Claudia Lawrence

Disappearance: March 19, 2009
Location: Heworth, York, England

Disclaimer: Tarot readings should not be taken as absolute claims or facts with regard to any person or situation. I only present the possible meanings associated with the cards, as well as intuitions and impressions that I get during the reading. All readings are suppositional and should be treated as such.


Claudia was last described as being seen on March 19th of 2009. She is said to have left her home to go to work and then disappeared. She was 35-years-old at the time.

Question: What circumstances caused Claudia’s disappearance?

Row 1
9 of Cups – Page of Cups – 5 of Swords
Card pulled for the Page of Cups: 7 of Wands

Row 2
2 of Pentacles (r) – Queen of Cups (r) – 6 of Swords (r)
Card pulled for the Queen of Cups (r): Ace of Wands

Row 3
The Lovers – The Devil – 8 of Swords (r)


There was a lot going on around the time that Claudia disappeared. The Nine of Cups is suggesting that she went into these circumstances (the ones that caused or contributed to her disappearing) in a good place mentally and emotionally. It’s a card that indicates satisfaction with a person’s accomplishments, happiness, and just a general sense of wellbeing.

The Page of Cups is either a young person, such as a child, or a message. In this case, it is likely a message that she received in reference to a relationship. Upright, it is usually good news and so it’s interesting that it is coming up in reference to all this as a contributing factor. Sometimes it represents a proposal, a marriage, a pregnancy, or the revelation that someone has romantic type feelings for someone.

But the odd thing is that the Seven of Wands, pulled in relation to the Page of Cups, is showing a situation where someone feels like they have to defend themselves. It is a card where someone stands firm regarding their beliefs, interests, or position on a matter. Sometimes the person who is taking this defensive stance is responding to a situation that calls for it – like an accusation or something definitive; however, there are times when a person reacts this way and there are not necessarily circumstances to warrant it. I don’t know what the case is here.

The Five of Swords is showing me conflict arising from this situation though. It is another defensive type of card, where someone feels as though they are under attack. However, given that it is the second one presenting this general theme, I feel like it is trying to drive home that the conflict was real (not imagined) and that it escalated quickly.

The Two of Pentacles reversed is showing a situation where Claudia was trying to find a balance. It can come up in times of financial distress, but it can also indicate a situation where someone is trying to juggle too many things at once – and it is just too much. Maybe a plan went awry – or perhaps the news kicked off a change in the course of her life – and she didn’t have a contingency plan in place. So maybe she also didn’t expect whatever came her way.

The Queen of Cups reversed could represent Claudia’s mindset at this particular point in time, or it could represent an entirely different person. It would be someone with energy consistent with an adult female – who is responding to things in an overly sensitive and/or emotional way and is likely depressed over their circumstances. The Ace of Wands, pulled in relation to this card, is about new beginnings and is generally positive. It can indicate plans to travel, a pregnancy, or a new business/creative idea. If it doesn’t represent Claudia, then I wonder if it represents whoever she felt on the defensive with, and someone directly involved in the conflict mentioned previously.

What’s interesting about the Queen card is that the next one – the Six of Swords reversed – is a card that can indicate canceled travel plans. It can also indicate drowning in some cases or being put in a situation where you have nowhere to go – nowhere to run.

The Lovers could represent an important decision that Claudia was faced with making or it could indicate a romantic type of relationship situation.

The Devil is troubling in this reading because it’s showing these potential issues surrounding the situation, such as addiction, obsession, infidelity, cruelty, etc. It can indicate acts of violence as well.

The Eight of Swords reversed is a card that comes up when someone is trying to achieve a sense of freedom. It can also indicate standing up to someone who is abusive. It comes up sometimes when a person has had enough of something, and they seek freedom from it.

We will see what the next reading shows, but this is reading almost like a situation where someone had a romantic interest in Claudia that was beyond what would be considered normal or healthy. Maybe she didn’t realize this at first, but if accurate, then something seems to have happened to tip her off and that’s when everything might have gotten crazy for Claudia.

Question: Who or what caused Claudia’s disappearance?

Row 1
6 of Wands – 5 of Pentacles (r) – 7 of Pentacles

Row 2
5 of Wands (r) – 4 of Pentacles – The Wheel (r)

Row 3
10 of Wands – The Devil – 4 of Cups


This reading refers to whoever is responsible for Claudia disappearing and so the cards pertain to them. I’m not getting a bunch of court cards or anything that is suggesting a lot of people were involved. It seems and feels like there is just one main player who is responsible for all this, but that doesn’t mean that didn’t have someone helping. It’s just not clear from all this.

The Six of Wands shows a person who wants public recognition and admiration.

The Five of Pentacles reversed suggests the person may have once experienced hardships pertaining to financial or material matters but overcame them. It can indicate employment or the paying off of debts.

The Seven of Pentacles is showing that the person was experiencing some of the fruits of their labor, so to speak. They might have put some hard work into something, and it appeared to be paying off.

The Five of Wands reversed can indicate the end of a struggle or a conflict. But it can also have another facet where someone is experiencing a lot of pent-up energy, suppressing their temper, and/or acting in a way that seeks to avoid conflict.

This person has some issues with regard to holding on too tightly to possessions, money, and/or people. This card does not necessarily represent someone who has money; it is more a representation of someone who does not want to share whatever it is they have.

The Wheel reversed shows them as having experienced a complete change of luck or fortune. Something threw a wrench into their plans or life, it seems.

The Ten of Wands shows them as feeling overburdened and stressed out – with too many responsibilities and a lack of focus.

The Devil is showing that the issues that came up in the first reading, as indicated by the exact same card, as associated with this person in particular. It’s possible this is someone who had addictions, but there’s definitely an obsessive quality about this person.

The Four of Cups is showing them as refusing or missing out on opportunities, feeling disillusioned, and maybe even living in a fantasy land of sorts. Often the focus of the person represented by this card is either negative or apathetic.

So for a person with no understanding of who might be involved in all this, the above doesn’t tell me enough to identify them. However, that could be a completely different story for someone who does have extensive knowledge and knows of a suspect – or multiple – and can narrow it down.

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