Dylan Ehler

Disappearance: 05/06/2020
Location: Truro, Nova Scotia

Disclaimer: Tarot readings should not be taken as absolute claims that something did or did not happen. I only report the meaning of the cards, their relationships and the meaning in the context of those relationships, as well as intuitions I have based entirely on the cards presented in the reading. Tarot reading is an art and not a science.


Dylan Ehler disappeared from his grandmother’s yard on May 6th of 2020. He was 3 years old.

Question: Who or what caused Dylan’s disappearance?

Row 1
9 of Pentacles – Strength (reversed) – King of Wands
Card pulled for the King of Wands: The World

Row 2
5 of Swords (reversed) – The Sun – High Priestess

Row 3
10 of Wands – Knight of Swords (reversed) – 8 of Wands
Card pulled for the Knight of Swords (r): The Magician


The first thing I can see about Dylan’s disappearance is that it happened very quickly. Events unfolded rapidly. The first two cards support the claim that he was under the grandmother’s care (Nine of Pentacles can represent a mature and/or older female). Strength reversed shows Dylan as having been in a vulnerable or helpless position.

The King of Wands is the third card. The card pulled in connection with this one is the World. The King card is throwing me a little because it suggests knowledge about, or involvement in, Dylan’s disappearance on the part of an adult male. The World is a card showing the completion of a cycle – whether it be a life or something else. It was pulled for the King card and so it pertains to them and/or their role in all of this.

The Five of Swords reversed is a card that can carry two conflicting meanings. The first is that it can represent a resolution to conflict. However, the second is that it can refer to an escalation of violence. If a person is directly involved and caused Dylan’s disappearance (versus a situation where he wandered away and drowned), then this card could point to revenge or escalating violence. If a crime has been committed, this card points to it being solved eventually – possibly because the person confesses, surrenders, or is apprehended another way.

The Sun can mark the end of a struggle. It can also indicate success at achieving goals. A factor that makes these cards especially difficult to read is the question mark concerning whether this was an accidental drowning or if he was taken. If Dylan was indeed taken, then it could suggest success in terms of the person achieving their goals. If not, then it’s meaning is much harder to pinpoint here.

The High Priestess is a card pertaining to intuition and sacred types of knowledge. In these readings, it can indicate that guidance is being given regarding what has happened in a particular situation. If there are people close to the case who are intuitive, or have strong gut feelings, it makes sense to listen to them and see where they lead. It’s also a card that indicates there is still a sense of mystery surrounding this situation.

If the King of Wands does represent a person that is involved in this then it’s showing someone who is over-burdened and stressed at this point. This would also be a person who feels extremely restricted and like they are dealing with more than they can handle. The meaning of every single card in this reading depends entirely on whether he died accidentally, or someone took him.

The Knight of Swords reversed is showing me someone who has younger adult energy who is using whatever resources they can to find Dylan. This person is viewed negatively by some people, and he has a difficult time expressing himself well, which seems to add to the problem. However, this is a person who is trying to find answers. The Magician suggests that this person may have gotten another person with more knowledge and skills to help them gather information. This person might end up being the key to understanding all this because they are actively seeking answers. The problem is they might be finding it hard to get people to help or cooperate because in the reversed position, there is this sense that people view him negatively. My thoughts keep going to the father so I feel this might be Dylan’s dad. Not sure. Whoever this is…keep seeking answers because at some point it feels to me like you will find them.

The Eight of Wands reiterates that everything happened quickly. The sequence of events unfolded fast, and time was of the essence. Time was lost and I’m seeing that as having been a huge impediment to Dylan having been found. The clock was really ticking on this one. I hate to say this, but if the response had been quicker and more aggressive then we all would probably have the answers by now.

Question: What happened to cause Dylan’s disappearance?

Row 1
The Star (reversed) – Queen of Pentacles (reversed) – 7 of Pentacles (reversed)
Card pulled for the Queen of Pentacles (r): 6 of Wands

Row 2
The Moon (reversed) – King of Wands – The Hermit (reversed)
Card pulled for the King of Wands: King of Pentacles
Card pulled for the King of Pentacles: 2 of Wands (reversed)

Row 3
The World – The Chariot (reversed) – 7 of Cups


The Star reversed shows a situation where wishes were unfulfilled and there is an overall lack of faith that there will be a happy ending here. I’m not saying this is the case. But this is the mindset surrounding this situation.

The Queen of Pentacles reversed is appearing with the Six of Wands. The attributes exhibited by someone represented by this card are not great ones. The Six of Wands is showing this person as wanting support and positive recognition.

