page of Swords indicates he may have gotten a message or had an interaction (in person, via text, via phone, or some similar air-based method). It probably involved, or was about, an adult male who may tend be overly opinionated and manipulative. They are prone to manipulating facts to get their way. And the Seven of Wands reversed is showing that Theo did not feel as though he was in a position where he could really defend himself. It’s a card where someone might fold on their beliefs or give in to another person because they just don’t have the stamina or motivation to keep pushing an issue.

The Three of Pentacles reversed came up again as well. As I said before, this one usually refers to something collaborative between two or more people that goes wrong somehow. It often pertains to financial or material matters, but this could range from a money or debt issue to a housing issue.

The Seven of Pentacles reversed appeared again, which is really interesting to me, because I shuffled the cards really well and I even do it in a way that forces some of them to switch positions. So the odds of getting so many of the same cards, in the same positions (upright or reversed) aren’t really that high. That tells me these are really important cards. They get to the heart of this matter in terms of shedding light on what happened here.

The Seven of Pentacles reversed usually pertains to financial or material matters. It can suggest delays, setbacks, impatience, and other problems. There’s often a sense of not finishing something that is started with this card, though I’m not sure how or if it applies here.

The Ten of Wands shows Theo as feeling overburdened with responsibilities and/or stress. It can also indicate he might have felt a person, or multiple people, took advantage of him. If accurate, it is showing him as feeling like his situation had turned into a struggle of sorts.

The Four of Pentacles reversed is hinting again at possible financial losses or a situation where he put money or resources into something that did not turn out well. Sometimes it indicates shedding people or possessions as well. In this case, if he did the latter then I would say it was due to problems and conflict touched upon in both of these readings. But there could have been spending or gambling issues too. There are a few possibilities and someone with background knowledge is going to be able to make sense of which one of these fits the best. To me, it feels like there was some kind of money situation and possibly something going on with his living arrangements – or people associated with that. I’m not sure though.

The Nine of Cups is throwing me for a loop because it’s perhaps the most positive card of all the readings thus far. It usually points to a person feeling like they have achieved an important goal or are celebrating something that is happening in their life. Does it mean there will be a resolution to all this or closure? No idea. I really don’t know what else to say about this card because it’s so contradictory when compared with the others.

Question: What information do we need to know to find out what happened to Theo Hayez?

Row 1
The Chariot (reversed) – The Sun (reversed) – 3 of Pentacles (reversed)

Row 2
6 of Wands (reversed) – The Emperor (reversed) – The World

Theo Hayez reading 3


The Chariot reversed depicts a situation involving force and aggression, typically. It can also refer to a means of travel or evidence pertaining to a vehicle. One thing to consider is the possibility that Theo was taken away from the area where people think he disappeared and perhaps this is part of the reason he has not been found.

The Sun reversed is a card of sadness and oppression. It feels like something happened to Theo that he did not want or expect.

The Three of Pentacles reversed has come up in all three readings. On it’s face, it’s coming across like there was a collaboration of sorts. Maybe there was more than one other person involved. But I just had this thought. This is a card that can refer to learning lessons the hard way or mistakes that are repeated. On the flip side of all this, what if it’s suggesting Theo isn’t the first person this has happened to? What if whoever is involved has done this before?

The Six of Wands reversed is a card depicting failure or being at a disadvantage.

The Emperor reversed is typically an adult male who abuses their power or authority, is rigid in their way of thinking, and controlling. In some cases, I have seen this card refer to manipulative people or friends – perhaps people who present as friendly but aren’t. I wonder if there is someone interfering in the investigation or pushing it in other directions. That is unclear in these readings, but this is a card that often shows an abuse of authority/power so I’m putting that out there.

The World shows something coming full circle – a cycle that completes. My hope is that it means that at some point we will know what happened to Theo and the investigation into his disappearance will be complete in terms of being solved. Hopefully, it doesn’t refer to his ultimate fate; however, that is another possibility. Only time will tell on this one sadly.


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