The Seven of Pentacles reversed is a card that depicts a lack of growth or progress. It’s reading like some of the work needed to find Dylan was not expended quickly enough. It’s also suggesting a lack of resource allocation and follow through.  

The Moon reversed is showing things are exactly as they seem here. Now that’s a tricky thing to say because a person’s perspective on what happened here is going to dictate how this card is interpreted. I’m reading this as this disappearance is potentially not as simple as Dylan wandered off and drowned. I’m not dismissing the possibility that he wandered off and then something happened to him; I’m saying that there are elements to all of this that have not come to light yet.

The next card is the King of Wands. It is the second time this one has appeared. This person is important. They must know what really happened because the readings are emphasizing this aspect. The King of Pentacles came up in connection with the King of Wands this time. The Two of Wands reversed came up in reference to both King cards. That is a lack of planning card. Did the person in the King of Wands position tell someone else what happened? Did they ask them to help cover something up? I can’t make sense of this.

It gets weirder with the Hermit reversed because this depicts the person as going into a state of seclusion and isolation. Or maybe this is someone that was already living this way – someone who is on the anti-social side and known to be an outsider in general.

The World has come up in both readings now, which does not feel like it bodes well. But like I always say, this is a tarot reading and is not meant to be taken as fact. The Chariot reversed is showing powerlessness and a lack of control over something. Sometimes it represents acts of aggression, but it just isn’t quite reading that way here. At times, it is literal and represents a vehicle. In the reversed position – if it is literal – then it points to a problem with the vehicle or an accident that occurred in relation to one.

 The Seven of Cups is a wishful and illusionary thinking card. There are so many possibilities and theories circulating that the truth is easily lost. It’s also communicating that people are off track and letting their imagination run wild. Which can be a real problem if it causes people to overlook evidence or possibilities that do not fit their personal beliefs or theories.

I’m going to have to do another reading on this because I just can’t put these pieces together in a way that makes sense in my mind’s eye.

Question: What else do I need to know about Dylan’s disappearance?

Row 1
7 of Swords (reversed) – 4 of Pentacles – 8 of Swords

Row 2
8 of Wands (reversed) – Page of Swords – 9 of Swords
Card pulled for the Page of Swords: 5 of Pentacles


Okay, this one is interesting. The Seven of Swords reversed is another card showing me that the truth about what happened here will come out at some point. This card comes up when someone eventually confesses, or something happens that reveals what really happened. The Seven of Swords upright is someone getting away with something. The reversed is the opposite.

The Four of Pentacles shows me that there is a stinginess regarding the use of resources pertaining to this case. At the very least, it reads like an unwillingness to allocate enough money or resources toward finding Dylan only made the situation worse. This is just my interpretation but there have been a number of cards suggesting this.

The Eight of Swords is a card that shows someone as feeling trapped, victimized, or pushed into a corner. It can also depict someone who has been silenced – at least temporarily.

The Eight of Wands reversed is showing a delay in a resolution. While everything immediately surrounding Dylan’s disappearance happened quickly, resolving the situation is not unfolding at the same speed. It feels like this case might not have been handled that well.

There will be a message – perhaps in the form of a tip or someone relaying an important piece of information to someone else – that is going to be communicated regarding this case. It’s going to happen due to some kind of hardship someone will be experiencing – such as a divorce, a financial crisis, or something else that is significant enough to cause a real struggle. Though the message itself will be delayed in terms of timeliness, the method will be something quick (like a call, something stated in person, an email, a text, or something along those lines).

The Nine of Swords is showing someone experiencing mental anguish over this situation. It is a given that people who love Dylan would suffer and so this is more likely to point to whoever it is that has some kind of knowledge about, or role in, this boy’s disappearance.

I cannot confidently say that Dylan did not drown, though the appearance of the King of Wands twice is what really prevents me from feeling satisfied about this being an accident. It very well could be, but the readings are communicating there are missing pieces to this puzzle still.

None of the readings hint at the parents being involved. If anything, the Knight in the first reading might be Dylan’s father. I’m unsure because I don’t have the background on this case that I would need to figure out who might fill what roles. That was a sense I got though. What I would say to people is be careful about getting caught up in beliefs or theories that could point away from real evidence. In my heart and mind, after doing these three readings, I do not see the parents as involved. I don’t know why I feel like I need to keep saying this, but it’s really prominent in my mind.

One takeaway here is that the King of Wands person seems to be a key to finding out exactly what happened. I don’t know who this person is or why they are hiding what they know. But they know something critical to unraveling this and I don’t have a single clue as to who they are. I really can only tell you some of the people they are not (parents).

This one is really nagging at me. They all do, but this one has just taken hold. It’s like something in the universe wants this one resolved so that people can find peace. If someone thinks they know who this man might be, feel free to reach out to me. I feel like there has to be at least one person who has suspicions about this individual.


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Aubrey Dameron

Disappearance: 03/09/2019
Location: Grove, Oklahoma

Disclaimer: Tarot readings should not be taken as absolute claims that something did or did not happen. I only report the meaning of the cards, their relationships and the meaning in the context of those relationships, as well as intuitions I have based entirely on the cards presented in the reading. Tarot reading is an art and not a science.


Aubrey Dameron left her home in Grove, Oklahoma in the early morning hours of March 9th of 2019. She was 25 years old at the time. She has not been seen since.

Question: Who or what caused Aubrey Dameron’s disappearance?

Row 1
The Emperor – Queen of Swords (reversed) – The Hermit
Card pulled for the Emperor: 6 of Cups
Card pulled for the Queen of Swords (r): 8 of Pentacles

Row 2
10 of Pentacles (reversed) – Temperance (reversed) – 7 of Cups (reversed)

Row 3
9 of Pentacles – Ace of Pentacles (reversed) – 3 of Pentacles (reversed)


In response to the question about who or what was involved in Aubrey’s disappearance, the reading begins with the Emperor. This is a card that typically depicts a male father-type figure. The Six of Cups usually shows a person who is spending a lot of time thinking about the past – typically about situations or feelings pertaining to their childhood. It can represent positive or negative memories, and in some cases may indicate a person who experienced abuse as a child.

The Queen of Swords reversed represents a person or energy that comes across as feminine and mature in terms of age or behavior. In its reversed position, the negative attributes associated with the card are emphasized. This is a person who experiences difficulty when trying to communicate, might tend to rush to judgement, and comes across as bitter. The Eight of Pentacles, pulled in relation to this person, shows someone focusing on a job or a task and shows a lot of attention to details. If this person is a parental figure, the Queen of Swords reversed could point to someone who is or has been kind of an absent mom.

With regard to the father figure card, and the Queen reversed which could depict a type of motherly-figure, I’m not saying her own family is involved. These cards could merely point to people that fulfill these types of roles in their day-to-day life. Their descriptions might resonate with someone close to this situation.

The Hermit seems to convey that at least one of the people involved is keeping to themselves. I don’t know if this is the norm for them, but they were (and possibly still are) going through a time of introspection.

The Ten of Pentacles reversed is a card that comes up when a person is experiencing family-related feuding or conflict. It can also mean that a person is struggling with money – possibly owes a lot of debt. In some instances, it depicts a relationship that is either on the brink of ending or one that has recently ended.

Temperance reversed is a card that comes up when there is a significant conflict or imbalance. In its upright position it can point to harmonious and positive relationships, but reversed it represents the opposite. It can also suggest a situation where someone overindulges in something. Another negative aspect of this positioning is that it can show someone as behaving in a way that is antagonizing.

The Seven of Cups reversed shows at least one person making poor choices. On one hand, the person might have felt they did not have a lot of options. On the other, they might have responded badly to something. The card depicts a sense of feeling as though one is kind of trapped.

The Nine of Pentacles is a more positive card that suggests that someone involved has more money than another person. I don’t know if the person depicted in the Emperor card was going through a divorce or some kind of situation that did not end well for them financially or what. It appears there are two people somehow linked to what happened to Aubrey, but it is not showing them as getting along or having a healthy relationship and so it is difficult to work out exactly what might have been happening here.

The Ace of Pentacles reversed is again showing a bad money situation. I don’t know how or why it is related to Aubrey’s disappearance, but it is definitely a factor.

Finally, the Three of Pentacles reversed is another card pointing to a partnership or a collaboration that went wrong. Again, I don’t understand yet how Aubrey was involved in all this, but it reads like at least three people – including Aubrey – have direct knowledge about what occurred. And there are monetary or material aspects to this situation that I can’t quite pinpoint.

Question: What circumstances caused Aubrey Dameron’s disappearance?

Row 1
3 of Swords (reversed) – 8 of Cups (reversed) – The Hierophant (reversed)

Row 2
9 of Cups (reversed) – Knight of Swords – 4 of Swords
Card pulled for the Knight of Swords: 10 of Pentacles

Row 3
Knight of Wands (reversed) – 7 of Wands – Page of Swords (reversed)
Card pulled for the Knight of Wands (r): 10 of Swords (reversed)
Card pulled for the Page of Swords (r): 6 of Cups (reversed)


The Three of Swords reversed is a card showing someone getting over a painful breakup or situation. It depicts them as being in the process of moving on. I don’t know why the reading is starting with this aspect, but maybe it could be emphasizing this for a reason.

The Eight of Cups reversed is a situation where Aubrey might have had some misgivings about a person or a situation, and felt like she should walk away from them, but didn’t – or maybe kept some ties to because she wasn’t ready to completely let go. Often the reason is because the person is afraid to take that step, or they are afraid of the change it will bring. Other times it is because they are fearful about possible negative consequences.

The Hierophant reversed is a card that could indicate someone was involved who was giving her advice, or acting as though they were someone she could trust and confide in. Another facet to this card is that it can depict going against traditional or societal norms. It could indicate that whoever was involved was at least, in part, motivated by her being transgender, and reportedly in the process of transitioning, since the card sometimes comes up when someone is being judged based on an aspect of their life or lifestyle.

The Nine of Cups reversed is a card that shows a miserable type of situation in which events turn bad.

The Knight of Swords is a person who comes across as younger. If they are older then they probably come across as immature for their age. An important characteristic associated with this card is that it often represents a person who is stubborn and won’t let go of their way of thinking. They don’t like to lose an argument. The Ten of Pentacles, in relation to this person, shows someone motivated primarily by monetary or material matters. It might represent a person who marries for the money or who makes decisions based on their perception that it might have some kind of financial benefit.

The Four of Swords is a card that conveys fear and anxiety. It shows a person who needs rest because a situation or problem has overwhelmed them. It can also suggest a person who seeks advice or counseling from someone.

The Knight of Wands reversed shows someone acting in a way that is reckless and potentially violent. The Ten of Swords reversed indicates that Aubrey might have tried to defend herself against things the person said or did, but it can indicate a situation that has reached rock bottom.

The Seven of Wands is someone who stands up for their beliefs. It is also a card that shows someone as feeling they are under attack. It isn’t a situation where a person just gives in and admits defeat, but rather it usually represents someone trying to stand their ground.

The Page of Swords reversed could indicate bad news, or delays in finding answers. It might also represent a person who knows more than they are saying. It can also point to gossip and malicious things that someone is saying. These are factors to pay attention to because the cards seem to want to emphasize that what people say – or don’t say – might give a lot more away about their involvement than they realize. Sometimes it depicts someone who says too much and admits their involvement to one or more people.

The last card, connected to the Page reversed, is the Six of Cups reversed. The first reading pointed to someone involved who might have a history of childhood abuse or trauma. This card is reiterating the same message, except in a reversed position. I don’t know if the information about the abuse is meant to clue us in as to why they did whatever it is they did here, or if it is putting that out there as a clue to their identity. Again, someone close to Aubrey and this entire situation is probably going to be able to understand the meaning behind these cards better than I can – given that I have no direct involvement.

The readings do not come across as the main person or people being completely unknown to Aubrey. There is also a sense that they don’t live too far away. However, these kinds of details are not made entirely clear in the reading so I’m not putting any emphasis on them at this time. The outcome is coming across as negative; however, this is a tarot reading and so it should not be taken as fact or be relied upon to determine a person’s fate.

I want to point out that there are so many cards pointing to some kind of monetary or material motive here. I don’t know what to make of them but there were enough of these cards that I feel I should point them out, despite not really understanding how they play a role in all this specifically.


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Michael Vaughan

Disappearance: 07/27/2021
Location: Fruitland, Idaho

Disclaimer: Tarot readings should not be taken as absolute claims that something did or did not happen. I only report the meaning of the cards, their relationships and the meaning in the context of those relationships, as well as intuitions I have based entirely on the cards presented in the reading. Tarot reading is an art and not a science.


Michael Vaughan, whose nickname was “Monkey”, disappeared from his neighborhood on July 27th of 2021 at the age of five.

Question: Who or what caused Michael Vaughan’s disappearance?

Row 1
The High Priestess – Strength (reversed) – 7 of Wands (reversed)

Row 2
8 of Wands – 2 of Swords (reversed) – 9 of Cups

Row 3
6 of Wands – Queen of Cups – The Chariot
Card pulled for the Queen of Cups: The Fool


The High Priestess is referring to intuition and hidden knowledge – potentially on a subconscious level. It suggests people directly involved in looking for him should listen to their gut feelings because they may be receiving assistance or guidance in terms of where he is or how they may find him.

Strength reversed shows a situation where Michael was overcome physically and emotionally.

The Seven of Wands reversed is related to the above card in that it represents someone who is giving up or admitting defeat.

The Eight of Wands depicts a situation that unfolded very quickly. So the events happened fast.

The Two of Swords reversed is suggesting that the truth about what happened will be exposed – potentially sooner rather than later if one factors in the speed in which things upfold as communicated by the Eight of Wands. This card also warns of lies being exposed so it does appear the truth will come out about this situation, and anyone involved.

The Nine of Cups, and the subsequent Six of Wands, are strange – but interesting – cards to appear in this particular reading. The Nine of Cups refers to emotions and the sense that someone has that they have achieved success and circumstances are going their way. It can also point to someone who seeks fame or attention for their accomplishments.

The Six of Wands is a similar card in some ways, because it refers to someone who gets recognition and praise for things that they do. It depicts a person that others might view as a kind of leader and someone who does positive things. Sometimes – but not always – it can refer to someone who inserts themselves into an investigation by acting as though they are helping, when their motives are really to try to cast suspicion elsewhere or get inside details about what the police are doing. This is a tarot card reading, and not everything in it is going to be accurate or interpreted correctly on my end, but I’m throwing that out as a possibility.

The Queen of Cups is showing a person who is likely an adult and demonstrates feminine types of attributes. Such a person is sensitive emotionally and can be easily wounded by criticism or harsh words. The Fool is the card I pulled in connection with the Queen. This could be conveying one of two things. The first is the possibility that Michael was lured away by this person, or someone connected to them directly, with the promise of an adventure or something along those lines. It could show him as going along and not questioning the situation at the time – blindly trusting, essentially. The second possibility is that the Fool refers to the person in the Queen position and reflects their motives – kidnapping a child because they want to have a family or something more nefarious, depending on other factors.

The last card is the Chariot. This card denotes movement and travel. It can sometimes represent transportation by vehicle and so it could be trying to drive home the point that he was taken quickly, by vehicle. The speed in which everything happened is probably complicating the investigation.

Question: What is happening with Michael Vaughan currently?

Row 1
The World (reversed) – 4 of Cups (reversed) – Knight of Wands (reversed)
Card pulled for the Knight of Wands (r): 5 of Cups (reversed)

Row 2
The Lovers (reversed) – 6 of Cups (reversed) – Ace of Cups

Row 3
2 of Wands – Magician (reversed) – King of Swords (reversed)
Card pulled for the King of Swords (r): 3 of Swords (reversed)


The World reversed suggests partial success and partial failure. Everything didn’t go exactly as planned.

The Four of Cups reversed is one where one or more people involved are trying to take advantage of possible opportunities and move beyond feelings pertaining to regret or not achieving all goals.

The Knight of Wands reversed is depicting a younger male energy (late teens, twenties, or thereabout) who might simply be an older person who acts immature for their age. However, this is someone who makes decisions impulsively and recklessly – something that has created some issues for the person or people involved.

The Five of Cups reversed, pulled in relation to the Knight reversed card, is showing someone who was recently experiencing grief or emotional upset, but has made it a point to begin moving on and letting go of the sadness or sorrow they recently felt.

The Lovers reversed could stand for a poor decision that is impacting all of this, or it can represent a relationship that is going wrong or went wrong recently. It could depict fighting or conflict that is occurring because of this situation.

The Six of Cups reversed shows someone trying to let go of the past. It might also point to childhood issues or abuse in someone’s life that is factoring into all of this somehow – even if only on a limited basis.

The Ace of Cups represents new beginnings and new relationships. I have no way of knowing if this is suggesting that Michael has entered into these because of his situation, or if it pertaining to the person or people involved.

The Two of Wands can show a person who is taking concrete steps toward a goal. The person or people are moving beyond merely planning or talking about possibilities. It can also indicate travel or a feeling of restlessness. People represented by this card might feel the urge to travel or move suddenly. It can also be a card of cooperation and so it does feel like more than one person is involved here. It is coming across like there are at least two people.

The Magician reversed is often a person who manipulates people and lies. Sometimes these people accomplish their goals by tricking people or creating a false sense of reality. It might link back to one or more people appearing to try to help with the case, but it is hard to know for sure.

The King of Swords reversed is coming through as an older and more mature (in terms of age and life experience) male. However, the age could vary widely in reality. This person manipulates situations and facts to get their way.

The Three of Swords reversed was pulled in connection with the King reversed. Either it is showing someone who is moving beyond a period of heartbreak or grief, or it is someone who is using their lies and manipulation to get someone else to overcome their pain or sadness.

I really don’t have a clear indication of Michael’s current status. Mostly, if at all accurate, the cards are giving more of a sense of who did it. They also seem to rule some people out. For example, I didn’t see anything pointing to the parents.


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Bryce Laspisa – Part 1

Bryce Laspisa
Birthday: 04/30/1994
Disappearance: 08/30/2013

Question 1: What was happening in Bryce Laspisa’s life that contributed to his disappearance in 2013?

Row One
King of Cups – Page of Swords (reversed) – 5 of Pentacles
Card pulled for the Page of Swords (r): 8 of Pentacles

Row Two
2 of Wands (reversed) – 2 of Cups – 8 of Cups (reversed)

Row Three
Page of Wands (reversed) – 10 of Swords – 9 of Pentacles (reversed)
Card pulled for the Page of Wands (r): 4 of Pentacles

Bryce Laspisa – Tarot of the Haunted House

Disclaimer: Tarot readings should not be taken as absolute claims that something did or did not happen. I only report the meaning of the cards, their relationships and the meaning in the context of those relationships, as well as intuitions I have based entirely on the cards presented in the reading. When/if I say that something happened, in any part of a reading description, I mean that is what I am interpreting from the cards, their positions, and other related factors.


I am providing a longer than usual summary for this case because I want to do two readings on this. First, I want to do a reading asking what was happening in Bryce’s life that contributed to his later disappearance. Then I want to do a reading on the disappearance, with an emphasis on what happened closer to the time he crashed and subsequently vanished.

Bryce Laspisa was 19 years old and attending college at Sierra College in Rocklin, California in 2013. He was known for having a happy and charismatic personality. However, on August 28th, one of Bryce’s roommates contacted his parents to tell them that he was acting strangely. Bryce had just broken up with his girlfriend, Kim, via text and it was reportedly unexpected on her part. Bryce confided that something was bothering him, but he did not seem to have provided any detailed information about what it was.

A factor that many close to Bryce attributed to his change in behavior was a medication he was taking to stay up all night playing videogames with a friend. The medication was Vyvanse, used to tread ADHD, and it was not prescribed to him.

Bryce drove his vehicle about 90 miles to Kim’s house and called his mom. At some point, Kim took the phone and spoke with Bryce’s mom. She advised that he was not acting like himself, and she was worried. She had taken his keys away to prevent him from driving. Bryce’s mom asked to speak to her son again and he told her that he was okay and that he wanted his keys back. His mom offered to come out to visit her son, but he declined the offer and insisted he was fine. He told her he would call her in the morning and Kim gave his keys back to him upon his mom’s request.

Bryce called his mom, but instead of heading back to his apartment like he told her he would, cell phone records would later reveal that he was heading south – beyond the college and toward mountains. He apparently contacted roadside assistance asking for help after he ran out of gas. His parents learned about this because they had a message from their insurance company and they also found a charge on their credit card that occurred in Buttonwillow, California. The location was in the general direction of their home and so they assumed he was on his way. Bryce’s mom got in contact with the person who assisted her son and he offered to go and check on him for her. He went back to check on Bryce and then contacted his mom to tell her he was okay. He put Bryce on the phone with him mom and he reiterated that he was fine. Bryce said he was on his way home. This took place in the morning and his parents expected that he would reach their home by 3pm.

By 3:30pm, Bryce had not arrived. His parents tried to contact him for several hours with no luck. They then filed a missing person’s report with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. This occurred at about 6pm. The police were able to track Bryce through his cell phone and discovered he was still in Buttonwillow. He had traveled about eight miles from where he had been when he initially spoke to his parents. The officers searched Bryce’s car and found no sign of alcohol or drugs. They also gave him a field sobriety test and he passed. Bryce told the officers he was blowing off steam. The officers asked Bryce to call his mom, but he indicated he did not want that. However, the officers put him on the phone with his mom. Bryce had reportedly agreed to drive to his parents.

Hours later, Bryce still had not arrived at his parent’s home. His mom contacted the man who checked on him initially, from the repair shop, and he reported that Bryce was still there but agreed to leave. The man followed Bryce until he turned onto the freeway. He spoke with his parents by phone periodically but would not give landmarks when asked. At 2:09am, Bryce said he wanted to pull off to rest for the night.

At about 8am, an officer from the California Highway Patrol went to Bryce’s parent’s house to ask about a vehicle they found abandoned in the Castaic Lake area. It had crashed and was found at the bottom of a 25-foot embankment. Bryce was nowhere to be found. Some blood was found on the headrest, suggesting that Bryce was in the car when it crashed. It did not seem to be enough blood to indicate a serious injury, but no one could be sure how badly he was hurt or what happened to him after. Belongings such as his phone and laptop remained in the car. A duffel bag and Bryce’s wallet were found outside of the vehicle. There was speculation that Bryce hadn’t realized there was an embankment when he drove on the service road leading into the rest area, and thus had continued to drive with the thought that the lake was closer to him than it appeared. The people that investigated the scene believed that Bryce had attempted to commit suicide.

A large search commenced, but Bryce was never located. Tips came in about possible sightings. However, none turned out to be Bryce. At some point prior to his trip to Buttonwillow, Bryce had given away several of his belongings. The items were ones he was known to have valued, such as a pair of diamond earrings and his Xbox. He was also reportedly drinking a lot before he disappeared. That, combined with his use of Vyvanse, was believed to have played a role in his emotional and mental state at the time. Though Bryce was said to have been drinking while at college, he was not believed to have been drunk or high when the officers checked on him in Buttonwillow.

The Reading:

To begin, I have no way to know what happened for certain. Please do not take any of the information described in the readings as fact until or unless details are proven. I would love to see a positive outcome in every case I read on, but I could never say for sure what happened or will happen without solid proof. I ask that people remember this as they read my interpretations of the cards. I absolutely could be incorrect in my beliefs, opinions, and conclusions.

The King of Cups came up as my initial positioning card for Bryce. When I talk about him in the past tense, please note that the reason is because I have asked the cards to take us back in time to provide clues as to what was happening in his life. The energy he was exhibiting around the point of time that he vanished (up to and including that time) was consistent with attributes associated with this card. Bryce is being shown as someone who thrived on relationships and came across to his peers as someone who was wise and willing to listen. Bryce would have been someone people felt they could go to when they needed someone to confide in. He enjoyed being there for the people he cared about, and he demonstrated compassion. He would have been adept at applying a combination of logic and intuition to the problems of others.

The Page of Swords reversed represents an energy or a person that was directly impacting how he felt at the time. If the card represents a person, it would be someone with youthful energy. Some of the attributed associated with the reversed position include a lack of empathy, uncertainty about the future, a tendency to experience misunderstandings that caused conflict, an argumentative or defensive mentality, and an overall lack of planning. The astrological sign associated with the swords include Aquarius, Libra, and Gemini. Court cards can represent any gender and any sign when they come up as a depiction of a person, so it is important not to assign one without careful consideration about whether it applies, and whether it is useful.

I believe this card had a different meaning here though. The Page of Swords reversed could also indicate that Bryce received bad news. It would have happened quickly, in the form of a call, email, text, in person, or other fast-traveling medium. I am favoring this meaning because of what I have already determined after considering all the cards and their combined meaning.

I pulled the Eight of Pentacles in relation to the Page card and to me, it reinforces the notion that he received bad news. The news was likely pertaining to his area of expertise or study. It is a card that often depicts craftmanship and a need for dedication and mastery. Or it threatened his goals in relation to all this. I can only speculate about the source and content of the news, but there is this sense of fear on his part that it could cause harm to his life and his plans. It seems as though he felt the situation was worse than it really was also.

The Five of Pentacles shows me that the above-referenced situation left him feeling isolated, abandoned, and without support. A unique aspect of this card lol is that it suggests a person experiencing a significant struggle who could get the help or support they need if only they asked for it. However, something about the situation was likely causing him shame and he did not want to share it.

The Two of Wands reversed continues to point to a situation where Bryce was not planning well for the future. The reversed positioning warns against a situation where one cannot achieve their goals because they rushed through the planning process or did not take time to think each point through carefully. It also comes up when this lack of planning really begins to become evident in other areas of a person’s life because it causes a sense of disarray.

The Two of Cups is a card that denotes a partnership or close bonds that people share. This is often a positive card that shows the development of a strong and symbiotic relationship. Because it came after the Two of Wands reversed, it appears that the lack of planning – or failure to account for smaller details – was beginning to take its toll on other aspects of his life. Essentially, the problems were having a negative impact on his close relationships. Bryce understood that whatever was going on with him had the ability to cause other people grief or harm. He didn’t want that. He was trying to think of a way to lessen that blow or turn it all into a situation that everyone could live with.

An aspect of Bryce’s situation that was particularly troublesome at this time was that he appeared to have a fear of taking action that would change his circumstances. He was staying in his situation, despite knowing that it was time to move on from it and let some of the things go that were now only causing him problems. It was almost as though he was trying to accept everything as it was, without really feeling motivated to take steps in any other direction that might get him beyond it. Mostly, this card indicates that he was in a state of confusion because he couldn’t decide upon a path to take. He may not have even fully realized how many different paths were available to him. He could have felt aimless and afraid. Or he might have known the path he wanted to take but felt that pursuing it would cause major issues.

The Page of Wands reversed only served to emphasize the points made by other cards. Bryce was in a mindset where he couldn’t decide what to do. Even if he had a lot of different ideas, he was probably frustrated because this card shows up as someone who can’t make up their mind and never moves beyond the mere spark of an idea. The card sometimes points to money problems or a lack of financial security and so his worries about the future probably seemed like a heavy burden since it threatened his ability to someday gain full financial independence. Another consideration pertains to his use of Vyvanse. Where was he getting the drug and how was he paying for it? There was just this whole dimension of Bryce’s life that seems to exist beyond the veil so to speak.

The card I pulled in connection to the Page of Wands reversed was the Four of Pentacles. The card suggests that Bryce’s inability or unwillingness to make changes was connected to what he felt he had or needed in terms of the material world. I don’t know how much his parents helped him financially but when I apply intuition to this reading, I get the impression that he worried his parents would cut him off if they knew what he knew. This comes across as feeling almost unavoidable to him and he was afraid of the consequences of whatever it was he keeping under wraps.

The Ten of Swords card shows Bryce had become completely run down. The card shows him as experiencing exhaustion and feeling like an utter failure. He may have felt he had reached a dead end. Again, the swords suit represents situations where the reality is not always aligned with a person’s thoughts. Swords can represent people that perceive their situation as much worse than it is, and who simply cannot think beyond the distress they are feeling even though there are options and opportunities for help available. An unfortunate aspect of this card is that when applied to Bryce, it tells me that whatever he envisioned happening in his mind, the reality would not have been as bad. Yes, there likely would have been consequences; however, this was a storm that was always meant to pass – whether he realized that or not.

The final card, which in my readings always links back to the first, is the Nine of Pentacles reversed. I can now say with confidence that Bryce was concerned about the financial aspect of his problem or situation. This, and other cards pulled, are strongly communicating to me that he was being somewhat reckless with his finances or he was worried how revealing his problems would impact his finances. Without proper background information, I am not sure what this means. Was he spending more money than his parents typically allowed? Had he accumulated debt of some kind? Did he think his secret was so terrible that they would basically disown him? I don’t know and nothing I am getting from the reading suggests the problem he was keeping to himself was anywhere near as bad as he felt it was. But I do know that this is presenting as the major motive behind his actions – a fear of losing what he had and concerns about the consequences associated with whatever else was going on.

So here’s what this leaves me with regarding part one of two readings. Bryce spent all that time in Buttonwillow because he knew he needed to tell his parents something and he could not gather the courage to do it. He wanted to come up with some other option, but the situation was one that I think was always going to get back to his parents no matter what. Their influence in his life comes across as strong in that he was quite dependent on them. That is an age range when people are typically still dependent on parents in various ways so that is not unusual to me. But for some reason, Bryce felt his situation was serious enough that it threatened the foundation of his life and the support he believed he needed before he could transition to the point of adulthood where he would be fully responsible for himself.

On an intuitive level, I keep getting this thought about how there is at least one person that has some of the information I am lacking here. He may not have fully confided in anyone around him, but he shared something that would bring all of this into clearer focus. Maybe they didn’t, and still don’t, recognize the significance of it. Or maybe they do and they are keeping this to themselves out of respect for Bryce. Again, I just don’t know.

Was Bryce contemplating suicide? This reading does not discount that possibility. He had some intense cards come up in his reading. I do think if he was, he was trying to talk himself out of it. The cards don’t read as though he was merely hanging around Buttonwillow until he had the courage to take his own life. They read more like he was trying to get the courage to face his problems and tell his parents what was happening, but that courage was just not coming for him as he had hoped.

Often when I do readings, I get these thoughts that are not directly associated with the cards and almost seem to come from the person I am asking about. I kept getting this thought about how he was looking for signs. Not literal signs. He was waiting a kind of sign – or multiple signs – that would clear a path forward or bring him some comfort. His actions, and inaction, tell me he did not feel those signs presented themselves. Also, he was avoiding going home because he knew he could not keep the information to himself once he was face to face with his parents. Something I was to point out and stress here is that Bryce worried (worries?) excessively about how other people around him felt (feel?). He wanted people to feel good and he didn’t want to be responsible for anyone’s unhappiness – especially when it came to anything related to him. His actions weren’t out of selfishness. Quite the opposite.

I did a second reading that goes over the timeframe immediately after the crash that you can access by clicking here.


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